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What is “ the cloud ” or “ cloud computing ”?

The cloud – a term that we have seen in advertisements for Windows phone 7 last but not least, because there it says “ welcome to the cloud ”. But what is actually the cloud or cloud computing related? First of all, cloud is called simplerweise “ cloud ” – a translation for cloud computing we then falls hard, leave it so, that computing has anything to do with computers, computing, or also the use of virtual services and the like. This term describes an unstoppable trend anyway, well, certain virtual offerings rather than locally run on the user’s computer, but to provide a computing infrastructure as a provider and to expose applications via the Internet. Etymologically analyses could be the term “ cloud ” interpret as follows: the cloud form the totality of services offered externally to users. The term cloud fits in many ways, because the services are far away from the user and opaque. That’s why cloud services are, as they are offered by Microsoft, Google, or Facebook also often from the perspective of data protection in the criticism. Nevertheless, the relocation of services in the cloud is not to stop, because the concentration of computing power (services are users less computationally expensive) and the permanent availability of data from on the way (thanks to mobile data flat rate) are quite beneficial.


Particularly efficiently in the cloud

beautifully Microsoft succeeded, by the way networking cloud and local devices with the Windows phone 7 operating system. So, the Facebook profile with the local entry in the phone book of the Smartphone can be networked. Also the different hubs can be linked to online services so that they automatically update itself. Also the price is especially exciting to Windows phone 7 smartphones currently first and foremost: there are powerful smartphones with gigahertz processor for under 250,-€. It is worth to look at it in the appropriate category in the bridgat shop.


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Samsung wave 3: autumn with Galaxy S2 hardware?

bridgat want to share brand new insider knowledge with you: today, we have heard from Samsung, that this autumn the new Samsung wave 3 will appear which is to compare technically with the highend Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S2. Continue to us announced that the new Samsung wave with the proprietary operating system Bada once again to differentiate themselves through excellent handling from the competition.


Again a new wave?

After the original wave S8500 could belong to the most popular smartphones of 2010, Samsung brought earlier this year the successor model called wave 2 S8530 in the market. It seems first perhaps a little surprising that only half a year later the wave 3 to come.
However, this decision could be related to some criticisms, which have since become loud on the Samsung wave 2. Many of these critical voices still were disappointed that Samsung only a so-called Super clear LCD (for slightly larger) used super AMOLED touchscreens for cost reasons in his wave 2 instead of one, so they can enjoy from autumn through a Smartphone, which will be comparable according to Samsung in technical terms with the Galaxy S2. This time there is so not just name update and same fare as in its predecessor, but a revolution speed.

Technology of Samsung Galaxy S2

Because the Galaxy S2 as a high-end Smartphone does have a super-AMOLED plus display, so the chances are that the Samsung wave 3 in addition to other technical highlights is characterized also with such a. Continue to processor may be assumed by a fast dual-core and faster graphics unit – at the Samsung wave S8500 and wave a gigahertz faster was already installed 2 S8530 processor and a graphics chip, the play could keep up with high-end smartphones and it even surpassed. Wi-Fi, HSDPA, A-GPS and Bluetooth will be of course again with on board.

Design and processing

Optical, the Samsung wave 3 with a very attractive design to can convince and be the hitherto high-quality product from Samsung – we may once again on a case with metal and a touch screen from Gorilla glass hope. How has the Samsung wave S8500 and Samsung wave 2 S8530 the Samsung wave 3 in addition the Bada operating system use. Due to the exclusive distribution on Samsung phones are of course still no comparable Appstore is like Android or Apple smartphones available, however not too high demands on applications who is well served, because the Samsung wave aimed first and foremost at modern, cost-conscious users who want a phone with touch screen operation series but not necessarily want an expensive Smartphone. This is exactly what does Bada also and therefore also the Samsung wave S8500 is worth, even today a recommendation since it is relatively cheap to purchase shop in the bridgat.

As the Samsung wave 3 specifically looks and is equipped will be seen probably just before the release date. The mobile fall can be expected with excitement and anticipation so.

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Tablet handling in comparison: Motorola Xoom vs Apple iPad

The degree of quick and practical handling, including a high-quality implementation of Web content should be

crucial to the popularity of each Web tablets. So far unbeaten in this area that was always Apple iPad, but the Motorola Xoom could compete for his place in the Tablet-iPad.




Display adaptations by Android 3.0

the most powerful weapon of the Motorola Xoom is its new operating system, Android 3.0 called honeycomb, which is characterised by an optimum adaptation to large displays. Aspect ratio 16:9 videos and photos appear also faithful to reality as in the aspect ratio of the iPad is 4:3, because the natural viewing distance of the human eye is more of 16:9.

Natural and customized operation with smaller differences

With regard to ease of use both tablets can be recommended. While the Motorola Xoom on mechanical knobs has been abandoned, the Apple iPad is with only a button.

A return to one of the five home screens, a general “ back ” function, as well as an access to the last applications are left on which to reach 10 inch touch screen of the Motorola Xoom. Thus, the positions of the buttons despite adjustment at each turn of the tablets remain equal always. Furthermore, let them also selectively hide, guaranteeing undisturbed reading of an e-book, for example,.

Adapts even of the 10-inch touch screen of the iPad to the location of the tablets, but with regard to the display resolution, the annual development process between appearance of the iPad and the Motorola Xoom is something to feel. While the Android Tablet has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, get the iPad users with 1024 x 768.

Content modern presentation of the Xoom against retro elegance of the iPad

Is a difference between the two tablets in the design. Entertaining animations accompany the users of the Android 3.0 Tablet Motorola Xoom when switching between the home screens with significantly more attention to detail and the YouTube app impresses with a video wall, can be viewed on the clips in 3D.

Who also places emphasis on individual design, is a fan of the Motorola Xoom due to the live widgets even more likely. Because these can be freely added including live preview thanks to honeycomb, while the customization features in iOS a lot are restricted. Ultimately it is a matter of taste but if the playful honeycomb or the simply elegant iOS preference is granted.

Differ In terms of external appearance the Motorola Xoom and the Apple iPad hardly, with the iPad not only in black, but also available in white. Also the dimensions of the two tablets are similar with an identical weight.


The advanced Motorola Xoom has to offer some advantages over the iPad due to its new operating system honeycomb. But also the more powerful dual-core processor, better connection options such as, for example, an HDMI port, two integrated cameras with image and video recording function and the display with higher resolution are features that the iPad is missing. As a result, the modern Motorola Xoom is significantly more attractive.

Who was not in the reliable and high quality of Apple wants to give and is ready for a tablet a bit more to spend, could also for the latest release from Apple, that leaner and more powerful Apple iPad 2, deciding.

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Samsung breaks records: three million pre-orders for the Galaxy S2

The new high-end Smartphone Galaxy S2 Samsung was supremely well not only at the first launch in Korea, but is expected to hot blooded all over the world. The first sales figures from Korea confirm the hype surrounding the Android Smartphone Galaxy S2, the are in according to Samsung three million pre-orders worldwide is reflected. Already over 10 000 devices were sold within the first half hour after launch. The balance after five days: Samsung Galaxy S2 sold 200 000. These figures beat even the launch of the Apple iPhone.


Delivery in Germany delayed

also in Germany is the Samsung Galaxy S2 as well suppose that the pre-orders all sight. The original date for extradition was dated to the end of April, but for unknown reasons, the delivery is late in this country by a few weeks. Probably not expected from Samsung, the huge rush swept the camp only once empty.

The Galaxy S2 as an opponent of the iPhone 5

What is the predecessor of the Galaxy S2, which not yet reached so far best selling Android-Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S, despite great popularity and sold approximately 10 million copies, more than likely for his successor: the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a tough competitor for the iPhone 5. Not only the equipment, but also the optical finishing line with expectations, which may be placed on a modern high-end Smartphone. For more information on the technical data can be found here in the blog bridgat.


Who is S2 candidates would like to count with a pre-order to three million the Galaxy, can acquire the high-flyer Smartphone in the bridgat shop at a comparatively low purchase price.

Prevalent are perhaps inspired by the practical test of the Galaxy S2 by CHIP online:




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Smartbook surfer 360 MN10U Android tablet in the test

Android tablets there are already some, but know already the surfer 360 MN10U of the not yet famous company Smartbook? The cheap tablet is very similar in principle regarding the hardware equipment the Motorola Xoom. The Tegra 2 chipset from NVIDIA provides with a dual-core processor (Tegra 250) and high-performance graphics the corresponding computing power, supplemented by 512 mb of memory. However, the tablet can also visually, haptic and attendant technical with the big players in the industry like Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy tab or Apple iPad keep up 2? We find out in an exclusive test.

Look, design and workmanship

The Smartbook surfer 360 MN10U reminiscent at first glance from above the iPad or iPad 2 or other devices on the market. There is no optical features actually. The black frame shine as well as the 10.1 ″ large touch screen. The material is consistently the manufacturer and relies on plastic, this concerns also the grey silver frame of the Smartbook surfer 360 MN10U. As other tablets at the surface of the Smartbook is 360 MN10U surfer quite sensitive for fingerprints, what concerns both the display and the shiny back here. The visually quite a good impression is unfortunately marred once one accepts the device in hand: the Tablet creaks a little and makes the best impression total of the feel here. The Apple iPad 2 plays here in terms of quality safe in another League – priced but also that you should keep in mind.

Connectivity and wireless standards

Connectivity, sets the device while not standards, but it also boasts an extensive facilities. The connections include 1 x mini USB, 1 x HDMI (not real HDMI!), a headphone jack and the obligatory slots for a micro SD card and the SIM card. Wi-Fi is in the standards b and g, the new WLAN N standard is not integrated. However, that makes only little for a Tablet, many not even be home safely a Wi-Fi N Router have and also downloads are not among the standard tasks of a tablet. The reception with the Smartbook surfer 360 MN10U was also in borderline situations in order and is similar to a household notebook. A SIM can be used in the free card and via UMTS can then also be surfed. Bluetooth 2.1 is also on board.

Technology – 10.1 ″ screen, Tegra 2

The Tegra 2 platform and 512 mb of RAM are a combination that promises at least theoretically high performance. This hardware is the Smartbook surfer 360 MN10U technically very well equipped and can keep up with current Android tablets. But was saved in the internal memory, which is unfortunately only as large as the memory to 512 mb. Be supplemented he can but per micro-SD card. Another point of criticism is the display: it is very dependent on the viewing angle and the unit is so in clear contrast to Apple’s you put outstanding IPS Panel in the iPad or iPad 2 for example, flat on the table, reading the display is already hardly possible from a comfortable sitting posture. Also does the display slightly slow, what’s the reaction time. There are horizontal lines on Web sites (often under headings) they bend when scrolling markedly – a ugly effect. With a resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels which is 10.1 ″ display resolved but just right, well to represent larger sites. No matter of course is that when this cheap Tablet Multitouch support.

Software: Android 2.2

One of the biggest criticisms of the Smartbook surfer 360 MN10U is sure the Android 2.2 operating system. Because this operating system is unfortunately not originally designed for tablets, i.e. the control will work in the rough, but here and there quite clearly is creaking. The keyboard is actually sufficiently large, the keys to meet, but the touch screen is partly inaccurate, so that inputs must be completely repeated or often corrected. Some tweaks, such as that the often underscore emerging addresses in E-Mail (“ _ ”) only becomes visible after three clicks by fonts, interfere in the long term.
Who can come to terms with this error, will receive at least the prospect of a good operating system, because Android 3.0 is currently only available to the big vendors like Motorola with the Xoom. However Smartbook Android 3.0 for the Smartbook will deliver to surfer 360 MN10U, what would increase the operating convenience with security to a new level. Because the community around the Smartbook 360 MN10U is so far not particularly great surfer, not resourceful hobbyist will probably offer software updates for the device. This would be otherwise also a way to bring the Tablet up to date. The status quo demands sometimes but that you can deal with some restrictions, such as that there is only a limited access to the Android market, not all applications can be installed. In addition, are so far – but is a general problem of Android tablets – optimized very few apps for tablets.

Everyday usage of the Smartbook surfer 360 MN10U and my conclusion

For a weekend, I had the Smartbook surfer 360 MN10U available. In everyday use the tablet was reasonably, which never really was fun. The problem: Tablets are so far pure fun machines and have not replaced yet long the PC. It is mainly the user interface and the hakelige input via touch screen. The performance has not really convinced despite Tegra 2 chipset: the browser runs well, jerky but with large pages partly strong, what I would have guessed at a powerful dual-core processor does not. Liked me, that applications on the tablet running Flash what the Apple iPad 2 is not possible. However one must say restricting that Flash in most cases is not necessarily required, and today has a dwindling importance. Well has fallen with the usage with YouTube. Videos can look at liquid on the Tablet and on the display that makes even mood. If you want to look for two on the display, it is however lost due to the very strong angle dependence. Overall, I can say that the Smartbook surfer 360 MN10U a cheap tablet with high-quality hardware is, who can exploit their full potential however with Android 2.2. If perhaps the Android 3.0 update, it will be interesting, as the Tablet then suggests.

Anyone looking for a fun tablet which is styled through and around from front to rear to perfection, is probably not on the Apple iPad

2 or the previous model Apple iPad come over. Also the Android competition with Android 3.0 will run smoother and be better to use (E.g., Motorola Xoom, HP touchpad). If it may however be a cheap tablet with restrictions that gets even a update on Android 3.0, which is well served 360 MN10U with the Smartbook surfer and finds it of course with us in our bridgat shop.

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Amtsgericht Göttingen falls judgment against professional mobile-cracker

Last week a man 35 years before the District Court of Göttingen had to make its judgment by seven months imprisonment on probation. About Internet advertising, he had offered to waive the provider blocking of SIM cards to create such a nice side income. This the accused in ten cases also admitted while he was in 40 more cases suspected.


The process in the District Court of Göttingen can be called precedent, because previously ambiguity about it has long been regarded, like cracking of SIM locks must be legally evaluated.

The defence argued in this context that a SIM-lock no copyrighted software and the accused therefore speak freely. The Court however came from something else. In the judgment, it was said that mobile customers along at the same time had the disposition of the software with the possession of a phone. They are therefore not entitled to a manipulation of the software.

The Göttinger magistrate was cracking mobile phones therefore for an offence, which concluded the sentence to probation plus 40 hours of community service. But whether the professional mobile-cracker will accept this decision or goes into revision, in order to obtain a legal assessment of the Oberlandesgericht, remains to be seen.

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HTC Flyer: iPad alternative with 7 ″ display

The HTC looks a little flyer like an oversized Smartphone, in fact it looks even almost exactly, like the HTC desire HD – only just larger with 7 ″ display instead of the “ only ” 4.3 ″ large displays. Positive notice equal to the processing that shines with an excellent feel, thanks to aluminum back. Slightly heavier than the competition is the HTC flyer that’s why of course, but that makes little in the small tablet, because with 420 g, it is still lighter than the iPad compete with 10 ″ display (680 g). It is to get processor a 1.5 GHz single core, 1 gb memory and 32 gb internal memory. The 7 ″ display with a resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels know please good contrasts and bright colours. For photos and videos is on the back camera 5 mega pixel, on the front camera is for video telephony a 1.3 megapixel. Android 3.0 is not flyer currently still on the HTC, which makes little but, because HTC has (update coming soon on Android 2.3) greatly optimized the interface of Android 2.2 and adapted. As the unit test fails, you can see in the following test video.



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Foxconn suicides: Mega enterprises in the critique

Know you Foxconn? When you sit at a PC, Smartphone or Tablet PC, Foxconn contributed to the production of the respective certainly. Giant that not only Apple, but also Nokia, Sony, Dell serves companies … the list is long and can be seen in parts E.g. at Wikipedia. Well-known products from Foxconn are motherboards from Intel, which XBox 360 by Microsoft or even the Apple iPad or iPhone 4. With a labour force of 920,000, is one of the biggest employers worldwide Foxconn and is repeatedly criticized for its working conditions. Now, Foxconn is once again in the criticism: there was supposedly so far 18 suicides – blame the strict company policy and the sometimes violent working conditions is meant to be after speculation of the media. But: Even if 18 suicides absolutely much sound, purely statistically even quite a bit against the criticism speaks.


Clear evidence?

Foxconn stands as one of the biggest employers worldwide of course under close supervision. According to various media reports should wages be below average and the working conditions be even illegal, regarding overtime and treatment of workers in the company. In the year 2011 Foxconn was nominated eye due to these allegations for the public, which is a symbol of irresponsible and profit-oriented corporate attitude.

Stats: 18 suicides believed in 2011

To the numbers (all details are approximates!): in Germany, the suicide rate is about 0.012%, i.e. at approximately 82 million inhabitants, there are approx. 10000 suicides a year. In Taiwan the suicide rate is, however, about 0.017%, roughly 0.005% higher (where the acquisition of suicides probably tend to be inaccurate is as in Germany). The suicide rate is the company Foxconn only 0.002% (adopted 18 suicides a year, in the press reporting assumes even by 1.5 years) and considerably lower than in Taiwan itself. The conclusion that the suicides at Foxconn have can not track rooted in the policy so statistically – the criticism of the company is, of course, but we see it: it makes sense to worry about the media debate.

What do you say? Like to leave a comment on the subject under this article.


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Study: iPad users read more, but oberflächlicher as a newspaper reader

, A recent study of Miratech’s French website market researcher revealed that iPad readers in hindsight only inaccurate can play article, while the classical newspaper reader capability is very high. The company specialized in Blickrichtungs-tracking came by comparing how the medium Apple each affects iPad or printed newspaper on the reading behavior of the recipient, to the conclusion that seduce iPad rather superficial skim articles. Newspaper article would read, however, more intense. The amazing thing: The read time for an and the same article differed little.

Volunteers looked through iPad or newspaper limited differently to the same article

Study an article to read on the iPad was presented to the subjects and on the other hand the same reading a newspaper. Half got iPad newspaper, the other first first. Reading were then recorded the views of subjects oriented on the iPad or the newspaper and the time required. Readers represent a representative group by the way as iPad experienced because they already ruled read functions thereby as zooming the text and so the concentration on the text content was not affected.

Higher concentration of newspaper readers greater recording content

Still only 70 percent of iPad users could remember after the two rounds of reading on the contents of the article, while the newspaper reader on 90 percent came. By examining the perspectives, it turned out that texts in a newspaper be read more word for Word as to skim them just like in the iPad. That speaks to a higher concentration of the medium newspaper.

Now suggests the idea that advertising and other application in addition to the actual article on the iPad by the brighter display are more concise and more distracting to the reader. But that refuted the study of Miratech: newspaper readers looked even a little bit more on the aforementioned SideShow.

No time saver for iPad readers, but impulse to want to read more

As regards the time, until the subjects had read the article to the end of, no remarkable differences between iPad and newspaper (1:11 minutes newspaper, iPad 1:13 minutes). This result already surprising, because eventually should lead Yes a cross reading the text to a significantly lower reading time.

That this is not so here, is not iPad in itself, but rather general in today’s changing reading behavior as a result of increased Internet use but certainly the. Parallel to surf from the habit through several pages, to distract from the left and in the surf flow record prefer short content derived, the iPad reader wants to tend to quickly fly over articles and include only the most important. Also, the study found that iPad users read on average twice as many articles in a journal issue as consumers of the printed version. Content on iPads seem to be so attractive.

The missing could be plus speed despite superficial reading of the higher effort for the human eye by the Flash display. Also the transition from print to Internet newspaper has started a few years ago, so that the read speed is probably just a matter of getting used to.


Eventually iPads overflying reading behavior reflects only the fast-moving spirit of the time, which enticed us as possible to want to take on so much with minimum time spent by the world (this also worth reading our article “ the pressure of generation Web 2.0 “). Whether this need for speed but also has the desired effect or rather comes at the expense of the human potential, can be decided individually at the moment only.

, Miratechs study indicates at least that, reading a newspaper in print format is more conducive to the concentration as the reading on the iPad. Yet tablets are more diverse, generally by the width of the mobile Internet so that faster and more often between changed for an even interesting or less interesting articles can be. Finally more articles can be kept also the study results suggest that overall content, however less detailed, if this is a tablet in the hand. By the way, the results of our assessment should be 10.1 transferable to top all other tablets like the Motorola Xoom and Galaxy tab.

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Android, iOS 4, Windows phone 7, Symbian ^ 3: browser speed comparison

Every Smartphone owner has certainly ever after the acquisition of his favorite, wondered how fast his phone in comparison to its competitors is really. Features such as the speed of the company’s own browser and the duration up to the full launch of the system can be determined not on the basis of data sheets, but require a practice test for the determination. The following video provides a such by’s a praktischenVergleich between the operating systems Android 2.3 (Sony Ericsson Xperia ARC), iOS 4 (iPhone 4), Windows phone 7 (Samsung Omnia 7) and Symbian ^ 3 (Nokia N8).


Video compares the speed of the browser, the bootups and the display adjustment during change of position

first, the speed of the various native browser is tested. Therefore, in particular the construction of the home, the loading speed for one and the same website on different operating systems, as well as the fluid of the zoom and the scrolling play a role. Then test the response time of the display adjustment for changes in the situation of the respective Smartphones (from 5:40 minutes). Finally, each operating system with regard to its bootup speed, so the time to complete startup, are compared (as of 7:05 minutes).

Playing field for the different operating systems

Both the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc and the iPhone 4 and the Samsung Omnia 7 and the Nokia N8 were content placed before the test on the same level, so that any open applications or similar inhibit the browser speed. Android 2.3, iOS 4, Windows phone 7 and Symbian ^ 3 so go under fair conditions in the instructive practice test. While iOS 4 on iPhone 4 page build to nose ahead seems the zoom function when browsing responds at first glance with Windows phone 7 on the Samsung Omnia 7 best.


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