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Samsung Galaxy S5: Android Smartphone from carbon?

The use of high-quality materials in smartphones is nothing new, even Kevlar came for Motorola at the Motorola RAZR i (back) to use. Now Samsung to turn away from the ubiquitous polycarbonate seems to dare, for which the company from Korea must constantly insert criticism. A collaboration with the SGL group – a company which specialises in the production of carbon – could suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S5 not only made of plastic, but also of carbon could be.

Carbon is a particularly resistant and at the same time lightweight material. E.g. in the racing car parts used for, which should be particularly easy or in aircraft construction. Samsung has formed a joint venture with SGL Group (“ Samsung SGL Carbon composite material ”), so that large amount of carbon fibers Samsung in the production are available. Whether in fact the Samsung Galaxy S5 to be equipped with carbon, but is unknown. In the trend of getting high order processed smartphones Samsung must consider with in the long term but, to continue the success of the market. IPhone 5 or even the cheap Huawei Ascend P6 set the HTC one, Apple designer pieces to lots of glass and metal, which ensures a high-quality appearance. The Samsung Galaxy S4 could not keep so far in this respect. We have for you time a version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in carbon optics conjured up – how do you like this version? The new Samsung Galaxy S5 should look like (click image to the increase)? Maybe Samsung Galaxy new S5 continues the trend of robust high-end Smartphones also.

, The new version Samsung Galaxy S4 active is a highly resistant, dust – and waterproof version of the high-end smartphones Samsung Galaxy S4. With the use of carbon, a Galaxy S5 significantly on toughness could – for everyday – set. We are looking forward!

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Android security gap with Google patch

We have only reported last week about a newly discovered vulnerability in Android smartphones, who exploited can have serious consequences: Agent manipulated apps from uncertain sources could theoretically almost every Smartphone (exception: Samsung Galaxy S4) completely read through this software and controlled. This concerns almost all Android smartphones on the market since Android 1.6 with a very few exceptions.

Now, however, Google has already repaired and delivered a corresponding patch to the manufacturer. With the next update from HTC, Sony, Samsung and co. Surely with to implement the patch. Then, the danger is averted. The vulnerability but anyway not so serious as often shown, because it affects only apps that are downloaded and installed do not have the Google play store, so is already “ uncertain ” sources. Therefore we discourage also expressly (we reported) 4.3 Installing the new camera app from the Android version, which is currently just unofficially offered. Like any source, that do not originate from the Google app store, the Android security vulnerability can be exploited here, too, also the new features through the new camera app are very small, so that it is not worth taking a risk here.


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Google nexus 5: it comes in October with LG G2 design?

In the meantime speculated very much about the Google nexus 5 – which manufacturers should get the contract for the new Google Smartphone? I thought I’d now after the acquisition with Motorola, but apparently it is again (as with the Google nexus 4) LG has become. The Chinese side (Google translate translation) speculated that the new Googlephone is based on the LG G2 (we reported) and it will continue to operated the aggressive pricing policy by Google.

Optically to the Google nexus 5 get the LG G2 and possibly also the special volume rocker or the on-off inherit switch on the back of the housing. When the display is on a 5 ″ Panel with full HD resolution set (1920 × 1080 pixels) and I hope yet strong, that even the Google nexus 5 receives the very narrow frame of display of the LG G2. Hardware technology of the new Snapdragon 800 should be but too expensive nexus 5 cheap Google, therefore comes the predecessor Snapdragon 600 used, however only 10% – 20% is slower. The camera should be less quality with 10 mega pixels on LG G2.

Otherwise the same specs with 2 gb memory and 16 are expected however gb or optional 32 gb internal memory. Should be installed on the Google nexus 5 Android 5.0 (key lime pie) – that corresponds not only with the name of the Smartphones wonderfully, but fits also means that Google would like to place the own smartphones as Android flagship. In October his (from 299,-€ with 16 gb memory) supposedly nexus 5 Google available, we keep you up to date!


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HTC Zara: Fashionable, but technically yesterday

, No, the Zara fashion group has nothing to do the HTC Zara. The Smartphone with the fancy name is a stand-alone product from HTC and the name should be a code name in my opinion that will once again change to the release. Otherwise would happen to HTC with the mid-range Android Smartphone so like Microsoft with its now nameless tile surface “ Metro ” …. Have surfaced from the HTC Zara now alleged press images at Evleaks.


Optically focuses the chic Android Smartphone with 4.5 ″ display on the HTC one, where the back again seems to be made from easy-grip material. The display resolution is 960 × 540 pixels, while not particularly large (244 DPI). The front-mounted BoomSound be positive on but speakers, are likely to produce stereo sound as one of HTC or HTC one mini. According to the pictures generation let be technically but not these two smartphones compared to the Smartphone, but rather with the predecessor: the Snapdragon S4 + processor cycles with 1.2 GHz (dual-core), which is memory 1 gb large, and the 8 gb internal memory can be extended with micro SD card. The camera knippst with 8 mega pixels (ergo: no ultra pixel camera). Software the HTC Zara offers 5.5 Android 4.3 allegedly covered with HTC sense. To expect it mid-range Smartphone with a comparatively large 2100mAh battery in September 2013. We will report!


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HTC one +: design Smartphone with new hardware

The HTC one is still the flagship Smartphone when it comes to quality and successful design with Android smartphones. Technically the HTC one can no longer keep up – the current generation Snapdragon 800 works faster and stromsparender (E.g. in the LG G2, Sony Xperia Z1 or Samsung Galaxy S4 advanced). With the HTC one + upgrade in the House may be.

As already in the previous version HTC could one X (one X +) there also at the HTC one is a “ plus version ” type, which is equipped with faster hardware. A screenshot of a reputed HTC one + is surfaced in a Greek community, shows the Android system menu. There an OCTA-core is specified as processor and 3 gb memory. I am very skeptical: with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 a good quad-core chipset available, whose Vorgänger already in the HTC one would be. So far, Samsung is the only manufacturer that focuses on the development of octa-core processors (this includes worth reading: our report to the Samsung Galaxy S5). An HTC one + the old beautiful design and faster new hardware is however desirable!



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Drop test: Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

Just smartphone like Apple iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3, consisting largely of a touch screen, are vulnerable in the noticed the ground broken to go. In the drop test the quality of workmanship and material quality of smartphones, which sometimes react with breaking plastic parts, shattering displays that can be restored only with high repair costs to its original state is evident then.

The following video iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 undergo Apple a drop test. The typical everyday situations are covered here. Often, smartphones fall for the pull out of the pocket or handbag on the ground or slip on the phone from his hand. So are the two smartphones dropped respectively in these situations on a hard stone floor. Clear: Quite similar like in a real experiment conditions never are, but one can imagine quite better, what happens if one of the smartphones on the hard floor of the facts is dropped.



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Whatsapp – new security problems

Straight until we reaches the message, that Whatsapp is no longer free (we reported), already is the next job’s message regarding the most popular smartphone Messenger: Whatsapp is itself not just with glory lately either, regarding the security of the application. There are many vulnerabilities in the Messenger and not demolish the messages.

At the last vulnerability, you need only the telephone number and the IMEI number of the Android Smartphones or the MAc address of the iPhones of Whatsapp account, to take it over. With these data, it was relatively easy in a public Wi-Fi either to fish off the news itself or even send this Whatsapp account. The current vulnerability discovered by Heise security: here it seems now only by means of the call – or IMEI number to be able to sign in with a script on the alleged contact Whatsapp server and send messages or receive, which are actually the correct user-intended to. So far, the vulnerability only on Android smartphones appears to be available, however, it is believed that similar scripts on the Apple iPhone running.


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What is DNA?

The term DNA is an acronym – whose meaning is acronym pronounced as a Word and ending by the use by lexicalizar are – taken from the English Deoxyribonucleid Acid and who has been as a tracing – adoption of a foreign word translation – the Spanish: deoxyribonucleic acid.

Their formants are:

The word acid that it has its origin in the latin acidus, acid, acidum whose meaning is acid, annoying, biting, whereas at the same time of acer, acris, pungent meaning sharp, pavements, penetrating, energetic agrio whose root comes from the Indo-European * ak-1 (acute).

The forming desoxirribo which is a carbohydrate. It is composed of the prefix des – which means deprivation, more oxy – designating oxygen (taken from the Greek neologism) and the radical chemical rib-/ ribo – used to refer to the glucose with 5 carbon atoms. This suffix is an arbitrary distribution of “arabin” name of radical of arabinose.

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MisoSMS Malware Steals Data from the Mobile Phone

MisoSMS Masquerades as Google VX

There, caution is advised: the security company FireEye has discovered a very large and advanced Android botnet, which is hidden away deep in the operating system of the phone. The botnet MisoSMS clever disguises itself as “Google Vx”, sniffed around, and forwards all messages to criminals in Asia. MisoSMS is infected apps on the phone. FireEye according to most virus scanners have not recognized it.

The malware MisoSMS comes with infected apps on the phone and then forwards SMS short messages to criminals. How it works: If the user wants to install the app on his cell phone, she asks for the first time after the administration rights. Once the user has confirmed they malware MisoSMS the error message pops up, that the app does not properly has can be install and is therefore deleted. This is however just a fake: MisoSMS malware is hidden in truth only on the phone from the users. Most other variants of malware send the SMS of the user in the background on the phone. Not so MisoSMS: the malware MisoSMS sent the of of short messages to one of 450 previously known email addresses. In addition to the telephone number and the contents of the SMS informs the thieves over the date and the device ID of the mobile phone MisoSMS and sends this data then collected on the E mail addresses.

FireEye according to the infected with the malware apps via VirusTotal by various anti-virus tools were tested the security company, but MisoSMS was discovered only by the very few antivirus programs. The criminals who are behind the malware MisoSMS, login with the spied out data from China and Korea to the mail accounts. They are so far above all in Korea, but that doesn’t mean that the malware to us moves.

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Cheap LTE Smartphones: HTC one SV and LG Optimus F5

Smartphone with LTE are expensive? By due to: HTC makes it with the HTC one SV and LG sets up a competitive LTE cars with Android with the Optimus F5. The two smartphones are advertised with their LTE capabilities differentiate them even by some high-end smartphones of the past generation, advertised. But what use are the cheap LTE smartphones? You need fast Internet via LTE make significant cuts in other areas and which is the better of the two cheap LTE smartphones?


To the LG Optimus F5: the cheap Smartphone is the newer of the two and was introduced to fresh. With 4.3 ″ (resolution 960 × 520 pixels) diagonal is smaller than most high-end smartphones and the pixel density is considerably smaller (256 DPI), but with his rival HTC one SV on a height, even a still smaller resolution (800 × 480 pixels) the Android Smartphone. Thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 plus dual core processor with 1.2 GHz and 1 gb memory Android runs smoothly, in the version 4.1.2 for complex 3D games are the reserves but limited. Criticism must insert the LG Optimus F5 for the weak troubled 5 Megpixel camera (without LED flash), revealed significant weaknesses in low-light conditions. The 8 gb internal memory can be expanded via Microsd card. Processing and design are nothing special on the LG Optimus F5, the Smartphone with LTE is very solid, but no catcher of à la HTC one.


HTC one SV: from the last HTC generation, but with LTE

the competitor HTC one SV dates back to the generation before the resounding success of the HTC one. Even if the case of the HTC one SV plastic is, it is thanks to Matt sown on the back significantly better and grippier as the LG Optimus F5. The 4.3 ″ display is unfortunately not more timely resolved with 800 × 480 pixels (217 DPI). Processor-technical both do nothing yourself: 1.2 GHz dual-core (Snapdragon S4 plus) are also at the HTC one SV. Also the 5 megapixel camera does not belong to the highlights of the HTC LTE smartphones, has installed but in contrast to the LG Optimus F5, after all, an LED light. In the internal memory, there are also 8 gb card can be expanded via Microsd.

HTC one SV vs. LG Optimus F5: which is the better LTE Smartphone?

A clear winner can not make up for the two low-LTE Smartphones: who wants something better processing and battery life, pick up the HTC one SV. But currently, I would prefer the LG Optimus F5 alone due to the higher display resolution. Don’t forget: if want your high-speed Internet via LTE, that is tariff only with a proper LTE. Here the Telecom and Vodafone are a hot battle for the best LTE network; E-Plus has also the possibility to offer LTE, is present but not with own LTE tariffs. It also worth reading our knowledge article to the next standard LTE-A: what is LTE-A?

Who would like to spend some more, can be viewed alternatively the beginning of August-upcoming Samsung Galaxy ACE 3. The mid-range smartphone from Samsung is a 4 ″ HD display (1280 × 720 pixels) and therefore, at least in terms of display again a class higher. It is also with LTE equipped and one of our recommendations, when it comes to really cheap LTE smartphones. As always applies to both Smartphones: you let us inform you gladly, if they are available in the bridgat shop. To do this simply click on the article page of the Smartphones and there on “ notification when available ”. You receive an email as soon as the Smartphones are available then from us free of charge and without obligation.

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