HTC Flyer: iPad alternative with 7 ″ display

The HTC looks a little flyer like an oversized Smartphone, in fact it looks even almost exactly, like the HTC desire HD – only just larger with 7 ″ display instead of the “ only ” 4.3 ″ large displays. Positive notice equal to the processing that shines with an excellent feel, thanks to aluminum back. Slightly heavier than the competition is the HTC flyer that’s why of course, but that makes little in the small tablet, because with 420 g, it is still lighter than the iPad compete with 10 ″ display (680 g). It is to get processor a 1.5 GHz single core, 1 gb memory and 32 gb internal memory. The 7 ″ display with a resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels know please good contrasts and bright colours. For photos and videos is on the back camera 5 mega pixel, on the front camera is for video telephony a 1.3 megapixel. Android 3.0 is not flyer currently still on the HTC, which makes little but, because HTC has (update coming soon on Android 2.3) greatly optimized the interface of Android 2.2 and adapted. As the unit test fails, you can see in the following test video.



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Foxconn suicides: Mega enterprises in the critique

Know you Foxconn? When you sit at a PC, Smartphone or Tablet PC, Foxconn contributed to the production of the respective certainly. Giant that not only Apple, but also Nokia, Sony, Dell serves companies … the list is long and can be seen in parts E.g. at Wikipedia. Well-known products from Foxconn are motherboards from Intel, which XBox 360 by Microsoft or even the Apple iPad or iPhone 4. With a labour force of 920,000, is one of the biggest employers worldwide Foxconn and is repeatedly criticized for its working conditions. Now, Foxconn is once again in the criticism: there was supposedly so far 18 suicides – blame the strict company policy and the sometimes violent working conditions is meant to be after speculation of the media. But: Even if 18 suicides absolutely much sound, purely statistically even quite a bit against the criticism speaks.


Clear evidence?

Foxconn stands as one of the biggest employers worldwide of course under close supervision. According to various media reports should wages be below average and the working conditions be even illegal, regarding overtime and treatment of workers in the company. In the year 2011 Foxconn was nominated eye due to these allegations for the public, which is a symbol of irresponsible and profit-oriented corporate attitude.

Stats: 18 suicides believed in 2011

To the numbers (all details are approximates!): in Germany, the suicide rate is about 0.012%, i.e. at approximately 82 million inhabitants, there are approx. 10000 suicides a year. In Taiwan the suicide rate is, however, about 0.017%, roughly 0.005% higher (where the acquisition of suicides probably tend to be inaccurate is as in Germany). The suicide rate is the company Foxconn only 0.002% (adopted 18 suicides a year, in the press reporting assumes even by 1.5 years) and considerably lower than in Taiwan itself. The conclusion that the suicides at Foxconn have can not track rooted in the policy so statistically – the criticism of the company is, of course, but we see it: it makes sense to worry about the media debate.

What do you say? Like to leave a comment on the subject under this article.


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Study: iPad users read more, but oberflächlicher as a newspaper reader

, A recent study of Miratech’s French website market researcher revealed that iPad readers in hindsight only inaccurate can play article, while the classical newspaper reader capability is very high. The company specialized in Blickrichtungs-tracking came by comparing how the medium Apple each affects iPad or printed newspaper on the reading behavior of the recipient, to the conclusion that seduce iPad rather superficial skim articles. Newspaper article would read, however, more intense. The amazing thing: The read time for an and the same article differed little.

Volunteers looked through iPad or newspaper limited differently to the same article

Study an article to read on the iPad was presented to the subjects and on the other hand the same reading a newspaper. Half got iPad newspaper, the other first first. Reading were then recorded the views of subjects oriented on the iPad or the newspaper and the time required. Readers represent a representative group by the way as iPad experienced because they already ruled read functions thereby as zooming the text and so the concentration on the text content was not affected.

Higher concentration of newspaper readers greater recording content

Still only 70 percent of iPad users could remember after the two rounds of reading on the contents of the article, while the newspaper reader on 90 percent came. By examining the perspectives, it turned out that texts in a newspaper be read more word for Word as to skim them just like in the iPad. That speaks to a higher concentration of the medium newspaper.

Now suggests the idea that advertising and other application in addition to the actual article on the iPad by the brighter display are more concise and more distracting to the reader. But that refuted the study of Miratech: newspaper readers looked even a little bit more on the aforementioned SideShow.

No time saver for iPad readers, but impulse to want to read more

As regards the time, until the subjects had read the article to the end of, no remarkable differences between iPad and newspaper (1:11 minutes newspaper, iPad 1:13 minutes). This result already surprising, because eventually should lead Yes a cross reading the text to a significantly lower reading time.

That this is not so here, is not iPad in itself, but rather general in today’s changing reading behavior as a result of increased Internet use but certainly the. Parallel to surf from the habit through several pages, to distract from the left and in the surf flow record prefer short content derived, the iPad reader wants to tend to quickly fly over articles and include only the most important. Also, the study found that iPad users read on average twice as many articles in a journal issue as consumers of the printed version. Content on iPads seem to be so attractive.

The missing could be plus speed despite superficial reading of the higher effort for the human eye by the Flash display. Also the transition from print to Internet newspaper has started a few years ago, so that the read speed is probably just a matter of getting used to.


Eventually iPads overflying reading behavior reflects only the fast-moving spirit of the time, which enticed us as possible to want to take on so much with minimum time spent by the world (this also worth reading our article “ the pressure of generation Web 2.0 “). Whether this need for speed but also has the desired effect or rather comes at the expense of the human potential, can be decided individually at the moment only.

, Miratechs study indicates at least that, reading a newspaper in print format is more conducive to the concentration as the reading on the iPad. Yet tablets are more diverse, generally by the width of the mobile Internet so that faster and more often between changed for an even interesting or less interesting articles can be. Finally more articles can be kept also the study results suggest that overall content, however less detailed, if this is a tablet in the hand. By the way, the results of our assessment should be 10.1 transferable to top all other tablets like the Motorola Xoom and Galaxy tab.

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Android, iOS 4, Windows phone 7, Symbian ^ 3: browser speed comparison

Every Smartphone owner has certainly ever after the acquisition of his favorite, wondered how fast his phone in comparison to its competitors is really. Features such as the speed of the company’s own browser and the duration up to the full launch of the system can be determined not on the basis of data sheets, but require a practice test for the determination. The following video provides a such by’s a praktischenVergleich between the operating systems Android 2.3 (Sony Ericsson Xperia ARC), iOS 4 (iPhone 4), Windows phone 7 (Samsung Omnia 7) and Symbian ^ 3 (Nokia N8).


Video compares the speed of the browser, the bootups and the display adjustment during change of position

first, the speed of the various native browser is tested. Therefore, in particular the construction of the home, the loading speed for one and the same website on different operating systems, as well as the fluid of the zoom and the scrolling play a role. Then test the response time of the display adjustment for changes in the situation of the respective Smartphones (from 5:40 minutes). Finally, each operating system with regard to its bootup speed, so the time to complete startup, are compared (as of 7:05 minutes).

Playing field for the different operating systems

Both the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc and the iPhone 4 and the Samsung Omnia 7 and the Nokia N8 were content placed before the test on the same level, so that any open applications or similar inhibit the browser speed. Android 2.3, iOS 4, Windows phone 7 and Symbian ^ 3 so go under fair conditions in the instructive practice test. While iOS 4 on iPhone 4 page build to nose ahead seems the zoom function when browsing responds at first glance with Windows phone 7 on the Samsung Omnia 7 best.


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Sony Ericsson Xperia play and ARC get update

Android 2.3.3 is released officially for the Sony Ericsson Xperia play and also the Xperia arc – unfortunately only in the United States. However, the update in Germany is sure not in the too distant. It’s worth so for users via software updates to check. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 to get a corresponding Android 2.3.3 update, which improves the operating speed and performance first and foremost. Continue to update iron out minor bugs and improved Facebook integration have to offer.


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IPhone, iPad & co. Megahype: fanatics see Apple as a religion

The popularity of products with Apple stamping is a not exciting phenomenon for several years, is able to explain it clearly to no one. Since the first steps of the company, it is above all the technical innovation, that Apple makes it one of the market leaders. Some Apple fans go but so far, that they compare Apple with a kind of religion today.

The hype surrounding Apple is a matter of faith now?

In a report about the secrets of Super brands (“secrets of Superbrands”), that was sent to BBC recently, neuroscientists found that fanatical Apple lovers through Apple products the same regions of the brain are addressed as very religious people.

In the MRI examined was the host of the fan page “World of Apple” named Alex Brooks, who thinks Apple own according to twenty four. Images were shown him alternately of Apple products and products from other brands. The result the investigation clearly showed that the Apple pictures with Brooks enabled those brain regions addressed also to believers when they consider religious images.

Steve jobs as a Messiah and Apple stores as the churches

The Bishop was

also asked about the euphoria to Apple by Buckingham, who reads the Bible on his iPad. In his opinion were not only the products, but also the Apple stores, and Apple CEO Steve Jobs defining elements of the Apple religion. Presentation platforms like small altars and that reminded built-up floors and architectural arches in the stores strongly religious buildings in the Apple followers made pilgrimages, to feel close to the Messiah of Steve jobs.

No, Apple’s popularity is no mere matter of faith

at this point was made clear once again that it is Apple basically “only” a company for electrical products. From a misuse of manuals from iPhone, iPad, iPod and iMac as a replacement of the Bible be expressly warned. Also waiting meetings before the stores with new releases of Apple products should not be confused with devotions: no, Steve Jobs is not God.

Only his property as a brilliant and innovative business man helps his brand around them, an Apple community of kind of grows and steadily increase the desirability of-the-art Apple products.

Explanations for Apple’s success without religious

A brand as told to establish requires above all a sophisticated marketing strategy, pursued the Apple without question. Together with the high quality and the technical progress of Apple products, it makes a verifiable success.

Apple opts for around an instinctive ease without much unnecessary gadgetry drum. This is reflected also in the elegant design of Apple products. In particular the touchscreen response of the iPhone and the iPad is also second to none. Android smartphones run beyond despite better hardware just not so liquid such as Apple’s iPhone with iOS operating system.

Apart from the technical quality of the product, Apple’s success is also on close to the customer, which is produced mainly by the Apple stores. No comparable company relies on the concept of its own shops, where potential customers may try as long as they want and can communicate directly with other interested in Apple and Apple experts in the form of employees.


A total of Megahype to Apple is quite understandable. Finally no one is called without reason “Messiah” – also if the comparison with a religion is lagging somewhat. Also a large international fan base makes a divine figure anything or anyone. But a certain unexplained magic surrounding the Apple phenomenon, remains.

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Rumor: Amazon is planning its own Android tablets

For several days, rumors on the Internet that Amazon is currently busy with the development of a personal Tablet already circulating. Supposedly a variant with dual-core Tegra 2 processor base (“ Amazon Coyote ”) and an even faster version with quad core processor on Tegra 3 base (“ Amazon Hollywood ”) type. For this is the rapid development of the Department of Lab126, which has produced even the Amazon Kindle. Also, Amazon is building for a long time with an own Android Appstore, the Amazon Music platform and the E-book Portal Kindle a suitable ecological system for tablets on that strongly resembles the Apple with iTunes and Appstore. When and at what price the Amazon tablets are available, is currently still completely unclear. If you are currently looking for a Tablet, we provide the Apple remains unreservedly iPad 2 recommend. Android tablets like the Motorola Xoom running Android 3.0 are currently still no unconditional recommendation value, because the price is higher than when the iPad 2



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Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. Apple iPhone 4

Currently, the Smartphone market is seething, soon appears the Samsung Galaxy S2 as a new high-end model to have the iPhone 4 in the barriers. With super hardware (1.2 GHz dual-core processor), improved design (only 8, 49 mm flat) and a 4.3 ″ Super-AMOLED plus display want Samsung beat back. In view of the excellent technology and sophisticated Android 2.3 software there is also little to complain about. Who with a larger display than the iPhone 4 just 3.5 ″ want or need more options to individualize its smartphones, with the Samsung Galaxy S2, takes a successful alternative. Slightly more natural colours and a higher resolution display the Apple still offers iPhone 4 – also is the Web browsing, even if websites load partly a few fractions of a second longer, (and generally scrolling) is still a clear liquid as in the Android competition. The two super-smartphones are compared in detail in the following test video.



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SMS: Germany in the news in brief fever, also 2011

Straight has a BITKOM study shows, that the SMS is still actively used and is even on the rise. As also the 7 mobile blog reported whopping 41.3 billion SMS were sent out in 2010 by approximately 82 million Germans. Therefore, every mobile phone user in the average shipped approximately 2 SMS per day – but some extreme users will certainly influence the statistics. We recommend these users to the MyMTV mobile tariff, we have made clear already with entertaining calculation examples. In the next year even 46 billion SMS are forecast for a significant growth in turn. Vielerort is concluded that the SMS yet long not served out and located in a not ceasing upward trend. However, we forecast that massive proliferation of smartphones alternative Internet-based services will displace sooner or later and the SMS due to their limited to 160 characters and sometimes even quite high prices is displaced. If you have a mobile data flat-rate today, can get often with an iPhone or Android Smartphone on free apps to send message.


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Duel between high-end Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. HTC sensation

, The Smartphone provider always try to outdo each other with their high-end devices. So, even HTC sensation wants to conquer the Smartphone market with its HTC that appears likely to end of May. A comparison between the data sheets of the two super smartphones could show whether the latest development of smartphone from HTC with the technical performance of the also all-new Samsung Galaxy S2 can keep,.






Theory sharper display than ever before at the HTC sensation

a high resolution and large display is a must for any Smartphone, because just these characteristics make the many hours, every Smartphone user every day looking on the screen of his cell phone, pleasing to the human eye.

When it comes to screen size, the two super-smartphones with a magnitude of 4.3 inch correspond to.

, The Samsung Galaxy S2 corresponds to the high standard of the current smartphones with its Super AMOLED plus touch screen, which has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. However, sensation even with 960 x 540 pixels should resolve the Super LCD touchscreen of HTC, amounting to HD quality.

Thus, the display on the HTC device likely represents content as that of the Samsung Superphones theoretically sharper and more intense. But whether the really so is can show only a comparison of the displays in the practice test after also the HTC has sensation on the market.

Formal tie with the computing power: but knows better quadrant benchmark?

Both the HTC and the Samsung Galaxy S2 sensation drive according to the data sheets their functions with a high-performance 1.2 GHz dual core processor on. This represents already a definite improvement over his predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S i9000 in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S2 anyway, in which only one 1 GHz processor is integrated.

However, despite the same values on the data sheets of the two high-end smartphones, the quadrant benchmark test procedures was a HTC event in London, where the latest work mid-April this year was presented by HTC, as compared to the Samsung release a slightly worse result. With the quadrant benchmark above all the speed based on the CPU cores is tested alongside the storage properties and the graphic quality of smartphones here to compare devices exist two times each and have each 1.2 GHz. While the Samsung Galaxy S2 reached average outstanding 3000 points, the HTC section sensation with just over 1000 points, surprisingly only.

However it was sensation on the HTC event London in at the HTC only a demo unit can still lacked the final software, which is not atypical for this first demonstration devices. The presenter will then only once temporarily fitted with an older software such as, for example, that the HTC desires and only optimized for the production for the actual introduction of the market. Therefore the definitive HTC will score most likely a significantly better result sensation at the quadrant benchmark than the present one. If it is still slightly below the Samsung Galaxy S2, this may be due to the higher resolution of the display.

For Android smartphones there is also the test as an app called quadrant Standard Edition. The results of comparable smartphones will immediately appear in the results display in bar shape.

More space and more battery power when the Samsung Galaxy S2

These days, smartphones represent not only a means of communication, but also personal planners, diaries and General supporters for the individual lifestyle. All this can keep the Smartphone but also, so much space is vital.

Acts to store the memory (RAM) that is limited sensation in the HTC to 768 MB, while the Samsung Galaxy S2 will cover a whole gigabyte.

Even worse is the comparison in terms of the built-in device memory: the HTC sensation offers only 1 GB, while the Samsung Galaxy S2 both in a 16 GB and will appear in a 32 GB version. So much more life can be accommodated in the Samsung! Both units are expandable with MicroSD cards of course.

Also when it comes to battery wins the Samsung Galaxy S2 the size comparison: with 1650 mAh’s passing sensation with 1520 mAh close to the HTC. If the battery of the Samsung but really has more staying power, is observed only in a practical comparison test specifically.

Everything else is a matter of taste

The technical data of the two high-end smartphones allow partly an objective assessment of the devices, but the Smartphone-fan also on several properties can make a preference, the matter of taste are.

Who would have a slightly heavier (148 g) and thicker (1, 1 cm) Android 2.3 Smartphone with sense 3.0 and aluminum housing, should decide sensation for the HTC. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is, however, an extremely light Android 2.3 Smartphone with its advanced user interface TouchWiz 4.0 and plastic housing preferred (118 g) and the currently flacheste (0. 85 cm), is the right high-end phone.


, A clear decision for or against one or the other smartphone cannot be made to the current state of affairs. A comparison of technical data can not replace a ultimate practice test. But despite the higher resolution of the HTC sensations, the Samsung Galaxy S2 mainly due to the larger storage capacity and of more modern design as a whole could be 2011 the more successful smartphone.


especially for those who can no longer wait, call one of the year’s top smartphone you own, consider the Samsung Galaxy S2. Because in the bridgat shop it is already now available!

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