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Motorola milestone: Soon up to date with Android 2.2

Still enjoys the popular Motorola milestone, what is expected also to the good support of Motorola. The full keyboard Android Smartphone was brought by the manufacturer already about update to the Android version 2.1 and now it’s official that Motorola will provide an update on version 2.2. Thus, the milestone is probably the Android Smartphone with the best update support on the market.

Android 2.2 – what awaits the user?

The operating system Android is no optical revision by the small jump from 2.1 to 2.2 version, for some runs but faster. The new compiler, applications run at least theoretically partly up to 450% faster. In practice, this is subject to strong fluctuations of course from application to application and not so conspicuous due to the already fast working speed. In such applications, a grain may be but more battery life in there. In addition to the clear speed advantage, Android 2.2 brings some features, like for example the use of smartphones as a router on which I would like to not go. A core function is the possibility of installing apps on an SD card, which is up to version 2.1 not possible. Read more about this in our separate article to update.

Can expect the update in the near future, because the identical US model Motorola droid was already equipped with an update. In the 4th quarter at the latest, you can then install the update! O2 devices to mid-September also an update received.

Motorola milestone – is still recommended?

The Motorola milestone is actually up today unmatched or an Android Smartphone with a full keyboard can you think of? We have the Motorola backflip in the offer, currently only the competition from its own home. A very different audience is addressed here but as the milestone. The backflip relies on innovative design with a unique mechanism to shut off the keyboard and appeals to this rather young prolific writer. The milestone, however, exudes seriousness, is the slimmest QWERTY slider on the market, and boasts a large 3.7 ″ high resolution display. In addition, it has a 550 MHz OMAP processor and the fast graphics unit of the iPhone 3 G S. Also are all current connection standards: Wi-Fi, A-GPS, and HSDPA. Overall, the milestone but with 165 g is comparatively difficult. The successor is currently Motorola milestone 2 is still to wait, we have already reported.

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The slow decline of the landline telephony

Many mobile phone and Smartphone owners in particular phone hardly. This is because that text messages currently increasingly supplant the classic telephone conversation, be it via social networks, email or SMS. The generation of landlines will be replaced by a generation of text-based communication. The opposite is less pressured than at the traditional phone call: A direct response is not required or maybe even expected, it must be thinking and text is considered by its nature already serious.

Landline culture – an anachronism?

The network no longer phone fits in our time? Already in 1876, inventor Alexander Graham Bell was ridiculed when he presented his device to first companies. It is absurd to transmit the human voice without thereby figuratively to his counterpart. So could maintain it any business contacts. But Bell had success – two years later, there were more than 14,000 phone connections in the United States. Then the phone went around the world, an incomparable success story and certainly one of the inventions of the 19th century. But what about today? The year is 2010 and the invention of the telephone is now 134 years. Actually the use of the fixed-line phone goes back to the United States since 2005 continuously and has significantly reduced the duration of the talks. There were 2005 still on average 3 minutes on the line, there are still one and a half minutes. It’s not that people are less have to say themselves, but on the more popular and easier text-based communications.

Phone is rude

, The phone rings. We let everything, run in an automation system to the telephone, lift off and call our names in our otherwise quiet apartment. Really absurd, but what we learn in childhood, has played up at some point. No matter who we talk to, what clothes we have, or whether we just slept – on the other party at the other end of the line, we prepare. The phone could be seen nowadays as a rude medium: emails, SMS or messages on social networks give time to the thinking, must be answered directly or not and have a certain liability that may not have the verbal conversation through their writing. Give us always the feeling with long conversations, to hold those at the other end of the line of something – what’s wrong sometimes. A phone call resembles a wooden hammer in contrast to SMS: nothing like an unannounced visit is the call on the day. We are suddenly in the apartment of the other, take time, want answers. A call at night is, as if it would kick down the door. Against phone calls you can not defend himself, while SMS no reply need – they are stylish, discreet and not interfere.

The bubble of Internet communication

So socially the Internet seems to be today, in real life you can count true friends on one hand. Peter and Max while professing your beleid, if your Facebook friend Hannes again his relationship status in “ single ” has changed, that was ’ s then as well. Peter and Max are not for Hannes. Discussions not occur anyway in this constellation, one knows himself and says to “ good morning ” and the two help also, if Hannes must carry a heavy piece of furniture on the third floor. The statement in the advertising of a newspaper of that addresses exactly this issue is so drastic as properly:

“ we have so many friends online, that we need a new Word for the real ones. ”

Wirtschaftswisenschaftler Jacques Attali explains that the lure of the Internet have led that we only care about ourselves and live in a bubble together and at the same time all alone in front of us and – social networks make it possible. Maybe social networks should therefore also no longer as mirror images of the company provided, but as a parallel world that has no longer to do with actually society.

Text-based communications vs. fixed-line telephony

In the fight for supremacy of the mobile phone market text-based communication is sure continue inexorably to gain weight. Not only the operators earning more through data services long than by mere telephony, the whole mobile industry is set to the turnaround: iPhone, Android smartphones, or the new Windows phone 7 are all along the line on text communication. Most test reports, reception and voice quality is hardly a role. Extinct is still the phone not as a personal conversation on the phone can not be replaced by text. An other empathy and genuine compassion bring forward is possible only by landline or a four eyes talking. Often acts as a check the SMS or email in such cases as a response of the other takes most of the time or does not. Phone calls can be therefore also just a demarcation criterion. Who I call at all? Usually these are just “ real friends ”, with one long talks, answers and empathy can be expected and allowed. A recollection on the fixed-line telephony can also mean to recognize who is a “ friend ” is.

Maybe we should look also prefer online a new Word for acquaintances, as the term “ friend ” continue to devalue.

The future of the phone

Today is emerging already evident at all major network providers such as O2, T-Online and also Vodafone, that data rates are the future. Sales of pure discussions goes back, flat rates for telephony are always cheaper and mobile users are, thanks, price comparisons and various tariff Advisor the Internet was already close to the homo economicus. The future of the phone will be therefore the communication over the Internet, also off by SMS, email and communication in social networks. Have become established new, faster networks (currently it is HSDPA), today still reluctant to reputable Internet telephony will become increasingly important. The specter of video telephony, which is known for years but remains unused, could bring the phone to life. Although mobile phones have already a second camera for years on board, video telephony uses but hardly anyone due to the exorbitant prices. With the iPhone 4, the video telephony could be again a topic. Apple has taken the plunge and FaceTime introduced a service that allows you to at least the video calls from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4. Apple remains consistent, that the next generation of the iPhone also have a front camera, video calling in at least two generations of new iPhones may gain in popularity, in so far as the restrictions would be lifted. Finally you would like to use this feature but not only in Wi-Fi and only from iPhone to iPhone, but also to an Android phone or a landline. So that might be addressed by Alexander Graham Bell from 1876 also the critics: Finally you would be then again visually.


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To the freak out: Motorola discovered the quadrature of the mobile phone

The Motorola Flipout is not a classic bar phone, no touchscreen Smartphone, and also not a standard slider as we are used to. New ways are gone with the Flipout: Motorola relies here on the previously unused quardratische format. The Android Smartphone is aimed at young people, adventurous buyer and opts for the popular smartphone operating system Android version 2.2.

Design: square = practical and well?

The Motorola Flipout is anything but conservative, when it comes to the shape. Apart from the fact that it is certainly visually takes getting used to, but the format carries no special advantages or disadvantages. Under the 2.8 ″ touch screen can be to reveal a keyboard. For this there is no slider mechanism is responsible, rather it tilts the display upwards (hence the name Flipout). The keyboard can be operated perfectly and has a full fledged QWERTY layout, so that short messages and emails are quickly written.

Technical equipment

The technical equipment of the Motorola Flipout is good, though not overwhelming. The Smartphone is powered by a 700 MHz fast processor that provides decent performance. 256 mb of memory to the page are him. Weak point of the device is secure the 2.8 ″ touch screen, which is resolved only with 320 × 240 pixels. In times of iPhone 4 and other high resolution Android that is unfortunately too little for the relatively small size devices like the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S. Otherwise there are typically common features across Smartphone Wi-Fi (without the new standard N), A-GPS for navigation via mobile phone and of course HSDPA. There is also a photo camera on board, which has 3.2 mega pixels and provides sufficient quality for snapshots. The 512mb of internal memory is somewhat small, but can be expanded via Microsd card.

Software: Android 2.2 with Motoblur

, According to Motorola the current version 2.2 is installed in a visually heavily revised version of Android. The interface, which is installed on the Smartphone, called Motoblur. With it, the creation of various personalized home screens is no problem. Also the Organizer features are so clearly as useful integrated on the Motorola Flipout. With Motoblur, a set of contacts is possible online so that you can synchronize the contacts if you change to another Motorola phone.

Availability and price

The Motorola Flipout, suitable to the offered facilities, more in the middle class is

priced. According to Motorola, the mobile phone will cost about 350,-€. The recommended retail price distinguishes itself but precisely because of its non-binding nature, so that we can offer usually a better price at bridgat. Shows if the Motorola Flipout already, but currently not available. Like to check on the article page of the Motorola Flipout, is it now yet available. If not: we can learn also like free of charge, as soon as the mobile shop is available. To do this just click “ notification when available ” and enter your email address. You will then receive from us a message, once the Motorola Flipout is available.


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New display for the HTC top model

Top model from HTC-HTC desire will be sold immediately from the Telecom with a new display technology. The popular smartphone in future with SLCD is delivered instead of the AMOLED display. This innovation is also most HTC desire mobile phones, which are now delivered to Germany next to the telecom equipment. The reason is supposedly that of the producer of the displays-the manufacturer Samsung-for his Android Smartphone Galaxy S needed most of the AMOLED screens and therefore cell phone manufacturers like HTC, that take your display from Samsung, rear must be.

SLCD display instead of the AMOLED display

SLCD stands for Super LCD display and has been developed by the manufacturer Sony. Allegedly this technick can easily keep up with AMOLED technology known from Samsung. Also here are offering balanced colors and high contrast. Energy efficiency should be improved by a factor of five. In addition to the HTC desire also the nexus one with the SLCD display should be delivered.

Features of the HTC desire

Also if anything in display of terms of changes, the HTC desire popular a Smartphone that can cater for most needs. The special thing about the HTC Smartphone is that the surface specially adapted to the needs of the users using the widgets from HTC. The home screen with the functions is with them evidence to support, most commonly used by the user. It is also handy “ friend stream ”. This function allows a simple and quick contact of his Freunde.Ansonsten belongs to the HTC desire a solid “ Smartphone-facilities ” with including a 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and Google’s Android 2.1. Fast browsing enables the 1 GHz processor. The HTC desire is available in different colors with us in the online-shop of 24-mobile. To do this simply click on the button next to the desired model.


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Nokia C7 new operating system Symbian 3

Soon it’s time. The Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia will bring the Nokia C7 on the market. It is only a matter of time when the Smartphone with the top facilities will be available. First pictures show that it is an elegant bar phone with metal housing. The Smartphone has a Symbian 3 operating system and is among other things with an 8 megapixel camera equipped with.


, The Nokia C7 (it was so far not yet been officially launched on the market) leaves the rumor (almost) nothing to be desired. The Smartphone offers a 3.5-inch touch screen as the iPhone 4 and has the surface of the new Symbian 3 operating system. Another highlight is the 8-megapixel camera from Carl Zeiss with LED flash rumor. The Smartphone Selbstveständlich are also EDGE, HSPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and expandable memory via micro SD cards. A long term guarantee the 1,200 mAh battery. First pictures of the C7 also show that on the side of the head, a standard connector for headphones will be probably available and like on the 5800 XpressMusic, also the USB connection is housed. On the left side of the Smartphones are controls for the music player and camera, as well as the slider to on and switch off display.

Availability and price

So far, still no precise launch is known for the Nokia C7. It is likely that the manufacturer officially will introduce it at Nokia World in London (14 and 15 September). So far only speculated about the price. As soon as we have more information, we will inform you of course our blog by bridgat. We also inform you if the Nokia C7 with us is available. To do this simply click on the article page of the C7, and then click “ notification when available ”. Once the cell phone is then reachable, you receive free email reminder then from us.


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Nokia N8: Smartphone will be released on September 30th

Nokia has long been no Smartphone on the market brought, what has really caused a sensation. The N97 or also the N97 mini is not bad though and a very solid device, but with Nokia smartphones the AHA effect has been lacking in recent years. Episode: Nokia’s market share drops, because the competition, particularly in the Smartphone sector, is great. Now the Nokia N8 is to pull the cart out of the dirt and ensure recovery with high-quality appearance of the material and once again Symbian.

High-quality materials & top camera

, The N-series has made a name so far less with good appearance of material and processing. Also the last shot of the series, the N97, was able to convince less. The slider with lots of plastic makes a mixed impression. It is much better for the Nokia N8: the new Smartphone has an aluminium unibody, i.e. the housing is made of a cast made of high quality metal, which ultimately leads to an excellent haptics.

What Nokia can but profile has always been, is a very good camera. The superlatives that Nokia has set in this area be continued seamlessly with the Nokia N8. The Smartphone has a 12 megapixel with typical Carl Zeiss Optics in highest quality. In addition to the delicate lens of the Nokia N8, a real Xenon Flash is installed and numerous setting options allow even macro shots or series of images. This makes the Nokia N8 to a digital camera replacement for the trouser pocket. In addition, it offers Nokia N8 HD video recording with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels (720 p). Examples of Nokia have shown that the quality of the recording is very good. Accordingly, Nokia has integrated can directly play the recordings via a HDMI connection on the domestic flat-screen TVs.

Average hardware with Symbian ^ 3

Symbian belongs to the still most widespread operating systems ever. This is above all because that Nokia had an absolutely dominant position in the market a long time. Symbian has survived even now and is one of the platforms, which slowly but surely disappear from the market. Android smartphones, BlackBerry and the Apple iPhone are just playful and intuitive. Nevertheless, Nokia at the Nokia N8 continues to rely on the operating system and save it with the final update to Symbian ^ 3 once again before the Einstampfung, which has been before is. Something dröge works still, the operating system when compared to the competition but: Nokia has improved in many places. The touch-operation has been adapted and there are even some highlights, such as E.g. the liquid Coverflow view in the music player.

The AMOLED display with 3.5 ″ diagonal is not particularly high resolution 360 × 480 pixels AMOLED technology but colourful and with real black. Hardware offers no special highlights the Nokia N8, but rather provides standard fare in the beautiful garb. The 680 MHz CPU techies will elicit hardly a weary smile: HTC HD2, HTC desire, Samsung I9000 Galaxy S … are just a few examples that 1000 MHz can waiting processor with one and the HTC HD2 is almost a year old to the release of the Nokia N8. 256 mb of memory are the still sufficiently fast processor. Smartphone typical is there of course Wi-Fi, HSDPA and A-GPS are probably goes without saying for a upcoming top model.

Nokia N8 alternative: Nokia C7

Who on the camera of the Nokia N8 do without and may at the same time not so much on the optics or wants to spend generally somewhat less than the retail price targeted by Nokia of 499,-€, which can be the Nokia C7 see. It looks like the N8 as identical twins in hardware, has only 8 mega pixel with a dual-LED flash. Also the exterior of the Nokia C7 can boast excellent optical and processing. Price the Nokia C7 should cost less well 100,-€ as the Nokia N8. This was already reason enough for us, to speculate whether the Nokia C7 maybe could be the Volkssmartphone.

Availability and price

, The Nokia N8 comes according to the Finnish newspaper Kauppalehti in trading on September 30. Price 499,-€ is up-to-date estimate as retail price. However, experience has shown that we can offer a significantly better price especially in connection with a mobile phone contract. If you want to be notified (by E-mail), simply click on the product page of the Nokia N8, and then click “ notification when available ”. You receive an email as soon as we can offer your Smartphone then from us free of charge and without obligation.

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BlackBerry App world: 10,000 apps in rim Appstore

Who hears the term BlackBerry devices with full QWERTY keyboard immediately think of the compact business. IPhone or Android powered mobile phone, usually the first thought and also selling point No. 1 is the number of applications available in Apple’s Appstore or the Android market. Numerically RIMs app world can’t keep up while still with the big competitors, but at least something more than 10,000 apps should be already to have approximately a year old Appstore.


App World 2.0

a month the new app world version is now available. This extends the operation of the Appstore by RIM and makes working more comfortable. According to the market leader Apple, the category can now “ top 25 paid apps ” or the equivalent for free applications are called. As well, there are now the areas “ hot topics ” and “ recently updated ” to choose from. Through the applications can now in one of the browser known “ tab view ” horizontal swing between applications and hergescrollt. Numerically the BlackBerry App world is even further behind the competition from Google and Apple, but the quality of the stores is to overestimate, so the 10,000 apps in quality are much value. It will take a while but sure to for the typical BlackBerry user is to everyday use of apps and the apps are also a selling point for the RIM smartphones.


Upcoming Smartphone recommendations

depending on the shape and purpose, there are some interesting Smartphones that have been announced by manufacturer RIM. BlackBerry today also not more necessarily stands for pure business use, but opens with variety of products rather the mass compatibility. To neglect this but without the strengths: the BlackBerry operating system, which is equipped with powerful function of mail and messaging services now, still his survey characterised by, which also home users benefit from.

Of the BlackBerry 8910 curve and the BlackBerry 9650 bold are both “ pure-bred ” RIM smartphones, such as the customer’s expect. Relatively small display, full QWERTY keyboard for quick writing E-Mails and short messages on the go. Both are high-quality processed already and also the typical Smartphone key data is not missing: the A-GPS navigation or even a 3 mega pixel camera to the BlackBerry Messenger that compose the messages and even exchanges of data from BlackBerry to BlackBerry very comfortable allows. A special recommendation is the BlackBerry 9105 Pearl 3 G: this compact light weight (93 g) in the form of ingots are those on their costs, which would not give up the classic mobile format with keypad and small display. There but all the Smartphone features you would expect from a current phone: Wi-Fi, A-GPS, HSDPA, Bluetooth … everything no problem for the Smartphone pipsqueak. Even a 3.2 megapixel camera with LED Flash has still in the stylish case of BlackBerry 9105 Pearl 3 G fit.

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Android soon with music store “ Google music ” [short news]

iTunes from Apple is anyone a term 80% of global music downloads are handled with the store. Reason enough for Google to follow suit: so far, Android Smartphones have no direct access to legal music downloads. Already from the 4th quarter of 2010, with the release of Android 3.0, the music store will be integrated. The downloads can be purchased separately or included in the unit price according to the model of Nokia’s “ comes with music ” is not yet known.

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Matter of faith? Galaxy tab vs. Apple iPad – Tablet comparison

For Apple products the minds differ, which is known. But when tablets? Since the situation is very complicated, because here is even a fight, what the “ Riesensmartphones ” are good at all without the phone function. There also, the Galaxy tab from Samsung is no exception, that already in the mid of the month against the Apple iPad to compete. If the Tablet is similar good competition, such as the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S for the iPhone 4 and if the decision is a matter of faith, we educate in the bridgat blog!


Technology in the check

Hardwaretechnisch the Samsung Galaxy tab is a strong competitor to the iPad. Despite the stronger smaller dimensions (190 x 120 x 11.9 mm are in the Galaxy tab compared to 242.8 x 189.7 x 13.4 mm at the Apple iPad) and summa is the better technology significantly lower weight (380 g against 730 g iPad) in the Galaxy tab sammarum. Apple can score points only in the display: the LCD is IPS, which means a better illumination. In addition, the display of the iPad with 9.7 is ″ bigger. The Galaxy tab has “ only ” 7 ″ display. This is a matter of taste but more or less, because both displays are very legible, capacitive and offer multitouch.

Otherwise the Galaxy tab is iPad but far ahead which in technical terms. It has a 3 megapixel rear camera. In the front one is installed 2 mega pixel camera, which is suitable for video telephony. Also, the memory via micro SD can be extended map so that Android 2.2 also on the external card can find apps space. Bluetooth 3.0 is also available and you can even phone calls with the 7 ″ large Galaxy tab. Thus the device is when it comes to the hardware, and the Apple iPad a track more versatile, at least. This point seems quite clear goes to Samsung.

Design and processing

You’d think almost on the faith issue here, because the discussion has become known since the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S: no, the cell phone is not inferior processed, it is not also the Galaxy tab. Now comes the big but “ but ”: the Galaxy tab is easy and not nearly so noble resembles Apple’s competition through the full plastic jacket. Advantages for the Galaxy tab but due to the smaller size when writing on the virtual full keyboard and also when transporting. 7 ″ would fit better in a Pocket than the 9.7 ″ of the iPad. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy tab only half as much as the iPad weighs.

That seems iPad, however, as you could so that meat tapping. IPad just very high quality housing in almost perfect workmanship looks through the aluminum unibody. The impression is intensified due to the typical Apple minimalist use of interfaces, the iPad as “ seamless ”. The higher weight, which is located but still well below the a Netbooks with 730 g is negative certainly depending on the application area. In terms of product quality and feel Apple is probably currently undefeated, as the design of the Galaxy tab also can’t keep up. Apart from S. sees the Galaxy tab as a mix of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3 G The edgy side of the tablets are reminiscent of the iPhone 4 and the smooth plastic backing on the iPhone 3 G s

What does one do with a Tablet?

, The purpose of a Tablet is as different as controversial, depending on the user. Most probably buy a Tablet and just look whether resulting applications. A Tablet is at least not to expect it to work like a notebook. Write long texts or edit images with Photoshop? This is not the area where tablets feel more. Goes very well but what: surfing with a new and much more direct experience on the Internet, participate in forums and write emails. Typical is also be used as an E-book reader or retrieving messages.

Advantage of the iPad: the iPad is certainly better for viewing media content due to the larger display, be it in relation to E-books or even watching movies. In addition, the software from Apple is mature. The Appstore offers many apps adapted to the resolution of the iPad and these are also mostly qualiativ in order. The offering collected applications, games, as well as movies, E-books or music. The awareness and popularity of iPad and iPhone is especially useful, because many German news portals such as, der Spiegel, focus, or even n-tv have their own, free apps, which very comfortably messages retrieve allow.

Advantage of the Galaxy tab: the Galaxy tab can not boast of such variety of extra customized apps and this will not improve in the near future. The offer in the Android market is set to English language apps previously and the quality of apps can also reach not the almost continuously high level of apps in Apple’s Appstore due to the variety of available device with Android. But: The Galaxy tab runs with the also quick and sophisticated Android 2.2, which is constantly improved by updates. The advantages over Apple’s tablet are obvious in the flexibility: with the Galaxy tab can take pictures, make a call, pull data via Bluetooth or even drag-n-drop to the device and use by tethering the device as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Bottom line: no doubt, but a question of the use of

While the iPad is an Apple product, can be very probably objectively report itself. Now in our comparison, the iPad or Galaxy tab is good, can be flat rate not to answer. This decides the type of application and personal preferences. While the Galaxy tab technically more flexible and with smaller and lighter is iPad than Apple, the noble Apple flounder first and foremost as an E-book is reader and surf station for home. One cannot be truly productive with both devices, comfortable to write with the virtual keyboard you can only short messages.

Priced Apple iPad 3 G and Samsung Galaxy tab are currently with a non-binding price recommendation level (€799,-). However, it is expected that the Galaxy tab will quickly lose value. Apple products are however very stable due to the constant request and the special price policy by Apple, so here, no major changes are to be expected.

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Neofonie WeTab: The iPad competitor with MeeGo in the test

While the iPad both as also opponents taking advocate who see not the meaning in a Tablet (we have reported and listed 10 reasons against the iPad), seems to be the Tablet market still lucrative. All manufacturers strive to take a tablet on the market. So also the German startup Neofonie which has a hot iron in the fire with the WeTab: the 11.6 ″ tablet was now at the IFA in Berlin for the first time tested, so that we can present the device in action.



Technique in the check

the 11.6 ″ large Tablet has inside a 1.6 GHz Intel processor. This is already known from Netbooks and part but rather under-performing the power-saving, “ Atom ” series. The display technology seems mature: thanks to touchscreen technology with multi touch support allowed users can look forward to a liquid experience. The resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels is able to convince especially in comparison to the Apple iPad, because it corresponds to the common aspect ratio of 16:9, so also on movies the display without fat black bars can be watched. The memory of the WeTab is a gigabyte. Various storage and equipment versions should be as also during the competition from Apple: the WeTab with 16 gb memory and Wi-Fi, and a version with 32 gb memory and UMTS module with fast HSDPA access. In addition, can extend the WeTab via MicroSD card and has various interfaces on board. Below is shown in the video test such as an HDMI output.

Operating system MeeGo with WeTab surface

Are Intel and Nokia working just on MeeGo, a common operating system that should be used in all sorts of devices from mobile phone over TV or even tablets. Much is not known about the operating system, however it should be now instead of Ubuntu in the WeTab used. The reason according to manufacturer Neofonie: This operating system harmoniere better with the chipset provided by Intel, so ultimately more power, a better user experience and higher battery life would jump out. The surface of the MeeGo remains however the same, despite replacing a motor. The home of the 11.6 ″ large tablets can be peppered with widgets. A navigation bar on the right side allows you to keep track. The WeTab by the openness of the operating system is especially interesting: the Android market not only supported, but also the Nokia OVI store. As if that would not be enough, are also applications with Flash/Silverlight, Adobe Air, Linux and Java. More universal genius is currently not a Tablet!

Availability and price

Already mid-September the WeTab on the shelves of retailers and of course also in the bridgat shop will be available. The version with 16 gb and Wi-Fi will cost about €500. The variant with mobile Internet and a larger 32 gb storage will cost likely to be €569,-. In the field “ mobile Internet ” you find iPad by Apple, which again has made üüberhaupt the tablets to a topic in the field of technology with us competitors. Below to see a short video test in the technology blog published


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