100% flat rate – BASE Web Edition at 24mobile.de available – double flat rate for 10 euros a month

Action as of 01.06.2009: the base Web Edition now at bridgat.com. A flat rate to base, E-Plus and in the fixed monthly 10 Euro fixed costs. Smart will immediately notice: with the base Web Edition I can Yes a lot of money save!

So far, they paid 20 euro per month. Now at bridgat.com only 10 euros monthly fee. Means save 50% at 100% power. A real double flat in the German fixed network and BASE, as well as a flat rate for E-Plus for real 10 euro. No minimum sales, no bring with advantage or advantage of loyalty, easy and simple – 10 euro per month – done.  In addition, calls to other German mobile phone networks cost only 29 cents the minute, as well as sent SMS. The one-time deployment costs 35 euros and the minimum contract term has the usual duration 24 months.

Really clever order Web Edition the base in a double pack. There at bridgat.com among cell phones + gave to some great pre-made combinations with real savings potential. Or just do a cell phone after election in the blender and combine with the base Web Edition. In addition to the top phones like the KM900 arena, the Nokia 5800 Xpress music or Andean bestsellers offer we specially prefabricated deals with particularly high savings potential on. As always with bridgat.com everything is extremely less than calculated.

So get euros in connection with the base about the W890i Sony Ericsson or Nokia 6300 for o Web Edition tariff.