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In Test: Osram LED Star Classic and Philipps A60

In contrast to the classic incandescent bulb, LED bulbs are high-tech products with numerous features. Each LED illuminant makes a different light due to its specific characteristics. Therefore, it is worthwhile to look more closely. In a comparative test we therefore consider two bulbs from renowned manufacturers-from OSRAM the LED Star Classic A60 and from Philips the A60.  Continue reading

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iPad 2 introduced: flatter, faster, & white!

Tonight has Steve Jobs of the Apple iPad 2 is presented. (10 million iPads have been sold) it went to a rather sprawling as usual idea of the success of its predecessor then right at the presentation of the new tablets. Technical performance quite a bit to do yourself, because the fleet already Apple iPad should clearly be trumped by his successor. In the iPad 2 built-up A5 dual-core processor should have the double processing power and graphics performance to outdo its predecessor by a factor of 9. Thus should the iPad is 2 with only 8, 8mm much thinner than the Apple iPad (13. 4 mm) and even thinner than the iPhone 4 (9, 3 mm). As expected are also two cameras integrated, so also FaceTime with the iPad 2 is possible. Come want iPad 2 with the small, but in my opinion crucial improvements on March 11 in the United States and on March 25 in Germany. Furthermore, in the coveted color white!


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OPPO 3 Find Is Presented as Competition for Meizu and Xiaomi in China

China increasingly surprised most with terminals of great power that are released in the country, away from the bad reputation that often provide the country of defective products or of low quality, copied around the world and that doesn’t serve much. Terminals such as Meizu MX and Xiaomi Mi-One show that the country can offer quality innovation, but aren’t the only ones going online innovation.

We are talking of the OPPO 3 Find, a new phone posed to give war, even to the terminals of mark despite being a company which we have just heard about. They have decided to break to the grando with one of the juiciest temrinales that we can find, and us for less with their power of 1.5 GHz dual-core, accompanied with a four inch screen that promises to give much play. Continue reading

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Triumph of the Shoulder Bag

In my small bag customer undergoing her just like in real life: is the laggard. My last bag story is about the shoulder bag, a spacious large pocket so that also can easily carry on the shoulder or cross-over by a long strap can be and thus keeps us free hands. Continue reading

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Beachwear 2016: the Trend Designs of the Year

No clothing exudes more summer vibes than the beach dress!

The airy essential, typically worn over the bikini or divider, is an absolutely indispensable basic that belongs to any wardrobe. But not every dress is suitable for an exhilarating day at the seaside and so the ideal beach dress must be feminine and elegant but nevertheless casual and wonderfully uncomplicated. Continue reading

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Apple iPad 2: new Tablet worth buying?

Unfortunately the manufacturer Apple has our report “ Apple iPad: 10 reasons why the iPad needs no “, so you have this article at least for the most part exactly as for the iPad 2 could use. The criticism of the Apple Tablet remains, because the old 4:3 display has remained as a resolution 1024 × 768 pixels, as the fact that there is no SD card slot and HDMI only via an adapter, the additional costs caused. Apart from this course there is some innovations in the Apple iPad 2, which we want to present to you here. At the end, then, we answer the question whether is worth the purchase, and you are welcome eingelagen to discuss via comment.

New features of Apple’s iPad 2

Particularly eye catching feature of the Apple 2: is iPad’s very flat has become. With 8, 8mm deep, it is significantly flatter than the Apple iPad (13. 4 mm) and even flatter than the Apple iPhone 4 (9, 3mm). Since the competition can’t match, so, such as the upcoming Motorola Xoom 12 is 9mm thick, the HP touchpad is also still 12 with 13, 7 mm even thicker than the iPad and the LG Optimus pad, 8 mm thick. If the Forex “ flatter is better ” is called, then Apple has 2 with the iPad clearly the nose forward.
The screen puts Apple back on a 9.7 ″ LED panel with IPS technology and also the resolution is 1024 × 768 pixels in a dusty little 4:3 format, such as the “ old ” iPad. Clearly the computing power that should ensure Apple A5 processor with a gigahertz and two cores in combination with a new graphics chip a twice as high performance applications and nine face performance in graphics has changed however. The flat device to having still a battery life of about 10 hours, which is quite amazing given the flat design in combination with new hardware. The memory has been doubled from 256 mb to 512 mb.
Also now not only a camera is integrated, but as with the iPhone 4 equal to two: the camera at the back of the Apple iPad 2 is filming with a resolution of 1920 × 1080, which corresponds to the full-HD standard. The output can then be wired adapter (which must be purchased) to the TV. There is the possibility to cut of the recorded movie, this directly on the iPad 2 with the software iMovie to cut. The camera on the front for video calling via FaceTime and can also be used for various apps, which use the front camera. Also from the Apple iPhone 4 known gyroscope was acquired, with for example an intuitive control of games is possible.

What’s the Apple iPad 2 Tablet competition ahead?

You can rightly that question be in 2011, because the Tablet have quickly developed competitors Samsung, LG, HP, Motorola and others and make it a good alternative to the Apple Tablet this year. Apple has also recognized this and consciously iPad touted the success of the Apple during the presentation. “ 2010, the iPad was the year ”, it was said in the presentation. Further, we went with the question “ is 2011 the year of the generic? ”, same as the Apple dealt a not exactly subtle swipe at the Android competition. The competition would really just mimic, would the question is probably clearly fail, because the original is always still the best, but mimics the competition?

Android tablets have better hardware?

Android 3.0 is on the rise and has been optimized in this version number now for large screens, so the ease of use and clarity with the new operating system has increased considerably. Also thanks to the new Tegra 2 platform running the tablets of the competition almost as liquid as the iPad 2. The Motorola Xoom and the strong dual-core LG Optimus pad here first and foremost to call processor. Also the HP touchpad has a dual-core processor and is equipped with a promising operating system WebOS.
Real hardware advantages on the part of the competition but no longer exists: the dual-core standard, the graphics performance is even oversized at all current tablets for most users. However, the output directly via HDMI without additional adapter is possible with the newer Android tablets like the LG Optimus pad and the display resolution, like the 16:9 format, appears somewhat advanced. For the mobile movie enjoyment is certainly a clear advantage. The marginal differences between the Apple iPad 2 but are not an argument for a purchase of an Android or WebOS tablet.

Android is individual, iOS, very easy to use

But what Apple of competitors still ahead? IOS is still one of the most powerful operating systems is certainly, but the competition is catching up continuously, so this argument is not necessarily attacks. Especially since Android 3.0 with individualierbaren “ desktop ” scores with widgets, which is still not possible for iOS. An individualisation is limited really only possible and only a jailbreak. Here, each user must decide: what features are important to me and the openness of the operating system is as important to me? The functionality should be particularly extensive and the surface as individual, then Android fits. IOS is still first choice should be the operating system as quickly as possible and quickly, then is. Really “ complicated ” Android but is not also ….

Apps, apps, apps

Whole Apple has many of them, this is well known. However, with the company its Appstore first and foremost, scores because now more than 60,000 apps for the Apple iPad / Apple iPad 2 are optimized. The Android can dream competition and certainly also HP only with its WebOS, Android 3.0 is starting to smell as currently are optimized only a handful apps for larger displays. Especially as an optimization in the face of non-uniform displays should be also significantly heavier than in the native iPad display.

Apple has the Stylevorteil

Apple has changed little on the iPad right, because the Tablet is ahead still upcoming tablet of competitors something in the basic version: high quality workmanship and a flawless product design, which has also its price. 2 is for the Apple iPad this benefit probably even clearer because the dual-core competition with Android and WebOS is unfortunately not flat as the first Apple iPad. The diet, which the Apple iPad 2 has undergone, leads to an almost incredible thickness of only 8, 8 mm, which visually looks anyway and also practical advantages in portability with. This advantage can be but as usual well to pay Apple.

Bottom line: worth the purchase of the Apple iPad 2?

Compared to the Apple iPad the iPad has to offer 2, so worth the upgrade for owners of Apple iPad not really no drastic changes. It’s the same as the iPhone 3 G S and iPhone 4: who some icing needs power or is necessarily dependent on a front-facing camera, which can rise to. For everyone else, the differences are so marginal fail, that the high price is justified is difficult will be.
For everyone else the purchase of an Apple to iPad 2 quite worthwhile, however the price for this was reduced Apple iPad also so that it is as an alternative quite still in consideration. The previous question, is are alternative with Android or WebOS to the discussion. In particular the Android devices LG Optimus pad or the upcoming Samsung Galaxy tab with 10 ″ capable competitors are display. Here everyone has to decide which is the tablets to give preference, I can’t give a unique Empfehleung here, but those who need the slimmest and the tablet with the largest criticize, is hardly to the Apple iPad come around 2.


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Eleven Terminals Are Filtered Xperia Which Would Come in 2012

It is something that is rumored long ago, and is that Sony Ericsson, its transition to full integration in the giant Sony, is leaving many tracks on their RoadMap to 2012 as smartphones concerns.

This time it has leaked a list of Eleven terminals that would accompany the Sony Xperia S in the markets for this year, and as the list includes also details such as the approximate prices, We can speculate with some conclusions.

All the terminals that are shown in the following list, although still they are officially unconfirmed, they would supposedly This same year 2012 directly to cover all the niche markets in which Sony Ericsson had not put their focus. Continue reading

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Learn More about the Benefits of Yoga

Begins a new year and with it comes new purposes. A healthier time begins after the Christmas excess for many, taking up physical activities or thinking about starting one life more active. Therefore, it is a good time to learn and immerse us in the great benefits of yoga. Continue reading

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Images of Printed Dresses

If you want to free yourself a little bit of the traditional black dress, and even wish to escape from the smooth tones, use a print dress. As the good thing about these dresses is that you access help color your looks at the time and help you achieve a single clothing: it is easier that at a party or event match many girls dress red color that two dresses from a same pattern, don’t you think. There are thousands of prints, but view immediately in the main designs of patterned dresses that you can choose Continue reading

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LED Ceiling Light Design

This apartment with mansard roof in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, was redesigned and completely rebuilt. The goal of the project was to keep the typical characteristics of the space open to the attic, such as its magnificent vault, and interpret in a modern way. The result? The prosaic eaves are revisited in exclusive area, dominated by the anthracite, where design LED ceiling and indirect lighting are just 2 of the magnificent highlights! Continue reading

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