Android overtakes Apple’s iOS in the United States

The popularity of Android is undiminished. In particular in the United States the Google has operating system now even the edge, what’s the popularity. The blog reported this 30% of respondents want Apple’s iOS as the next operating system, 31% want Android – thus, Android is the King, not only in terms of market share but also in the popularity of the customers, tendency rising.
Before you now preaching world domination for Android, you must but admit that all these comparisons are still complicated. As with the Apple OS just a Smartphone running: the Apple iPhone. Of which each is the current generation is sold iPhone 4 and its predecessor iPhone 3 G S. The Google operating system used by almost all major mobile phone manufacturers and offers a variety of devices – clear that there’s market share and popularity due to the wide range of available devices is available. Due to the faster product cycles Android smartphones offer with usually the bigger innovations, like for example the LG Optimus speed with dual-core processor or the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc excellent camera.

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Android: On Smartphones top, on tablets flop?

Android is the operating system that currently provides a sensation on Smartphones: the Appstore is growing, the number of smartphones with Android is booming, and the operating system is on everyone’s lips. But now … what is with Android on tablets? NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang put it in an interview with CNET on the point – it is not the NVIDIA provided and very powerful Tegra 2 platform, but on marketing in the shops and on the pricing policy has been driven so far. Also the software offer diversity was still too restricted. Our assessment to do so: The Apple iPad 2 is cheaper than the Motorola Xoom, although it thinner, some high-quality processes and of the software here is sophisticated (also the app offering is much greater than for Android). Android has risen in the version 3.0 clearly at ease and makes an iPad alternative thanks to the possibilities of personalization quite – however, the cheaper iPad is currently preferable 2.


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Cheaper “ all around-carefree-tariff ”: the new mobilcom-debitel o2 blue 100 action collective

Unbelievable, but true: mobilcom-debitel now endless mobile surfing and writing text messages in the o2 network for only €13,00 offers basic fee in the month. Together with an always cheap smartphone from the bridgat shop, new mobilcom-debitel o2 blue 100 action fare costs only legendary €18,00 a month. But whether all gold that glitters is, can be determined only upon closer inspection of the tariff services.


Long-lasting mobile surf fun with high speed

the mobility of the Internet is especially important for Smartphone tariffs of course. This satisfied unless he can take online services quickly and easily mobile claim every Smartphone user. Mobilcom-debitel o2 blue 100 exactly the action tariff offers high surfing speeds of up to 7.2 Mbit/s.

Interested in the new tariff need not worry about even, take the surfing experience to a quick end, as a throttling of the speed takes place after a spent data volume of 300 MB. After that can be surfed until the beginning of the new month while only 64 kbit/s. But an excess of this high volume of data only extreme much surfing, more likely to use their Smartphone as a laptop replacement reach indeed, if anything,.

Flat rate package includes: unlimited SMS and calling in the o2 network

In addition to the flat rate data for mobile surfing mobilcom-debitel o2 blue 100 offers a SMS flat rate and a phone Flatrate in the German o2 network action plan. Especially for prolific writer and frequent surfers are convincing arguments in favour of the new tariff.

100 free minutes round off the very favorable tariff package

Also telephoning with the Smartphone may of course not to come short. Therefore, 100 action rate equal to 100 free minutes to all German networks are integrated into the mobilcom-debitel o2 blue. That is not enough, which can draw action fare on the Smartphone tariff o2 blue 250 with 250 free minutes included. This action fare, there are good smart phones such as the HTC desire HD and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 mini even given.


The mobilcom-debitel o2 blue 100 action plan is highly recommended especially for those, who place emphasis on fast, constant surfing and writing frequent text messages. But also Normaltelefonierer scents given more than a fair fee with the integrated telephone-Flatrate in the German o2 network and 100 inclusive free minutes will be pleased.

The mobilcom-debitel o2 blue 100 action fare is really shiny tariff-gold!

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Google nexus S: soon to Vodafone/O2 available, also in white!

The Google Android Smartphone nexus S is the legitimate successor of the rather moderately successful Google nexus one. Now approved by the Vodafone blog, that there will soon be the Smartphone for Vodafone Germany. Only news that I expected but so is that the nexus must be S in Germany without a super AMOLED display. No further bad news, because the technology offers a good image and strong colors though, the now used Super clear LCD technology offers but a better readability in sunlight and more natural colours. It is a matter of taste which technique you prefer probably. Otherwise provides the Google nexus S in addition to very good, but not outstanding hardware (4 ″ display with 800 × 480 pixels, 1 GHz processor, Wi-Fi, HSPA, A-GPS …) at least a telling argument: it’s the Google Smartphone and we strongly preferred at updates handled. We expect the Android Smartphone in March of this year and keep more up to date! Both O2 and Vodafone have announced to offer the Smartphone soon.



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Mobile data flat-rate: O2 Active data card + Internet Pack Special

To find a mobile data flat-rate unlimited cheap is not always easy. Our offer for you is the mobile data flat rate of O2 with a payout of €40 and a term of 6 months (24 months for the basic rate of O2 Active data). These mobile data flat consists of two components: on the one book the basic tariff O2 Active data, which monthly costs you €0, to do so we book the Internet Pack special with a monthly price of €15. The booking of the mobile data flat-rate, specially designed for the laptop, will be paid by us 40,-€, which corresponds to an actual price in the first 6 months of €8,33. At this point should be stressed once again that you get an unlimited flat rate for it. Restricted is only the down / upload, he should be sufficient but with 2 Mbps download and 64 kbit upload speed for normal surfing.


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Sony PSP successor: next generation portable (NGP) comes

Sony’s PSP is now hardware from some Smartphone surpassed, as for example the LG Optimus speed with Tegra 2 chipset. That couldn’t let Sony of course on themselves and there will be time for the PSP 2 or “ next generation portable ” (NGP). Under the code name, Sony is currently working on a mobile gaming console worth watching. The NGP has a 5 ″ AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 960 × 544 pixels, analog sticks, a gyroscope and a touchpad on the back. Consequently, many control options will be. Hardware the NGP is a revolution in this area: the device has a quad-core processor (ARM Cortex A9) and the graphics chip has also four cores (PowerVR SGX543MP4 + GPU). There are two cameras, Wi-Fi, HSPA, A-GPS and Bluetooth 2.1. I.e. the battle “ graphics against innovation ”, which held at PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii, goes into the next round and is called “ Sony NGP vs. Nintendo 3DS ”.
Concrete information about the price and release date are still unknown.


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LG Optimus speed: Games & videos via HDMI output

Due to his fast Tegra 2 of chipset, the LG Optimus speed is actually like made for keep here as a multimedia player or small game console. For this, the Android Smartphone offers also a HDMI output, so that the device can be connected to a TV or PC monitor. One combines LG Optimus speed and a TV with HDMI connection, the operating elements can be used makes sense: the Smartphone as when YouTube videos are from the image, the controls can be operated but still a mobile display. Games have a still slightly pixelated, because they were of course designed for the small mobile screen. Here is but is soon more come – you can get first impressions of the multimedia capabilities in the following video.


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The bargain hunting begins: Facebook places launches

In future shopping is determined increasingly by Smartphone: not only the electronic payment via NFC is on the rise, but also various applications, with which you in certain locations “ login ” can. Also, Facebook has launched such a service: with Facebook places, one can show now directly via Facebook where to buy just a. This is also perfect advertisement for the relevant local businesses, so these currently few jump free gifts for the login. Read where to get something there and how you log in, here in the bridgat blog. Requirement is by the way a cell phone on which the Facebook app is running, such as the iPhone 4 or an Android Smartphone such as the HTC desire HD.


The principle

the principle of Facebook places is very easy: you log in to a specific location and receives a reward for it. They are available in various forms. In the so-called “ charity deals ” donates one through the login for a charitable action or makes a donation of the shop operator. The “ individual deals ” there is discount on specific products or services. Will a “ loyalty deal ” offered, it comes to accumulate loyalty points. The last group, namely the “ friend deals ”, are certain deals that are aimed with making friends. Clear: The shop owner of course have an interest, as advertising. There is of course hardly more credible advertising than that of friends. But a Smartphone and an active Internet connection is required in each case to attend. In a video directly from Facebook (see here) is also a short tutorial.

Facebook places: gifts and charity deals

Who uses Facebook places, must disclose of course, when he lives where. Who don’t like it, who don’t need to read further at this point. The operation of the “ login ” namely to equate with the public statement is “ I am just in business XY ”. If you have less concerns, may enjoy currently some gifts. Here follows the list of participating stores, which take part in the test phase of Facebook places now.

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O2 online discount: Surfers at 24 mobile still at an advantage!

, The network operator O2 has adjusted its online discount to label almost as traditional. There homepage 10% (in the case of the tariff O2 0) when booking the prices directly from the O2 after all, up to 15% (inclusive package, mobile flat) discount on the monthly bill. Group spokesman Albert Fetsch said that other offers in the planning, he could but still not specifically say how they were designed. At bridgat you don’t have to wait: we continue to give the online discount. In our O2 tariff selection, you can select discounts. See what rates are offered by us with online discount, in the following article.

O2 online benefits at bridgat: inclusive package and mobile flat

To find our rates, you take a look at our category simply “ O2 tariffs “. Are there any tariffs with “ online advantage ” marks.  Otherwise you will find the O2 online discounts still with us, so we offer E.g. the rate “ O2 inclusive package ” with 10% on invoice discount for the entire life of the contract. The mobile flat we continue to offer with 15% invoice discount on. This costs only €17 per month instead of €20. This tariff includes a phone Flatrate in the O2 network and landlines, as well as an Internet flat rate. Some fare examples, see this article. If you have any questions, leave a comment below this article like.

O2 0 tariff action

At the rate of O2 0 (no monthly fixed costs) we offer may now be no 10% online discount, maybe we can inspire you but for our collective action: the cost of airbag is lowered here currently on 50,-€ instead of 60,-€ per month. That means that, no matter how much you call or how many text messages you compose, you pay always maximum €50. I.e. Call to throw without looking at the costs already incurred entirely carefree.

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LG Optimus 3D: The first 3D Smartphone comes

3D is a hype is so far still not really broken out. Sales in the area of television are rather sobering despite massive advertising: no wonder because most TV content are largely in high definition and 3D to see glasses inconvenient and annoying. Some time ago, it was still predicted’s last years, until 3D is reasonably usable without glasses. The doldrums in current products that require such glasses, the manufacturer already strive to bring 3D without glasses on the man. Nintendo comes with the next generation of the Nintendo DS (with the name of 3DS) and LG is bringing the first Smartphone with 3D display on the market. The Smartphone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will be presented on February 14. We read now what have to offer is the LG Optimus 3D.

Display technology: 3D without glasses

As already mentioned, we are now in a phase of 3D unfortunately can open up is due to the small inconsistencies of any large target group. There are simply too few films 3D, glasses are usually very uncomfortable and darken the image greatly. All-in-all is a hype, which actually only with manufacturers and a small target group of technology interested 3D so, 3D passes yet to the masses. Also LG has recognized this fact – in addition, a pair of glasses with a mobile device makes probably much less sense as home. Supposedly, LG Works displays for the production of special 3D with the manufacturer of 3D master image. This company has started already in 2004, technology to bring 3D and 3D already now has mobile technology in the starting blocks at the beginning of the year 2011 was presented at the consumer electronics show. The company’s patented “ cell matrix Parallax ” technology provides high brightness according to the manufacturer’s homepage, support for portrait and landscape mode and to bring high returns thanks to a favourable production for the manufacturer. It is also expected that the 3D display like in the Nintendo 3DS is switched off, because sometimes the viewing of the content on a small 3D display provides more irritation. At the mobile gaming console by Nintendo must be just as upside down and the device, otherwise the image is blurred quickly.

LG Optimus 3D – getting info

LG not miser currently with superlatives and seems to want to push especially the sales of smartphones in 2011. The Optimus speed is announced not only as one of the first smartphones with dual-core processor, but the LG Optimus Black provides some technical highlights with a great display at the same time very flat design. When the new LG Optimus 3D, the technical highlight is apparently already in the name. The 3D technology to as already explained above with the help of the “ cell matrix Parallax ” technology without 3D glasses come out and allow a three-dimensional representation. The specific scope is currently still unknown, however, this is not so easy in the field of TV devices, because while movies can be converted very poorly in 3D, the representation of 3D applications in a representation for the eye is easily possible. This is because for example game worlds already included depth information can be converted into a stereoscopic image accordingly. Films, this is not the case, so that only optimised and machined with special cameras 3D movies also sensibly can be played as such. The page has already can snag an exclusive picture of the new LG Smartphone. Expected is probably a Smartphone, by technology and the mass produced about the LG Optimus is similar to speed. However, there are also rumors that NVIDIA already has a new Tegra chipset with more computing power at work than the previous NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor. This would be necessary for the complex calculation of stereoscopic content. Maybe the new phone is equipped yes even with a 3D-enabled camera. We will keep you up to date!

Availability and price

Given that TV here have experienced 3D little encouragement in the country, what also even learn to LG (losses in TV), I expect not-too-speedy release in Germany. It is conceivable that the LG Optimus 3D in Germany is available only if it can claim some success in the Asian world. Europe is technically rather conservative and not sophisticated 3D technology could scare customers what does not apply for the gadget hungry Japanese and Chinese. That’s why we can recommend at this point: when it not currently already rather senseless 3D feature arrives first and foremost on my opinion, but check out the LG Optimus times to speed. With a 4. ″ display and cutting-edge dual core has currently in the performance the Crown the Smartphone and is externally almost like the LG Optimus 3D. The Smartphone also runs with a sophisticated Android version, which can be operated thanks to the outstanding performance also fluently and comfortably.

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