24 mobile top 5 high end smartphones of the year 2013

The year draws to a close and the IFA has brought some nice innovations in terms of Smartphone to last. Now the question arises: what are the best smartphones of the year 2013? It is this new Apple iPhone 5S or even the Samsung Galaxy S4? We chose top 5 picked out some smartphones. It is not primarily about the best hardware, but also design, camera and software quality.

Because basically the hardware of smartphones is currently very biased. Qualcomm chipset supplier dominates the market with its Snapdragon 800, which is installed in virtually every new high-end Smartphone. Now 2 gb or even 3 gb note 3 as in the Samsung Galaxy might not kriegsentscheidend now. Thus have we us not strictly set on the hardware, but rather decided after our gut feeling, which smart phones for us are the highlights of the year.

The recently introduced Apple’s iPhone 5 S of course also, the Google nexus 5, however, it has unfortunately not made it in the list (coming apparently on October 14, 2013). Initially, we want to present you a short table with the top 5 smartphones of the year and its most important specifications. Once again followed the outstanding features of smartphones and the reason why they came in the top 5.


What offer the top 5 smartphones of the year 2013?

All top smartphones in common is their top performance with a top current operating system. All spark with LTE on all frequencies and are technically able and of course all the Smartphone Wi-Fi (dual-band, so even 5 GHz), Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC have (except for iPhone 5S). All high-end Smartphone have a very high resolution of display, so no pixels more identify with the naked eye (Apple-terminus to: “ retina display ”).

Is my personal highlight but the LG G2. Even if the LG UI over Android 4.2.2 looks somewhat cluttered. This Smartphone has a great 5.2 ″ full HD display and such narrow display frame, the it the size of roughly older 4.7 ″ smartphones corresponds to (such as the HTC one). Thanks to the Snapdragon chipset 800, Android runs Super liquid. Thanks 3000 mAh battery is the LG G2 in many tests to the real endurance.

Only Downer: the memory with 16 gb or 32 gb can not extend via micro SD card and the case is unfortunately made black plastic – in the rear buttons directly below the camera can not make up for that.

The Apple iPhone 5S is still recommended in addition to the Android Smartphones: it’s very chic, flat, lightweight and yet high-quality processed. The fingerprint scanner is currently revolutionary, as the M7 motion processor (especially for athletes interesting) and the 64-bit processor that is leading the way. Also the camera with her “ true tone ” LED Flash can convince if competition in low light (thanks to optical image stabilizer) can get more.

However, it is unfortunately too expensive to pay the iPhone 5 S Apple – still a drawback, even through the Apple iPhone 5C fixed.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is and remains the top seller amongst the Android smartphones and belonged to middle of the year to the technical spearhead. The Snapdragon 600 is also still very quickly, so that differences of the new generation with elaborate games or just synthetic tests (so-called benchmarks in the weight fall. Praktibal and commendable: the memory of the Samsung Galaxy S4 can be expanded with a micro SD card as well as the battery switch – exemplary Samsung! What also simply for the Samsung Galaxy S4, is the now significant unusual price. If you want this Smartphone as outdoor version can access also to the Samsung Galaxy S4 active. Or: One waits and treats herself to the S4 advanced with up-to-the-minute hardware.

With the Xperia series, Sony has sharply revised its product design and combines this recognition, high processing quality and robustness. The Xperia Z1 is the current high-end model from the House of Sony and has hardware-power as well as the LG G2 powerful under the hood. In addition, it is waterproof and resistant to dust, which is a rare feature especially for high-end smartphones. Sony combines the technology of high-quality compact camera in the Sony xperia Z1 and has built also an optical image stabilizer. Together with the 20.7-megapixel sensor is likely Sony Xperia Z1 with Android smartphones currently that “ State-of-the-art ” put product in camera technology.

Last came even the HTC one in the top 5 of the year 2013. Also the HTC one is no longer up to date in terms of hardware, yet Super liquid with Android 4.2.2 to operate and also cleaned up thanks to HTC sense and chic. What stands out from the other smartphones with Android HTC one, is the Immaculate appearance and processing: aluminium unibody enclosure looks easy to bite the HTC one from and must be hidden in terms of performance not in front of the current smartphones. Camera provides the ultra pixel is still good and the stereo speakers on the front (HTC BoomSound) deliver the best sound of the Smartphone on the market.