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Sony Ericsson chastised? Mix Walkman & txt Pro

Sony Ericsson has two new cheap phones presented to appear as of the third quarter to 119,-€: one that is Sony Ericsson mix Walkman, that new markets to conquer with an exceptional Karaoke function. So the Mp3 stored on the device can be played files and at the same time the appropriate text can be displayed. With the function “ suppress vocals ” appropriate vocal tracks are filtered, so that the inclined karaoke fan to the instrumental sound Los can sing – I’m stumped, who needs such a thing and what is was thinking Sony Ericsson. I hope anyway, that “ mobile karaoke ” is not a new trend in public transportation.
The Sony Ericsson Txt Pro is a phone with QWERTY keyboard, with the emphasis here quite clearly on the phone, because a Smartphone is not installed on the device operating system like Android – fast Internet access with UMTS there are no the rest also. Because Smartphone fans at this point are not read on and given the Windows phone fallen strongly in the price, the purchase of a mobile phone with proprietary operating system actually no longer worth 7 smartphones, I break off times at this point and wait for comments.

What do you think of Sony Ericsson mix Walkman and Txt Pro, which should be available soon for 119,-€?

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Apple has secured patents on gesture and multi-touch

In an area that actually every year there’s new winners and losers in which, every year lots of innovations are created and earned so much money as hardly anywhere else, because Apple is the probably the biggest player in the business currently. For many years, has argued the group before us courts for patents on gesture and multi-touch and has spoken to now they get. This could have a massive impact on the Smartphone market, because almost all smartphones – no matter if Android, Windows phone 7, or even WebOS – multitouch and gesture support. Legal experts speculate now, like Apple that will skim off benefits. A similar model is obvious, as it runs Microsoft on Android: they are forcing competitors to patented technologies with a usage license fee to pay.


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Nokia N9 coming end of 2011: better late than never?

, The Nokia N9 is almost a myth, it has let so long wait on themselves. Nokia has now responded and presented to the Smartphone. This, though the end of thanks to the Microsoft cooperation even before the release of the mobile phone operating system is, the operating system as usual remains MeeGo. Who overlooks this small instance of maladministration, and probably also the problems that a lively app market will never come and the Nokia N9 will be a Smartphone without or with only a few apps, can look forward but on some finesse, which conjures up Nokia at the N9. Nokia has be positively inspired by the competition, at the same time has the Nokia N9 but some up to date brand new features that can be be seen.

Design and processing

Outside the Nokia N9 is monolithic and modern as it should be for a current Smartphone. It is equally striking: on the front no button is to find what the “ cast a ” design is quite beneficial. Operation via the 3.9 ″ large touch screen, which by the way is equipped with shock – and scratch-resistant Gorilla glass, to make the obligatory button superfluous. Such plans were placed under rumored also Apple – dare Nokia this step in this case and thus may raise the touch screen operation to a new level.

In contrast to its predecessor, the Nokia N9 is übringens not made of aluminium and polycarbonate. This is a scratch-resistant, robust plastic that should provide excellent reception performance of the Nokia N9, because the opacity is probably much better than with aluminum. Here Nokia ensures the design impression stuck, because the Nokia N9 is – at least as regards the housing – machined from a block. Color it will be a very typical for Nokia “ mix ” type: the Nokia N9 will be available in magenta, cyan and black.

Technology: end of 2011 competitive?

You at least on the technical data, notes that Nokia has long back and forth planned is in a real crisis in the field of smartphones. While the competition with dual-core processors (up-to-date: Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC sensation, LG Optimus speed) indicates the clock remains Nokia at the N9 at a single-core processor from the House of Texas instruments. The OMAP 3630 also already in the low-budget Smartphone Motorola defy, but should be clocked in contrast to the rugged smartphone at the Nokia N9 a gigahertz. To assist should the processor memory with one gigabyte of and a powerful graphics chip (PowerVRSGX530).

Is Samsung already at Super-AMOLED plus display, Nokia tried with an AMOLED screen. After all, but has a diagonal of 3.9 ″ and a respectable resolution of 854 × 480 pixels. In addition to the radio equipment with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, A-GPS and HSPA Nokia equips interface to pay via short-range radio the N9 even with the NFC so far less known. As storage to 16 gb and 64 gb come on the market.

On the question of whether Nokia with this Smartphone is still competitive, you can say: Yes, because at the hardware level is the competition while next, but unexpectedly good should be the operating system and the hardware operation liquid, plays a relatively minor role. The question is only whether MeeGo is really that good, because why Nokia should get off then right back on Windows phone 7? We must be curious. So far, some a few videos on the net that have surfaced but really don’t look bad. So the Panel without button succeeds amazingly good and the OS runs quite smoothly, especially the browser speed convinced.

Conclusion: A good Smartphone, but at least a year too late

The Nokia N9 is actually not a piece of hardware that does not already end of 2010 would have been feasible and also the operation without “ Home button ” would probably easily have been possible. What good is already a very good design, if the technology is outdated and the software on the device already written off before it came on the market at all? Ultimately the Nokia N9 is sure a successful smartphone, even if it eventually end 2011 will remain a nerd among the Smartphones after the release.


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iPhone 4 HDR photos: iOS 4.1 function test

For a while Apple iPhone 4 users in the camera menu find the selection point “ HDR ” on the upper edge of the screen. But what really brings this new feature? First of all to the term: HDR comes from digital photography, meaning “ high dynamic range ”, so much as a high dynamic range. In plain language, this brings: each of the effect should be familiar. You want to take a photo and photographed as a sunset. What happens? The sun itself is sharp and bright enough, the rest of the image quickly turns into an ugly pixels porridge without details. Such situations are not just in poor light conditions, but also, if some area are too light, so these are detail-poor as a result. This circumstance is avoided by HDR images, because images that both dark areas and light areas in detail and are sharp due to the composition of several (at least two) images with different exposure settings. Often the pictures thus get a surreal look and feel, which is sometimes even quite desirable for photographers who work with HDR,.

HDR photos on iPhone 4

If you have already wondered that when incoming explaining the Apple iPhone 4 not two times knippst, then your observation is quite right: the iPhone 4 namely shoots even no HDR photos with the standard application, but masquerading as only such effect the user by post-processing filters are used. This has the advantage that it goes pretty fast for an HDR and blurring effects rarely occur though, but also has the disadvantage, that HDR photography for iPhone 4 only in good light conditions works really well. Otherwise, the noise is quickly quite strong and the pictures look useless. In landscape photography during daylight hours, but quite good results from the function and improved details that otherwise are lost. As an example, I have chosen an intermediate example times, to test the HDR function. The first picture is the “ normal ” image of the Apple iPhone 4 camera, the second image of the HDR image. You can see quite clearly that the dark Tragekurt is complexer pictured, as for the first shot and is better to read the writing on the lens. The colors are incorrect but already quite strong – this is further compounded by the HDR function.


Real HDR photos on iPhone 4?

Of course you can operate with the Apple iPhone 4 real HDR photography – differs from the work of a photographer of course is still quite strong, but, after all, can work with two images, in so far as it has a dormant motif (with moving objects which is iPhone 4 with the not to make). Then it works but really good with the HDR photography and one really gets the impression of a true HDR image that is very sharp in all exposure areas. Deliver the app does this function “ Pro HDR ”, the €1.59 in the Appstore will cost, but provides a lot of features. This app can take HDR photos (hold still please!) and then immediately edit. Depending on the style, realistic or even artistic surreal photos can be made, look that can be. As an example, I have once again chosen the familiar subject and made a photo. You can see: the colors are better than with the internal functions and details in all areas even significantly higher. Even better results can be achieved but surely with other motives, this shall be here is a simple example of what it can look like.


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Google nexus 4 G: LTE-high end Smartphone in the autumn?

There are

of course once again rumors, but the rumors by Boy Genius report were often right in the past. In the autumn (November), the new Google nexus Smartphone to come. In the past, it was known to be equipped with the latest updates and the latest Android version shipped so far, at least for this – right, this can of course not be Google Android makers. Hardware it was oriented so far in the high-end segment, this one sees but, if the rumors are true it, like Google would want to make completely dwarfed the competition. That the Apple to come iPhone 5 or 4 seconds in the autumn, is probably no coincidence. Now but to speculative hardware of Android Superphones: it should support the new LTE standard, a very fast 1.2 – 1.5 GHz dual-core processor have (Snapdragon or OMAP) and a gigabyte of memory. Biggest highlight is probably the “ giant display ” with a 720 p resolution, this would correspond to 1280 × 720 pixel resolution and surpass even the most Netbooks and iPhone 4. There should be buttons the rest no longer. Also Android 4.0 on the Smartphone should be installed.

Boy genius is report is however but not sure of of the the Smartphone will be manufactured or whether it is only a reference model for Android 4.0. Currently the Android Smartphone with the most computing power looking for, should be sure the Samsung Galaxy S2 look at.


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Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 3 G S – still worth buying?

Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 3 G S, you may think that this already “ in the year ” come. We want to ask the question in this article: still worth buying? Comparing the technique with current Android smartphones, so you should have quickly concluded: it is not worth. Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC sensation or even LG Optimus speed have dual-core processors, lots of memory, and larger displays. In contrast, the iPhone 3 G S only with 600 MHz can score, the iPhone 4 has a single-core processor at least one gigahertz.

Technically Please back do?

If we us the hardware of the two smartphones Apple iPhone 3 G S and iPhone 4 look, arise actually hardly any arguments for the two smartphones. Android smartphones, outflank both in terms of hardware like the already above mentioned, actually in any concern. In really everyone? No, because traditionally the touchscreens are outstanding just when Apple, what is often overlooked as a positive aspect. This is true both for the Apple iPhone 4 as also for the iPhone 3 G S. And although the two smartphones in the megapixel cameras can keep number not with the current competition often 8 Megapixels, they provide useful photos. Above all, the iPhone 4 provides detailed recording in reasonably good light conditions and even has an LED flash.
The quality of housing is also positive to highlight. Both the Apple iPhone 3 G S and iPhone 4 are very well-finished and offer long-lasting quality. Apple iPhone 4 was installed front and rear Gorilla glass, which more resistant turns out as clearly as the Apple iPhone 3 G S. There, the back plastic and law is vulnerable above all for fine scratches. Sake of fairness but have to say that the iPhone is not a voluptuous by its angular forms, like the Apple iPhone 3 G S – thanks to the round back, this Smartphone is overall better in hand.
The display is a feature that iPhone 4 can chalk up the Apple,: with a resolution 960 × 640 pixels (326 DPI) puts it in the field of standards. It is also outstanding, as IPS display what’s the angle dependency. Even from the weirdest corners display offers even a very good readability. In terms of color fidelity and displaying font offers Apple iPhone 4 for these reasons currently sheer quality also months unmatched even after the release of the phone.

Operation, Apple is certainly the most liquid system on the market. In the quality of control, what’s the pure liquid display and optical quality, Apple remains unattainable with the iOS operating system. Android is also still liquid and offers opportunities for personalization, runs but still somewhat faltering as the Apple competitor at the moment – it help any dual-core processors. Surfing, telephony and the possibility to take advantage of the most current best Appstore, are unmatched at Apple, even though Android is catching up in this area.
However, even the fast hardware is no advantage in this point, because Android can not particularly good use so far of resources. So there is on the iPhone 3 G S and iPhone 4 very visually complex and currently hardly any Android games, such as E.g. infinity blade. That is, although the hardware of the iPhone 4 on the paper seems to be unable to compete, it is optimally utilised operating system and the flood of new apps. Even the “ slow ” Apple iPhone 3 G S can be quite complicated title. In combination with the good touch screen mobile phone makes a very good figure, as a mobile game console.

Waiting for the iPhone or iPhone 5?

Currently, the argument comes up again and again, you should wait for the new iPhone, instead of getting now that “ old ” to get iPhone 4. However, can the arguments be held probably opposed the preceded. The iPhone 4 is still very good performance, the best display on the market and is also the new operating system iOS 5 support – by the way even the Apple to get iPhone 3 G S this update still, which speaks for the very long Apple support. It is expected the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 in the fall. Until then, there is still plenty of time and what is currently speculation is that the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 (I think 4S by the way, more likely) to the motto “ never change a running system ” just an update on the pages of the hardware will be. I.e. in concreto, it is very likely that only the hardware is experiencing an update and the design remains the same. Given the current state of iOS it takes processor but no dual-core for an extremely fast operation, so not worth the wait in 95% of cases. Only those who need the maximum and want to have absolutely the latest – the corresponding prize will be – which should wait. All others may calmly hit.

Apple iPhone 4 or iPhone 3 G S still buy …

Also if for publication, it was said that iPhone 3 G S must man not necessarily an iPhone 4 Replace with, would I now advise. Although hardly differences arise in the operating – apps and features open very quickly on both devices – however the display Apple has become above all iPhone 4 much better. Also who would often use the 5 megapixel camera (as opposed to the iPhone 3 G S with 3 megapixels), will have iPhone 4 with Apple more fun. The quality is significantly improved. Otherwise speak actually not many arguments for the iPhone 4. The design is a matter of taste: clearly it looks modern and chic, but feel this not more as nice as Apple iPhone 3 G S. Still, Who is today still the Apple iPhone 3 G S buys, makes little perverts. The software support for the future (iOS 5 in autumn) is secured and “ of the old iron ” the mobile phone is not yet long.

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Apple iOS 5 – the new OS in 5 min

Have you just 5 minutes left and interested for the new Apple operating system iOS 5? No problem, because Apple makes us pretty easily, you the features present in autumn with iOS 5 will appear. Namely, in the following video, you see the new features of the operating system in a nutshell. Although Apple claims in the video, the changes are so far the most changes in iOS, I would not agree with but that. The jump on iOS 4 was a stronger cut safely alone with the multitasking, however I Apple agree in the statement that they have to put in many places and have built a meaningful changes – keyword at the iPhone: notification Center, iPad: new keyboard view and tabbed browsing. See more about this in the following video.



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NONAME Chinatablets conquer the market

The growth of NONAME tablets is gigantic. According to a study (source: DisplaySearch) the cheap tablets worldwide take a market share of about 20%, while Apple has a market share of about 53% with the iPad and iPad 2. The NoName has thereby laid to goods compared to the previous year when the sales figures by 235%. We can at this point only Chinatablets alert: even 100,-€ for a such tablet is too much, because the devices often have a very low standard of quality (especially in the field of processing and display quality), obsolete operating systems and can be operated very badly. Cheap German equipment, such as the Smartbook surfer 360MN10U offer as significantly more, even if not yet reached the operating quality of iPad, Motorola Xoom or even Acer Iconia A500.


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LG Optimus NET comes on the market

Expands LG Optimus range to another Smartphone. The new device from LG comes out of the middle price range and is called Optimus NET. It features 2.0 2.3 gingerbread and Optimus’s own user interface with the latest Android version UI. Resolves the 3.2-inch display with 320 x 480 pixels. The integrated 3-megapixel camera with auto focus ensures good photos in between. Videos can also be recorded. The processor is an 800 MHz ARM11.

The battery is 1500 mAh strong and should guarantee according to LG talk times of up to four hours. The internal memory can be expanded using microSD cards up to 32 GB. One 2 GB large memory card directly enclosed. The memory is 512 megabytes in size.
GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, all four GSM networks and HSDPA is supported. Bluetooth 3.0 available is for the transmission of data. In addition, DLNA has the Optimus NET to transmit media content and is an A-GPS receiver.
Entertainment with music on the road there is an FM radio and a 3, 5mm jack to the user plugs for conventional headphones.

What is special about the new LG Smartphone is the direct access to social media like Facebook, Twitter & co. on the homescreen. The widget is called social + and makes communication faster and easier with your friends.
In Germany, the Optimus NET over the course of August for about 199 euros on the market to come. Under you can pre-order the new smartphone was a time.

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Cheaper brother of the Galaxy S2: the Galaxy R comes to Europe

, The Galaxy R is the cheaper option of the Galaxy S2. In Sweden already known under the name of Galaxy Z., now will be given throughout Europe the “new” Smartphone to face. Supposedly, the first devices available already since the end of July. To what exact price is yet unknown.

The 4.2-inch super clear LCD display has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels (see Galaxy S2: AMOLED display). Is the Smartphone of one 1 GHz choppered powered dual core processor. As on the Galaxy S2, the version of Android 2.3 gingerbread is installed on the Galaxy R.
The 5 mega pixel camera (see Galaxy S2: 8 megapixel) takes videos with 1280 x 720 pixels. The mobile Internet is possible with a transfer rate of up to 21 Mbps HSPA +. Wireless achieves a speed of up to 300 Mbit / s. Data can be exchanged with the latest Bluetooth version 3.0.  The battery should be at strong 1,650 the Galaxy S2 as mAh. Nothing changes in the size of 125 x 66 x 9 mm, but the Galaxy is a little heavier R 131 g.

The Galaxy R is a scaled-down version of the Galaxy S2 and should be affordable even with a smaller purse. Samsung expects of its Smartphone to enlarge offer in all price ranges and in particular his success hits, to expand the Galaxy S (2).

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