BlackBerry App world: 10,000 apps in rim Appstore

Who hears the term BlackBerry devices with full QWERTY keyboard immediately think of the compact business. IPhone or Android powered mobile phone, usually the first thought and also selling point No. 1 is the number of applications available in Apple’s Appstore or the Android market. Numerically RIMs app world can’t keep up while still with the big competitors, but at least something more than 10,000 apps should be already to have approximately a year old Appstore.


App World 2.0

a month the new app world version is now available. This extends the operation of the Appstore by RIM and makes working more comfortable. According to the market leader Apple, the category can now “ top 25 paid apps ” or the equivalent for free applications are called. As well, there are now the areas “ hot topics ” and “ recently updated ” to choose from. Through the applications can now in one of the browser known “ tab view ” horizontal swing between applications and hergescrollt. Numerically the BlackBerry App world is even further behind the competition from Google and Apple, but the quality of the stores is to overestimate, so the 10,000 apps in quality are much value. It will take a while but sure to for the typical BlackBerry user is to everyday use of apps and the apps are also a selling point for the RIM smartphones.


Upcoming Smartphone recommendations

depending on the shape and purpose, there are some interesting Smartphones that have been announced by manufacturer RIM. BlackBerry today also not more necessarily stands for pure business use, but opens with variety of products rather the mass compatibility. To neglect this but without the strengths: the BlackBerry operating system, which is equipped with powerful function of mail and messaging services now, still his survey characterised by, which also home users benefit from.

Of the BlackBerry 8910 curve and the BlackBerry 9650 bold are both “ pure-bred ” RIM smartphones, such as the customer’s expect. Relatively small display, full QWERTY keyboard for quick writing E-Mails and short messages on the go. Both are high-quality processed already and also the typical Smartphone key data is not missing: the A-GPS navigation or even a 3 mega pixel camera to the BlackBerry Messenger that compose the messages and even exchanges of data from BlackBerry to BlackBerry very comfortable allows. A special recommendation is the BlackBerry 9105 Pearl 3 G: this compact light weight (93 g) in the form of ingots are those on their costs, which would not give up the classic mobile format with keypad and small display. There but all the Smartphone features you would expect from a current phone: Wi-Fi, A-GPS, HSDPA, Bluetooth … everything no problem for the Smartphone pipsqueak. Even a 3.2 megapixel camera with LED Flash has still in the stylish case of BlackBerry 9105 Pearl 3 G fit.

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Android soon with music store “ Google music ” [short news]

iTunes from Apple is anyone a term 80% of global music downloads are handled with the store. Reason enough for Google to follow suit: so far, Android Smartphones have no direct access to legal music downloads. Already from the 4th quarter of 2010, with the release of Android 3.0, the music store will be integrated. The downloads can be purchased separately or included in the unit price according to the model of Nokia’s “ comes with music ” is not yet known.

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Matter of faith? Galaxy tab vs. Apple iPad – Tablet comparison

For Apple products the minds differ, which is known. But when tablets? Since the situation is very complicated, because here is even a fight, what the “ Riesensmartphones ” are good at all without the phone function. There also, the Galaxy tab from Samsung is no exception, that already in the mid of the month against the Apple iPad to compete. If the Tablet is similar good competition, such as the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S for the iPhone 4 and if the decision is a matter of faith, we educate in the bridgat blog!


Technology in the check

Hardwaretechnisch the Samsung Galaxy tab is a strong competitor to the iPad. Despite the stronger smaller dimensions (190 x 120 x 11.9 mm are in the Galaxy tab compared to 242.8 x 189.7 x 13.4 mm at the Apple iPad) and summa is the better technology significantly lower weight (380 g against 730 g iPad) in the Galaxy tab sammarum. Apple can score points only in the display: the LCD is IPS, which means a better illumination. In addition, the display of the iPad with 9.7 is ″ bigger. The Galaxy tab has “ only ” 7 ″ display. This is a matter of taste but more or less, because both displays are very legible, capacitive and offer multitouch.

Otherwise the Galaxy tab is iPad but far ahead which in technical terms. It has a 3 megapixel rear camera. In the front one is installed 2 mega pixel camera, which is suitable for video telephony. Also, the memory via micro SD can be extended map so that Android 2.2 also on the external card can find apps space. Bluetooth 3.0 is also available and you can even phone calls with the 7 ″ large Galaxy tab. Thus the device is when it comes to the hardware, and the Apple iPad a track more versatile, at least. This point seems quite clear goes to Samsung.

Design and processing

You’d think almost on the faith issue here, because the discussion has become known since the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S: no, the cell phone is not inferior processed, it is not also the Galaxy tab. Now comes the big but “ but ”: the Galaxy tab is easy and not nearly so noble resembles Apple’s competition through the full plastic jacket. Advantages for the Galaxy tab but due to the smaller size when writing on the virtual full keyboard and also when transporting. 7 ″ would fit better in a Pocket than the 9.7 ″ of the iPad. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy tab only half as much as the iPad weighs.

That seems iPad, however, as you could so that meat tapping. IPad just very high quality housing in almost perfect workmanship looks through the aluminum unibody. The impression is intensified due to the typical Apple minimalist use of interfaces, the iPad as “ seamless ”. The higher weight, which is located but still well below the a Netbooks with 730 g is negative certainly depending on the application area. In terms of product quality and feel Apple is probably currently undefeated, as the design of the Galaxy tab also can’t keep up. Apart from S. sees the Galaxy tab as a mix of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3 G The edgy side of the tablets are reminiscent of the iPhone 4 and the smooth plastic backing on the iPhone 3 G s

What does one do with a Tablet?

, The purpose of a Tablet is as different as controversial, depending on the user. Most probably buy a Tablet and just look whether resulting applications. A Tablet is at least not to expect it to work like a notebook. Write long texts or edit images with Photoshop? This is not the area where tablets feel more. Goes very well but what: surfing with a new and much more direct experience on the Internet, participate in forums and write emails. Typical is also be used as an E-book reader or retrieving messages.

Advantage of the iPad: the iPad is certainly better for viewing media content due to the larger display, be it in relation to E-books or even watching movies. In addition, the software from Apple is mature. The Appstore offers many apps adapted to the resolution of the iPad and these are also mostly qualiativ in order. The offering collected applications, games, as well as movies, E-books or music. The awareness and popularity of iPad and iPhone is especially useful, because many German news portals such as, der Spiegel, focus, or even n-tv have their own, free apps, which very comfortably messages retrieve allow.

Advantage of the Galaxy tab: the Galaxy tab can not boast of such variety of extra customized apps and this will not improve in the near future. The offer in the Android market is set to English language apps previously and the quality of apps can also reach not the almost continuously high level of apps in Apple’s Appstore due to the variety of available device with Android. But: The Galaxy tab runs with the also quick and sophisticated Android 2.2, which is constantly improved by updates. The advantages over Apple’s tablet are obvious in the flexibility: with the Galaxy tab can take pictures, make a call, pull data via Bluetooth or even drag-n-drop to the device and use by tethering the device as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Bottom line: no doubt, but a question of the use of

While the iPad is an Apple product, can be very probably objectively report itself. Now in our comparison, the iPad or Galaxy tab is good, can be flat rate not to answer. This decides the type of application and personal preferences. While the Galaxy tab technically more flexible and with smaller and lighter is iPad than Apple, the noble Apple flounder first and foremost as an E-book is reader and surf station for home. One cannot be truly productive with both devices, comfortable to write with the virtual keyboard you can only short messages.

Priced Apple iPad 3 G and Samsung Galaxy tab are currently with a non-binding price recommendation level (€799,-). However, it is expected that the Galaxy tab will quickly lose value. Apple products are however very stable due to the constant request and the special price policy by Apple, so here, no major changes are to be expected.

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Neofonie WeTab: The iPad competitor with MeeGo in the test

While the iPad both as also opponents taking advocate who see not the meaning in a Tablet (we have reported and listed 10 reasons against the iPad), seems to be the Tablet market still lucrative. All manufacturers strive to take a tablet on the market. So also the German startup Neofonie which has a hot iron in the fire with the WeTab: the 11.6 ″ tablet was now at the IFA in Berlin for the first time tested, so that we can present the device in action.



Technique in the check

the 11.6 ″ large Tablet has inside a 1.6 GHz Intel processor. This is already known from Netbooks and part but rather under-performing the power-saving, “ Atom ” series. The display technology seems mature: thanks to touchscreen technology with multi touch support allowed users can look forward to a liquid experience. The resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels is able to convince especially in comparison to the Apple iPad, because it corresponds to the common aspect ratio of 16:9, so also on movies the display without fat black bars can be watched. The memory of the WeTab is a gigabyte. Various storage and equipment versions should be as also during the competition from Apple: the WeTab with 16 gb memory and Wi-Fi, and a version with 32 gb memory and UMTS module with fast HSDPA access. In addition, can extend the WeTab via MicroSD card and has various interfaces on board. Below is shown in the video test such as an HDMI output.

Operating system MeeGo with WeTab surface

Are Intel and Nokia working just on MeeGo, a common operating system that should be used in all sorts of devices from mobile phone over TV or even tablets. Much is not known about the operating system, however it should be now instead of Ubuntu in the WeTab used. The reason according to manufacturer Neofonie: This operating system harmoniere better with the chipset provided by Intel, so ultimately more power, a better user experience and higher battery life would jump out. The surface of the MeeGo remains however the same, despite replacing a motor. The home of the 11.6 ″ large tablets can be peppered with widgets. A navigation bar on the right side allows you to keep track. The WeTab by the openness of the operating system is especially interesting: the Android market not only supported, but also the Nokia OVI store. As if that would not be enough, are also applications with Flash/Silverlight, Adobe Air, Linux and Java. More universal genius is currently not a Tablet!

Availability and price

Already mid-September the WeTab on the shelves of retailers and of course also in the bridgat shop will be available. The version with 16 gb and Wi-Fi will cost about €500. The variant with mobile Internet and a larger 32 gb storage will cost likely to be €569,-. In the field “ mobile Internet ” you find iPad by Apple, which again has made üüberhaupt the tablets to a topic in the field of technology with us competitors. Below to see a short video test in the technology blog published


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O2: Free text weekend! [Short news]

Who currently received an SMS from O2, should look at once again carefully. Due to the power failure a few weeks ago, in which the O2 network (in the room of Hamburg on the 19.08.10) due to a water pipe burst was crippled, customers on a weekend can look forward O2, where free SMS can be sent. Specifically this applies on weekends by the 04.09 – 05.09.10 – SMS can be sent for free to all networks within Germany.

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iPhone 3 G speed update: relief in sight?

As we have already reported, that runs iPhone 3 G with the new iOS 4 in part very slowly, so that many users have problems. That is why we have also explicitly before the installation of the new iOS 4 warned, inasmuch as they call their own a second generation iPhone. Apple has recognized the problems and accepted this. Reason for the problems is the Spotlight search, that iPhone 3 G to its knees forcing.

Improvement with iOS 4.1 in view
The improvements for iPhone 3 G S and iPhone 4 are manageable, that iOS 4.1 brings. So, the version will allow for example the snapping of pseudo-HDR shots. HDR is a photo technique with a series of images with different exposure (one above, one underexposed a normal) is combined to a picture that has in each focus area. As pseudo-HDR I called here the pictures of the iPhone, because it is possible technically only with powerful compact cameras to digital SLR cameras, set various aperture values and achieving a real HDR effect. But now to the iPhone 3 G: here one has available software shown only as a beta version for developers that the disabled Spotlight search brings a huge speed boost. This non-public version, version 3.1.3 should be speed technically now about the iPhone 3 G at the level of the firmware. When the firmware is official, is unfortunately not yet known.

All the features of the new iOS
The new operating system of Apple’s wonder phone offers an intelligent multitasking, folders for apps, a new Inbox and more meaningful innovations. To use all the features, but at least one iPhone 3 G S must exist. First, the penultimate from Apple of generation of mobile phones is fast and powerful enough to support all features. In addition, also browsing and application speed on this device is still attractive and competitive. IPhone 4 offers even more power but also with a correspondingly high price. Anyone looking for a fast, intuitive mobile, can buy the iPhone 3 G S so also still today without hesitation. Upgrade from iPhone 3 G S to iPhone 4 is indeed hardly worthwhile. The speed differences are small and also the better display are worth the extra charge not to full extent. Only who value sets on the new camera and HD video function or do not want to miss the better battery life can look at is the iPhone 4 in the bridgat shop.

Video: iOS speed comparison 4 vs. FW 3.1.3 on the iPhone 3 G


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How does one secure at best his iPhone 4 / 3 G S?

A cell phone that is almost 1000,-€, should be well protected, it should be clear. Especially in the case of the iPhone 4, which is a real investment for many, it is worth once again to consider the safety of the smartphones in the everyday dangers. But also for the predecessor models, it’s worth, because most sensitive data on Smartphones and of which a lot are: photos, videos, apps with personal data, contacts and SMS. In the event of loss of the phones have this data be protected.


Damage to the phone insure

what to do when 4 cracks Gets the new iPhone or the iPhone 3 G S has an unsightly line of light? Damage to soft – and hardware must be secured. There’s different ways.

Basis: guarantee and warranty

Not only data must be protected, but also the device itself. The basic protection against damage and defects on the unit here is the warranty by the seller and the manufacturer’s warranty by Apple. This warranty applies to damages and errors, which already had the device in handing over or delivery. It must prove in the case of a claim of the seller within the first six months. Then, the warranty to seller is virtually worthless, because it is usually impossible to prove that an error has already been six months ago. Also you must put up with the logical question, why not earlier had claimed. Here you must so rely on the goodwill of the dealer.

Anders looks for the guarantee: that in a parallel guarantee contract at the time of purchase with the manufacturer completes, so in the case of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3 G S with Apple. The warranty terms and conditions Apple sets on one side: the warranty is one year from the date of purchase. For an additional fee, the warranty can be extended via Apple care protection but plan. Experience shows that Apple’s warranty is to repair damages on the iPhone a good way. This is of course only such errors not caused by the users themselves, such as hairline cracks, light column, not functioning Wi-Fi – to name just a few common problems.

Home insurance

, Also the home insurance can arise in certain cases for a misplacement of the iPhones that are very specifically laid down in the respective insurance contract. If the Smartphone is just stolen from the apartment, the case looks pretty easy: here virtually any household insurance will pay. It might be different for example in case of loss during a hospital stay. Here, some insurance companies have explicitly excluded the loss of equipment.

Mobile protection letter

For a few euros a month an additional mobile protection letter can be completed, assured the cell damage, storm damage or similar depending on the contractual terms and conditions. This mobile protection letter can be requested directly from T-Mobile and costs approx. € 4 a month at a minimum contract period of 24 months. I would advise but rather to a warranty extension with the Apple care protection plan: which is cheaper (especially when buying on ebay) and Apple is quite accommodating when the warranty.

Cover – not only for heavy handed pilots

Slipcovers offer a simple protection against physical damage. So banal it sounds: is the iPhone 3 G S without sleeve in the trouser pocket, E.g. a year it is very wahrhscheinlich that the back is heavily scratched and accumulates all kinds of dirt into the holes. Can prevent it with small leather bags, plastic HardCases, and similar, which preserve the optical State of the mobile and optics and the resale value of the good piece.

Theft of the iPhone – a location is possible?

The iPhone is stolen who has often have poor cards. There are many apps to the location of the cell phone, but the principle that caution is better safe than sorry, applies also here: best to keep the iPhone in the eye in the Café, as opportunity makes thieves …. The subsequent location of the cell phone is a widespread myth that can work in the rarest of cases. Most famous solution is the paid MobileMe is an online account can connect to the iPhone with its Apple. About the cell phone can be tracked then too, even if the SIM card is removed. This works only if the iPhone with the Internet is connected and not before newly installed via iTunes. Since most thieves are likely interested in purely for the real value of the Smartphone and get immediately rid of a foreign SIM card, the location is usually futile or impossible.

, By the way, the police can also locate mobile phones. This works but only with inserted SIM card is switched. Also this technique because not avoidable fundamental rights interventions compared to other network participants applied only to richtliche arrangement for serious offences.

Back up data from unauthorized access

The iPhone is first in foreign hands or in the hands of the curious girlfriend, need access security measures prevent the display of personal data. This means a loss of comfort, because so far the backups are actually all confined to enter of a code.

Back up data

, It is worth to periodically synchronize the iPhone with iTunes. A backup will help not only in case of theft, that the data will continue to be on the local computer, but also helps in the transition to a new or different iPhone (E.g. through new acquisition or Exchange in a warranty claim).

PIN and passcode

Here there are basically first two basics, which bring a lot of safety:

Delete data remotely

With the program of MobileMe mobile phone can be not only theoretically tracked, you can also a message on the display the Finder or thief of the phones send or delete data remotely. Once again applies: all this requires an Internet connection of the iPhone and that it was not previously formatted and reinstalled.

Secure sensitive applications – only with jailbreak

, The jailbreak opened some ways to further protect data, than would be possible with PIN or passcode lock also. With the program, you can set passwords for individual apps to can be accessed otherwise unprotected. This is useful E.g. for apps for social networks that run without password prompt. Someone gets the phone in your fingers, the program protects from unauthorized access.

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HTC speedy: New Android Smartphone

The mobile phone manufacturer HTC neatly put: four new HTC phones will be launched soon. One of them is the HTC speedy. To do this, there’s first technical information. These first impressions after is a Smartphone with a top equipment. The speedy will run Google’s Android in the latest version and the other facilities belongs including a five megapixel camera. It is questionable however, when the device on the German market will be available. So far it is clear that the Android phone Sprint should be distributed by the U.S. operator.

Features of the HTC speedy

HTC tries the market right to conquer with four smartphones. One of them is the HTC speedy. Some specifications are already leaked about this phone. The speedy will be equipped with Android in the latest version 2.2 (Froyo). Practical: A slide-out full keyboard allows a simpler writing of long texts. Photos and videos can take up with a good five megapixel camera. Also an LED flash to the camera. Can be viewed then the recording is on a 3.5-inch display, which has a resolution of 480 × 320 pixels. Speedy is for speed. Questionable, however, is where the Smartphone takes this term. The processor is only 800 megahertz. Of memory, this Android Smartphone offers 386 megabytes memory.
For a renovated navigate within the menu, the four typical Android buttons that operate as sensor keys are located under the display. The speedy with the user interface from HTC will probably be Scythe equipped.

Price and availability

So far, only some technical data of the Speedys were leaked. As soon as we have information about the price for the Android Smartphone, we are served in our blog by bridgat this be communicated here. Is also questionable when the speedy will be reaching the German market. So far, it is known that the U.S. operator Sprint will sell the phone. As soon as the Smartphone with us will be available, we inform you gladly. Simply click the button “ notification when available ”, right next to the product in our online shop by bridgat located. Once the cell phone is available, you receive free email reminder then from us.

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The Volkssmartphone with touch screen: Nokia C7

, The only really common Smartphone is the iPhone. Meanwhile, the Apple Smartphone in all generations has become the box-office hit. Only drawback: for the Apple iPhone in the latest generation of 4 must they currently shell out half a fortune. Nokia shows how it goes differently with the C7. The Smartphone is the cheap counterpart to the next top model Nokia N8 and has touch screen, great service and competitive prices.


Quality from the House of Nokia

the Finns have learned from their mistakes and adjusted the quality appearance of smartphones. One thinks back music still on the plastic bomber Nokia 5800 Xpress, is remembered only reluctantly on the processing quality of the first Nokia all-rounder at a bargain price. This smartphone was neither chic nor particularly nice to touch. The new generation Nokia smartphones boasts high-quality materials. The Nokia N8 is completely made of metal and has a very high quality. Also the Nokia C7 scores despite the lower price with high quality material with touch screen made of real glass and metal applications.

Almost on Nokia N8 level

At a bargain price (about €100 less than the Nokia N8) actually provides the hardware features of the Nokia N8 the Nokia C7. Only when the camera the Nokia C7 has beaten clear: instead of 12 mega pixels, there are only 8 Megapixels and also the Xenon Flash is not integrated with the Nokia C7, and replaced with a dual LED flash. Also the inclusion of videos in HD is reserved for the big brother. Otherwise, there are technically the same facts & figures: the 3.5 ″ screen is an AMOLED and resolved with 640 × 360 pixels. Although the trend with great phones like the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S or also the HTC HD2 to larger displays, the iPhone has shown impressive: 3.5 ″ are a good compromise between mobility and usability. The Nokia C7 also offers a fleet of 680 MHz processor, 256 mb memory to the page are. Smartphone-typically are Wi-Fi, HSDPA and A-GPS available. Internal 8 gb memory which can be expanded with a micro SD card is.

Software: Symbian ^ 3

The control touch everything with the Nokia own operating system Symbian ^ 3. This operating system splits the mobile professionals like no other. Some see a gentle resources, adult and clear operating system with many setting options without many shenanigans. Critics complain the dusty optics, which can keep up with Android or iPhone. In the new version of Symbian ^ 3 is there once again light and shadow: so should for example according to various Internet reports the CoverFlow view that strong was based on that of the iPhone OS, be very liquid and player a good work of music. On the other hand is the Nokia C7 with Symbian ^ 3 sure no surf machine, because the browser can still not Android Smartphone or iPhone keep up with.

Availability and price

That is Nokia C7 appear likely timed to coincide with the Nokia N8 at a price that is to settle will be slightly below the Nokia N8. According to, a release in terms of October is likely what could coincide with a possible release date of Nokia N8. Price, the Nokia C7 is are still not cheap, but quite affordable with a lower price than the Nokia N8. When more information is known, we will inform you in time about the Smartphones with the potential that “ Volkssmartphone ” to.


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Quo vadis Symbian? The future of the operating system

Symbian is Nokia’s problem child … and the first couple of days, but for a long time. The trend in the sales of Nokia smartphones goes back, with the general trend in the mobile phone market tends strongly towards Smartphone. In a few years, all phones be full-fledged smartphones and be included in any app store. Symbian smartphones will play no role that’s for sure. The last Symbian smartphones, and what happens to the operating system, see this article.



The reasons for the end of Symbian

with the first iPhone, Apple has transformed the market, redefined the term smartphone and sent a whole new kind of operating system in the race. Symbian had still the absolute supremacy in the mobile world in 2007 and the iPhone operating system played no special role numerically. Android? Was perhaps planned in 2007, but not yet released, that until the year 2008. With the appearance and well known are the iPhone and then later, Android was the Smartphone in 2008 has finally become a status symbol and there was of course also Symbian Smartphone of Nokia N-series. The Nokia N95 for example was one of the first phones with Wi-Fi, had Internet and E-Mail functions. But unfortunately the operating system was unconvincing: Symbian was unstable on this phone and convinced not just by operating quality. While the iPhone OS and also the Launchy Android have always evolved and to the quality characteristic was the touch screen the touch screen convinced porting from Symbian S60 (5th Edition) do not. The operation was compared to the fresh-looking competition sedately and tough. Menu entries had to be confirmed by double-tapping, what a wrong programmed to relic from the time was without the touch screen. In 2010, Nokia has recognized though that it does not continue with Symbian, the operating system rears but with a recent version (Symbian ^ 3) again on. This time the long known bugs were ironed out and even some modern elements of the competition have been adopted, such as the familiar Coverflow view for music albums. Still Symbian will play more irrelevant in the future on the mobile market, although it is considered extremely resource-efficient, unschnörkeliges operating system. Still have before all things Apple’s iOS, currently just to offer more than the dusty Symbian now steadily losing market share, Google’s Android and RIM’s BlackBerry OS.

What is the competition so much better?

Actually, Symbian is not so bad: as already just mentioned all the positive with the version of Symbian evolved ^ 3. The problem, however, is that Nokia has just slept through the development and now the dominant position in the mobile market, this is more than compromised. Coverflow? Today had the iPhone in 2007 in better quality than Symbian. A service adapted to the touch screen? Android has managed from the outset, not to attract attention by superfluous clicks through the menu options. Kinetic scrolling and multi-touch operation? Also that there has long been the competition. Nokia’s, efforts to save the operating system from ruin, are simply too late was initiated. Others were in principle for all features faster and really easy operation goes up not by hand today, if you for example the Apple iPhone are used. The somewhat tough operation and above all the contested image of Symbian harm the sales of the new Nokia smartphones, which are technically and very good processing.

New of Symbian smartphones – no good investment?

Now give the impression could of course, that Symbian smartphones are no longer recommended because the Symbian operating system in the future will find little support. Is the purchase of a Symbian Smartphone an investment in a sinking ship? We can reassure you: Symbian ^ 3 has been specially developed for the new generation of Nokia smartphones and deployed. It is the current state of development of the world’s biggest mobile phone company. The call by Symbian now may be so bad: it is still the most used operating system and the new version also for touchscreen smartphones optimized. Who may operate an iPhone or an Android Smartphone, is can but does not necessarily become friends with Symbian, because the operating system is far less playful and not quite as fleet-footed. But: Symbian delivers one of the most complete software packages that exist in the field of operating systems, supports multi-touch well and is a clean, stable operating system. There are always still not very many apps, but you can find everything you need. In particular Nokia itself is very well served with OVI store and steady support.

The current Nokia phones boast high-quality craftsmanship and great looks:

The future of Symbian is called MeeGo


Although not directly to do with Symbian MeeGo operating system, but it is his direct descendant. With the trend of the multi-platform something has changed in Nokia systems, so that now is being developed in cooperation with Intel of a such multi-platform operating system. This is visually based on Symbian, will be but in the Smartphone business Nokia’s reboot. The future will show whether this works,!


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