10 Christmas Gifts Under 15 EURO

The older and more off to the Christmas atmosphere is anticipated; now you do not have time to drop the Halloween mask that we see appear in pandoro and panettone supermarkets, the windows begin to fill with lights and magic of Christmas spreads in the minds of young and old. Bought some new Christmas tree decorations and dusted and crib, here we are dealing with one of the biggest dilemmas of the holidays season DIY: what to give to friends and family?

Today then I want to recommend 10 beauty gifts under 15 € and I assure you that this list will come in very useful whether you are among those who buy all the presents in late November, and it is especially if you are among those which fell on Christmas Eve when given the crowd and the rush you run the risk of taking the first thing that happened in his hands and the gift becomes a mere obligation and not a thought chosen with care and love.

Christmas Gifts Under 5 €

If your budget is really tight and you can not spend more than 5 euro for each gift, these two proposals are perfect for you.

Lipstick Pure Color of Wycon, the sliding texture and finish shimmer lip simultaneously brilliant and soft.
Available in many colors at a price of EUR 4.90.

Original and delicious, are the moisturizing gloves and smoothing hands and nails of Kiko.
It is disposable gloves imbibed with cream worn all night guarantee of the soft and hydrated hands for unparalleled treatment.
Price € 4.90.

Christmas Gifts Under 10 €

If your budget is limited to a maximum of 10 Euros per person, know that there are really so many tasty ideas to please and draw a smile to your loved ones.
For cat lovers, Pupa launches Pupacat, highly original cosmetic bag-shaped kitten in four different colors, containing nutrient lip balm, ideal to always have soft lips and perfectly hydrated.
Price EUR 8,90

For her friend obsessed with the manicure, ciate launches the Christmas kits glazes really fabulous, it is a mini duo Pain Pots available in classic red / gold version or in the elegant and refined version pink powder / silver for perfect nails and maintained throughout the holiday season.
Price EUR 9,90

Too cute even scented oil glittering of Sephora Let It Snow collection kept in a small vial in a limited edition.
Leaves skin soft, sparkling and super fragrant.
Price € 5.90

Absolutely perfect gift for a low cost, but effective, the palette eyes Wonderful dreams of Sephora that incorporates an elegant box 8 eyeshadows with delicate and captivating colors, half-and-half mat iridescent for a make-up that can be transformed from natural to intense with a touch of brush.
Price € 9.90.

Finally, perfect for girlfriends, mothers or co-workers, the cube of Italian Summer Fig of The Body Shop containing shower gel, moisturizer and sponge on the net for a daily beauty pamper that ensures a bright and fragrant skin.
Price € 9.

Christmas Gifts Under 15 €

Finally, if you set a maximum budget of EUR 15 per gift, with these proposals do a real impression.

Too Faced with her ​​make up kit Sex & Chocolate think of two essential make-up, mascara and earth, giving the ability to simultaneously give the famous mascara Better than sex that gives an extreme volume and spectacular lashes and earth Chocolate Soleil for a matte complexion, intense and uniform.
Price € 12.

The scent Indian Jasmine de  L’Erbolario from the notes of ylang ylang, Indian jasmine absolute, tonka bean, vanilla, benzoin tears and carrot grain, will bring out the femininity of all those who receive it will find to carry your gift (and therefore you) always carry.
Price € 12.

Finally, for lovers of cocoa butter, for those in winter it only and exclusively the fixed chapped lips, there is no better gift box set Lipstick Blue September of Badger Balm containing 4 lip stick made ​​from natural olive oil pressed cold and beeswax to soothe and to better protect the lips during the dry and cold season.
the set is available on Ecco-Green at the price of EUR 14.49.