HTC one X: Android Jellybean (4.1) update as of October

, The HTC one X is the flagship Android Smartphone from HTC. Currently is located on the quad-core Smartphone with the huge 4.7 ″ display is still the version Android 4.0. The jelly-bean update, then HTC sense will be equipped with the surface should be in version 4.5 also again. It first updates for devices without branding issued from October, then after the updates for devices of the network operators until Christmas 2012.

With a quad-core processor with 1,5 GHz, 1 gb memory, high resolution 4.7 ″ display (1280 × 720 pixels) and high-performance camera currently includes the HTC one X to the best smartphones running Android alongside the top selling Samsung Galaxy S3. Because the Smartphone is already fitted in the Ausliferungszustand with Android 4.0, the changes with Android will be 4.1 keep jelly bean in borders. There is better performance, chrome instead of the default Android browser, improvements in the language input and some new features in the notification bar.


The English-language video shows Android 4.1.1 the HTC one X (but without HTC sense).

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Nokia Lumia 920: Touchscreen with gloves can be operated

Nokia is under pressure to innovate, what you now clearly can see 920, 820 at the Nokia Lumia. The whole hubbub around the Apple iPhone 5 quickly sets in, when a Smartphone creates real time innovations and not only according to the motto “ faster, thinner, better ” with superlatives of known technique to throw. Not only the Bilstabilisator in the Lumia 920 is a real Smartphone innovation, but also the new touchscreen.

Of the new touch screen in the Lumia 920 (even in the smaller model Lumia 820) from Nokia: the touch screen by Synaptics is not only very precise, but it combines the advantages of a resistive (pressure sensitive) and capacitive (responds to electrical charge of the body) almost touch screens. This not only causes that touch screen of Nokia Lumia 920 with gloves easily can be controlled the, but also with all sorts of other objects, as the following look to’s videos. So it’s time to finally dispose of the silly special gloves for the operation of the touch screen ….



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Real racing 3: Mobile game graphics on the Apple iPhone 5

Real racing already 2 belonged to the graphically very elaborate titles in the field of mobile gaming, but what does real racing 3, beating probably everything has been in the area of the tablet or even Smartphone Games quite clear. Quite rightly it was used iPhone 5 presentation at Apple as figurehead, to show the graphics capabilities of the new Apple Smartphone.


On some real racetracks (E.g. Silverstone) should the player with licensed cars (E.g. Porsche, Dodge, Audi …) have exciting racing events. Graphically, real racing offers unprecedented game graphics, which is very close to the current level of the Console 3 mirrors fully calculated with reflections in the paint, and a high resolution. First and foremost on the new iPad, real racing 3 will be a special treat for all gaming fans. Who but wants a simulation like Forza or Gran Turismo, the I must disappoint: real racing 3 is indeed similar to made, is but the control tends to be rather a fun racer.



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Samsung Galaxy 2 touch – Smartphone giant relaunched

Is the Samsung Galaxy touch despite its almost strange dimensions with a whopping 5 ″ display incredibly successful. Many smartphone users appreciate the large Galaxy note, which can be operated with a pen and use the large mobile home as a tablet. The successor to Samsung Galaxy touch 2 is already in the starting blocks. The also very large Smartphone is already in a few days in Germany appear (27 September)!

Optically, the Samsung Galaxy is oriented note 2 on the predecessor and the Galaxy S3. The quad-core (4 x 1.6 GHz) with 2 gb memory is the fastest Smartphone on the market there. Now with Android 4.1 jelly bean allows the Smartphone perfectly fluid operation of the operating system. The Super AMOLED display is 5.5 ″ in 16:9 format (at 1280 × 720 pixels), even greater than during the previous fall and can be operated again with the supplied stylus. LTE as faster data transmission is also integrated, as well as dual-band WLAN and NFC. The high-end Smartphone is rounded out by a fabulously large 3,300 mAh battery, which is unparalleled in the smartphone segment.

If you would like to be notified when the Samsung Galaxy touch 2 with us at the bridgat shop is available, simply click on the article page of the Smartphones and there “ notification when available ”. Free of charge we will you then e-mail, when the Samsung Galaxy is available note 2 at bridgat.



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Sony Xperia Sola: Mid-range Smartphone with floating touch

, The Sony Xperia Sola is sure no Android Smartphone, with the Sony WINS design awards. With a plastic phone, ds looks like a slider, to win more today no flower pot. You must but also clearly do: this is a mid-range Smartphone for just 250,-€ in the bridgat shop.

With the 1 GHz clocked dual core Android 2.3 operating system is running (incl. Sony surface) pretty much liquid on the Smartphone, an update on Android 4.0 but still follow. Other highlights include the 5 megapixel camera and the 3.7 ″ large display (854 x 480 pixels), the so-called floating touch technology supports. This allows you to use your Smartphone, if you the finger across the screen “ floating ”, so as a way to control virtual mouse pointer (see video below). The 107 g lightweight Smartphone with 8 gb internal memory (+ micro SD card) is available immediately in the bridgat shop available, certainly when compared with high-end equipment so-so, but overall for the price a good Smartphone.



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Samsung Tizen – superfluous Smartphone operating system?

Samsung celebrates success with Android and his Samsung Galaxy S3, which is reflected in massive sales figures. And yet: the Smartphone would manufacturers still go one step further. Reaching for the more or less successful Samsung Bada on mid-range Smartphone Samsung with its operating system “ Tizen ” for the stars or is it next to Android and iOS an excess OS?

In contrast to bada but Tizen to be a Smartphone operating system for the high-end market, which will be in direct competition with Android and iOS. Rumor has it even the first Tizen Smartphone to be a new version of the popular Samsung Galaxy S3. The operating system hervorgeganene of parts Intel meego is Android-bonds and the interface TouchWiz from Samsung as a mixture of the old Samsung bada. Should Tizen prove themselves as a real alternative, other manufacturers want to rely on the new operating system. We remain skeptical whether the launch succeeds because the competition from Android, iOS and is very much the coming Windows phone 8.


The video shows a very early developer version on a mobile phone prototype, designed only for demo purposes.


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Nokia vs. HTC: ban on the sale of HTC Windows phone 8 X?

For Nokia not only the presentation of Samsung smartphones Ativ was a setback S with Windows phone 8 in front of the hotel’s own flagship Lumia 920. Also the presentation of the HTC Windows phone 8 X, which originated at Nokia itself in a particularly close partnership with Microsoft, is likely wurmen the Finns rather, precisely because the Smartphone by HTC also officially “ Windows phone 8 X ” is.

Samsung against Apple, Apple against Samsung, Google against … now rises also Nokia, at least according to rumors in the funny “ I’m suing you, and I me ”-Spielchen the manufacturer a, on which we consciously report little in the bridgat blog (who still goes through?). That Nokia takes times to the extreme means and now wants to sue HTC, is it unexpected, so that we make an exception here. HTC supposedly fact for its Windows phone 8 X at a mid-range Windows phone 8 Smartphone Nokia Lumia have 820 plagiarized. Despite the design similarities we find: brings the a sales ban on anyone, certainly not the customers, because decreases the range of devices on the market. The Nokia Lumia smartphones can prevail also against HTC smartphones, I’m almost sure.


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BlackBerry revival: RIM demonstrates BlackBerry OS 10 operating system

The manufacturer RIM with its BlackBerry quite at a disadvantage got – Android and iOS Smartphones have the BlackBerry pretty used to. A probably because the demand for typical business no longer exists devices, on the other hand because the typical BlackBerry design with small keyboard is no longer so popular.

Now RIM has presented but the new BlackBerry OS 10 on the BlackBerry Jam (a Developer Conference), which has caused in the audience as well as the BlackBerry stock investors a relief. The operating system has some smart ideas ahead of the competition from Apple and Google, and looks really appealing. Whether that’s enough revival for a BlackBerry?


New software unveiled – hardware unknown

even if RIM has unveiled so far only the software on a pure developer device, this allows conclusions about the new BlackBerry Smartphones: since the unit had no hardware keyboard, you will orient yourself in this direction in the future probably especially Smartphone currently really won’t be with hardware keyboard mode.

It is at the moment, therefore, to use large displays in smartphones. Best examples with much success: HTC one X, Samsung Galaxy S3 or even greater than the Samsung Galaxy touch 2. The Motorola milestone or milestone 2 was the last Smartphone with keyboard and a high degree of popularity. But this is – technically – again long ago. In this respect the changeover on large touch screen displays without a real keyboard sure BlackBerry is the right way. What presents for Smartphone RIM in the future, remains but uncertain. These are but certainly not as clunky as the developer device named “ alpha B ”.

BlackBerry user: flow, hub and Messenger

The BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins presented the Central gestures of the operating system Blackberry jam on the presentation, which should be served with the swipe of a thumb to get a central overview of all relevant data. BlackBerry calls this interface “ flow ”. Within the surface can the application using the so-called “ peek ” gesture be minimized so you can see for example new messages. You must not close completely so applications, to get an overview, what else currently present at communications on the Smartphone. This function is available everywhere and seems to be in order to improve the user experience really an innovation.


You minimize an application by “ peek ” (a simple wipe with the ladies from bottom to top) and wipes now even once after right, you can see “ behind ” its minimized application the BlackBerry hub. This is a message center, which gathers all messages on your Smartphone. These are not only SMS or emails and Facebook messages or calendar events. What is displayed in the BlackBerry hub is fully customizable. In addition, the calendar feature in BlackBerry OS 10 has been revised fully so that now dates with people are connected. The basic idea behind BlackBerry 10: You should no longer think about what application is, but detached from applications easily with the operating system take advantage of all the already built-in functions.

The Messenger BlackBerry Messenger has also an interesting feature built in, which looks interesting: the Messenger has built a predictive, which is to work for multiple languages at the same time. I.e. you can incorporate in a German sentence E.g. English or French words and they are context related correctly recognized. Here I am still skeptical about whether this will work in everyday life, in your presentation, it worked perfectly anyway, and promised it was also an error-free detection.

BlackBerry balance – business and private separated

Is an exciting feature, which use the reality of the Smartphone, the built-in BlackBerry in BlackBerry OS 10 function between two identities back to toggle. With a wipe from top to bottom, can be changed directly between the profiles each allowing a complete personalization and adaptation to the conditions at work and in the private sector. Also, this separation should provide for a special data security and practicality. Man quits his job, for example, the business area of smartphones can be deleted and the private sector remains completely unaffected.

To the new BlackBerry OS 10 world again a bit more the requirements of business as Android or iOS, which have this target group but also in their sights, but have no special adjustments in the operating system for business users. Here, RIM has developed a very consistent system, that really makes sense to separate private data and business data on his phone.

Conclusion: convincing!

Failed BlackBerry OS 10 presentation really convincing. But Android Smartphone and the Apple to be able to keep up with iPhone, are now powerful arguments in the form of new BlackBerry smartphones. If this can convince even with strong hardware and great features, RIM will again have a chance to win back the market. We are excited and will report on further developments. Appear first BlackBerry Smartphone OS 10 should already in the first quarter of 2013. Thus they will be certainly a strong competitor to the Windows phone 8 smartphones.


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Samsung Galaxy S DUOS: Android 4.0 smart phone with two SIM cards

To find dual SIM mobile phone with touch screen and even with a current Smartphone operating system like Android 4.0 is not so easy. Samsung has recognized this gap in the market and fills them skillfully with the Samsung Galaxy S satisfies DUOS, which offers space for two SIM cards, but still a top Smartphone facilities on Board has, quite average requirements, even if not at the top models Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC one X can reach.

With a 4 ″ display that resolves with 800 × 480 pixels, a 1 GHz processor, 5 megapixel Samsung Galaxy offers duo camera and of course the most important radio standards (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, A-GPS, HSPA) a very attractive facilities for a dual SIM phone. The 120 g light Smartphone for two SIM cards using Android in version 4.0 (“ ice cream sandwich ” or short “ ICS ”). The operating system is as usual coated interface TouchWiz from Samsung. An update on Jellybean (Android 4.1) has not so far been announced. The area of the dual-SIM Smartphone does it but currently consigns dar – who needs this feature, can hit best conscience!



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Apple iPhone 5: back scratched very quickly

Apple is probably the iPhone 4 and 4 S thought: the Gorilla glass used on the back is indeed ultimately scratch resistant, jumps but also quickly, as soon as the cell phone on the ground. As a result, the frequency of breaking glass statistically almost doubled sichbei falls, because even the chance of glass breakage has doubled (according to data by insurance companies, we have reported).

Now iPhone 5 is looming at the Apple a new problem. While I have never used a cover for iPhone 4 (in contrast to the scratch-prone iPhone 3 G S) and my phone still almost looks like on the first day, the Apple iPhone 5 is not. Initial tests show that the aluminum back is extremely scratch-prone when compared to the previous generation. I.e. If this high-quality Smartphone long wants to enjoy with high-quality optics, should necessarily a protective cover immediately purchase that from the outset, to protect this ugly scratches.



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