10 DIY Ideas to Make the Bathroom Fun

Hygiene habits should be taught from a young age, children should become accustomed to a hygiene routine such as bathing, washing their hands several times a day, brushing their teeth and using the toilet and toilet.

10 DIY Ideas to Make the Bathroom Fun

Some children love this moment, others hate it, the reality is that the bathroom is not adapted to the size and needs of the little ones which can lead to rejection by the little ones.

Making this space fun and creative is a way to captivate your children, with small projects can make the bathroom a functional space where the child learns the rules of hygiene while giving vent to his imagination and live special adventures.

A soap with dinosaurs, an original toothbrush holder are simple things you can do at home and that will give a lot of joy to the little ones.

Another way of adapting the bathroom is to find solutions to facilitate its use by the little ones, a staircase to the washbasin, a lower towel rack, a regular shower are small things that make the bathroom more fun and functional.

DIY Projects for the Bathroom

Colored soap

Put small pieces of Lego inside the soap dish, the kids will love it.


Make the shower a fun time and opt for a colorful shower that is up to the child, this type of shower has a more moderate water projection, ideal to make this moment a quiet moment.


The baths should be fun, the child can relax and have fun, the worst thing is that they love to be surrounded by many toys, the worst thing is that afterwards there is little space for water. Keep everything tidy with baskets, ideally baskets with holes to drain the water.

Original soap

Make the time to wash your hands more fun with soaps with built-in dolls.

Paper case

Replace the traditional paper holder with a doll, I loved this idea.


Brushing your teeth is very important, your teeth should be brushed every day, put your child’s brush and paste in a personalized cup.


One difficulty for children is to control the flow of tap water, the smaller ones can not reach without help, here is a simple and very practical solution.


Think about the size of your child and put the towels to your level, another funny idea is to assign a color to each element of the family, so he always knows what your towel.

Colorful bath

Provide fun moments in the bathtub with these light columns, they are a lot of fun.


Again, think of the smaller ones and facilitate your access to the washbasin with a bench or a more elaborate solution like the one in the picture.