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If You Have a PC with The AMD Ryzen or The 7th Generation Intel, Upgrade Windows 7/8.1 Gets Very Hard

More than one year ago, we know that new generations of processors from Intel and AMD not would be good with older editions of Windows. If you want to use Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 these processors can do it, but There is no official support of those systems neither Microsoft nor from AMD or Intel: all “recommend” using systems based on Windows 10. Continue reading

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Supercomputers Based on FPGA Chips: So You Want Microsoft to Change The World of Computing

Internet Giants do not conform with the traditional hardware manufacturers generic servers. All of them have been gradually migrating to a strategy in which the creation of bespoke servers They allow integers gain in efficiency and power.

Amazon, Google, or Facebook have already traveled that path, but it is a surprise check that Microsoft also goes down that road with the call Project Catapult, a different initiative that instead of creating servers to measure with conventional chips creates another type of chips that have recovered the interest of industry: the programmable FPGA. Continue reading

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None of The Windows 7/8 on The Intel El Lake: There Will Only Be 10 Support for Windows

The presentation of the seventh generation of Intel Core processors took place yesterday, and we could finally know all the details of the new family Kaby Lake and the first Micros that integrate it. What they didn’t know is an important detail and that it could probably generate much debate.

It is the decision of Intel’s not to give official support to other operating system other than Windows 10 in these processors. Microsoft already announced earlier this year, and now both Intel and AMD have made comments confirming the news. What happen will if you install or use Windows 7/8/8.1 on your computers with the new Kaby Lake? No one knows it yet. Continue reading

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New T-Mobile tariffs: call & surf + complete mobile

To the network provider T-Mobile you want to move with the times: Accordingly, the rates as of November 2010 are now adjusted in three new tariff lines. The call rate harmful depending on the choice of the package at little users or even much users. The corresponding tariff is a data flat rate plus call & surf. The complete mobile tariff is the most comprehensive and most expensive fare in the new T-Mobile model. Accordingly, this tariff to all who use their phones extensively in all areas addressed.



within the individually specified rates, there are still different gradations. As already mentioned, is the call tariff line to the user which is not unlimited data. The smallest rate call XS costs €4,95 a month and contains a flat rate on weekends, which applies to fixed and network-internal calls after all. In addition, there are 30 free minutes for all networks. The tariff of call S complements the free minutes so that a total 120 minutes available, costs €14.95 but. The tariff model call M, there are also 120 free minutes, here can but also between a full flat-rate in the Telecom or landline be chosen at a monthly price of €24.95. Call L is the largest Tairf according to the name, is already €34.95, but brings a unlimited flat rate in the telecom network, as well as in the fixed network. In addition are also 120 Freimunten to all other networks available.

Call & surf

, The tariff line call & surf are aimed at users who want to go with the phone or even Smartphone on the Internet. Here, the rates of call number are supplemented by data flat rates. Shades are available also as for the call (without surf) tariff. Best rate here is the call & surf XS, which complements the above tariff to a flat-rate data. The additional tariffs contain the known options again and are also added to a UMTS flat rate. The fares cost respectively €10 more than without Datenflat.Zum call & surf tariff, there is an entry-level Smartphone to do so or with charge, a superior Smartphone.


With the complete tariff T-Mobile customers appeals to who need everything: both surfing than even phone calls can the complete tariff users, übersützt expressed, almost limitless. The smallest complete tariff S for €39,95 per month, has included mobile already a data flat rate (with HSDPA Turbo), a weekend flat rate and 120 free minutes to all networks for here. In addition, 40 are SMS tariff included. The nearest large fare costs €49.95 per month and is complete. Here a real Flatrate Telekom in addition to the weekend flat back network or landline At the complete L are automatically in there at flat rates. This tariff is €59.95 then a month. The complete XL at a flat rate in all mobile phone networks and 3000 SMS including 120 free minutes for calls from abroad is the by far the largest tariff for at least €99,95 per month. Also T-Mobile hotspots can be used and the Internet flat rate may be used also with laptop.


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OwnCloud and Western Digital Want That You Montes You Your Own Dropbox Home

Western Digital has partnered with ownCloud to provide a product based on the hard drives of WD, a Raspberry Pi 2 storage and ownCloud file sync software so that users can have one alternative domestic services such as those offered by Dropbox.

The project is being studied, but forward these solutions will begin to market in early 2016. As indicated the representatives of these companies, the idea is the offer users a safely store your data a lookup service. Continue reading

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Graphic revolution in mobile gaming: infinity blade for ’ s iPhone

The developer epic have shown not only on the PC or on the Xbox 260 with the Unreal engine, where depends on the graphics-hammer, but could port the powerful engine on the iPhone. The result: Pure graphic demo “ epic Citadel ” impressive graphic shows (available free in the Appstore) in real time, even on the iPhone 3 G S. Well, epic has made it a game: infinity blade already looks so good, such as, for example, games on the PlayStation 2. Very impressive. The action-RPG will be soon available, provide additional content for downloading, and a multiplayer mode.



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If You Want to Undermine Bitcoins, AsRock Has Something for You

The world of the Bitcoins It has raised passions for fans to the hardware. In fact is a very interesting challenge, because seek performance/energy balance (and therefore maximize the benefit) is not a trivial task. In this case the most powerful is not ‘the best’, so the search must be something deeper. Continue reading

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Windows phone 7 Smartphone: supply shortages for the market launch

Windows Mobile 6.5 at the end down significantly after the competition from iPhone and Android technically has ahead. Windows phone 7 should be a new start in the field of smartphones for Microsoft, most have probably expected so a furious start. The Smartphones that are built strictly according to the directive by Microsoft, are in great demand in Europe. In addition, the manufacturer with manufacturing and software problems have.



Models to the market launch of Windows phone 7

the introduction of the new operating system, Windows phone 7 is of course not only the start of a new operating system, but also the starting point for many new smartphones. These minimum requirements produced by Microsoft and must have therefore powerful hardware power that can keep up with all current high-end smartphones. So, for example the compulsory gigahertz processor is obligatory when on the phone, the new Microsoft operating system to run. The following devices have been available to the market launch of Windows phone 7. For one, the HTC HD7 at O2, but after four days as “ no longer available ” had to be marked. At Vodafone, there was at the start of the Microsoft operating system, LG Optimus 7 and the HTC trophy. At the Telekom which is currently exclusively available HTC Mozart.

Reasons for the delivery problems

, There is not only a reason for the delivery problems, but a number of problems, cumulatively providing supply bottlenecks at manufacturers of smartphones. For example models with AMOLED display shall be – because of the real black by the way first choice for Windows phone 7 – affected by Samsung’s production difficulties for the displays. Software problems that delay the delivery continue devices probably at the HTC. A decisive factor is the unexpected sales of smartphones themselves. Sales was probably generous estimate, the capacity bought but very quickly empty. You are interested in, currently on a Windows phone 7 Smartphone we advise you therefore to access, in so far as is possible. Thanks to the very strict rules from Microsoft for the hardware, and a ban of user interfaces, the differences between the devices are marginal. All correspond to a very high standard.

Availability of Windows phone 7 smartphones

In this article you will find a selection of Windows phone 7 Smartphones that all farmers have come on the market. They are arranged according to the current date of delivery, so that you can make a selection here to availability.


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APFS Exposed: What Offers The New and Promising System of Files of Apple?

What is it APFS? Interestingly not discussed during the inaugural conference of the WWDC Apple 2016, but the truth is that one of the developments relevant to the technical level of the entire ecosystem is software company.

Known as Apple File System (APFS) It is a new file system that is a very important incremental jump on veteran HFS +, which Linus Torvalds criticized as the worst system of history files. There are very important characteristics in terms of privacy and performance which make it back to the old file system of the operating systems by Apple. Continue reading

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Apple iPad dominates the Tablet market to 95%

Who think of tablets, remember Apple’s iPad necessarily, so much seems clear. The Tablet von Apple, no way past due to thin competition. Months long, the device was completely unrivaled. As a result, Apple dominates the Tablet market. 95% of all world’s selling tablets are iPads. But the competition with Android, MeeGo, etc. never sleeps and the market is still growing. 2010 about 3.5 million units sold in Q2, 2011 a total of about 54 million devices should be’s.

First come, first served basis

, With the iPad, Apple put a strong market start. You’d think success would only be that Apple was the first company with a tablet. Which is however not the case: tablets are there already for years in the form of laptops, which operate with pins. So, the iPad is not entitled to be a complete reinvention. What was missing but so far the Tablet, Apple has submitted with the iPad: the ease and intuitive operation of the iPad there so far in this form does not. Along with the elegant appearance of the Apple tablet, a new sense of control has arisen. Then Apple has stirred more vigorously the advertising and PR drum and “ that changes everything. Once again. ”

iPad technical marvel =?

That iPad looks classy, is to use super liquid and has installed high-quality hardware, but a technological marvel is not iPad. The fanless design can be seen but with long battery life. First and foremost the 9.7 ″ IPS-display with a resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels makes her a lot. Because E.g. the Galaxy tab can not keep up with its smaller, normal LCD screen. The sharpness of the iPhone 4 retina display is although not nearly reached, but the resolution does amazingly well on the display. Also, the processor is sufficiently dimensioned with a gigahertz. What is also often criticized, a camera and a memory card slot lacking for example. Although the memory is 16 gb reasonably large, but if you want the 32 gb variant, must pay it vigorously. All in all is iPad no hardware-hammer, as one might expect, is rather the Apple operating system iOS the whole point of the Apple tablet. No software can currently compete with the ease of the operating system. Addition of accurately functioning multi-touch screen exactly respond to finest input.

The competition comes

The ever-growing need for tablets through the hype going on beaten by Apple does not break. Accordingly, all manufacturers with a personal Tablet come solution. Currently, the Galaxy tab is a hot Apple Tablet competitor first and foremost. It is with 7 ″ more clearly smaller, is unfortunately not so high-quality, has some features that the Apple Tablet cannot wait to. So, the Galaxy tab has E.g. a telephone function, and two cameras on the front and back, which consequently video telephony can be operated. In addition, the 16 gb memory via micro SD card can be extended. Who attaches importance to these functions, is probably better served with the Galaxy tab. Who wants to use the Tablet as a surf station and to retrieve and email, should choose the iPad due to the better software. Another competition is currently unfortunately not really recommended. I cannot recommend unfortunately currently still the Neofonie WeTab come on the market recently. Due to a weak start at the software the Tablet has made so far only negative headlines.


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