28 Different Uses of the Swab

There are many ways to use flexible rods in your day to day life;check out the ideas and incorporate into your routine

The flexible cotton-tipped stem is an indispensable personal hygiene item throughout the home.Created in 1922 to aid in the cleansing of the ears, the stems eventually gained other uses in their nearly hundred years of existence.Faced with the creativity of the people, the swab was becoming useful in makeup, cleaning, to save space in your bag, among other purposes.

If you want to make flexible rods a more useful item in your life, check out a list of the most varied uses of the swab:

Uses of cotton swab in makeup

The flexible stem, because of its composition and shape, is a great tool to help with makeup.With the help of the makeup artist, Paty Nossig, we list some of the uses of the swab in makeup.

  1. Replace the brushes:the swab can be used as a brush in many situations, such as to smudge a shade or apply lipstick, as explained by the makeup artist.”We can not use the flexible rods to make a skin, contours, or even the blush because they are large regions and with less concentration of pigments, but for small areas such as eyes, eyebrows and mouth we can use it.”
  2. Leave the perfect outline:it is not an easy task to make a perfect outline and to help correct any errors, use the swab along with a make-up remover or corrective to erase the errors.
  3. Trim dirt from the eyelash mask:When using eyelash masks, it is common to get the eyelid dirty.To clean, use the flexible rods.If you take away some of the shade, you can also use the swab to retouch it.
  4. Avoid lipstick stains:Flexible stems are useful for passing lipstick, correcting application errors and still assist in fixing, preventing lipstick from draining and creating blemishes.Paty Nossig teaches that applying a little translucent or corrective powder with a cotton swab around the mouth helps to leave the lipstick in place without it leaving the place.
  5. Give volume to the eyelashes:deposit, with the help of the rods, translucent powder on your eyelashes between the applications of eyelash mascara to give more volume to them.
  6. Contour small areas of the face:the swab is an ally when it comes to contouring small areas such as nose and mouth. “I use the flexible stems to apply the concealer on the nose to sharpen it and on the upper and lower mouth to enlarge the lips,” details the makeup artist.
  7. Take off eye makeup:It is always very difficult to remove the makeup at the root of the lashes.To help, use the stems for this purpose by dipping them into a makeup remover or a moisturizer, which can also be useful for removing the waterproof makeup .
  8. Paste False Eyelashes:Use the swab to apply glue to the false eyelashes and make it easier to apply to the eyelashes.
  9. Blurring the eyes:Remove some of the cotton from the tips of the stems, turning them into a cotton candy.Then apply your shadow of preference and make a perfect blur in the eyes.
  10. Rub the eyeliner:Flexible stems also serve to wipe out the eyeliner, creating a less-than-eye-makeup and degrading the eyes.
  11. Fill the eyebrow:The swab can also be used to fill and shape the eyebrow , as stated by the makeup artist.Pass the stems on your product to the preferred eyebrow and then draw the eyebrow using the cotton swab.
  12. Find the cheekbones:If you find it difficult to find the cheekbones to contour, use the flexible rods to help you find the right place for the application.Position one end of the swab in the corner of your mouth and tilt the other toward your ears, leaving it below the bone of your apples, so you will have the indication of the perfect stroke to make your outline.
  13. Take your favorite shadows:Pass swabs in your favorite shadows and take them wherever you go without taking up too much bag space.When you want to use it, simply pass the stems on your eyelids.

Uses of cotton swab in cleaning

  1. Clean Your Computer’s Keyboard:Wipe away dirt and excess dust from your keyboard using the cotton swab and a specific cleaning product.The flexible rods are great for cleaning the keyboard gaps that are where it accumulates dirt.
  2. Clean cabinet spans:Use the flexible sticks to clean any cabinet drain that collects dust and is difficult to access for cleaning.
  3. Clear excess self-tanner:if you often wear self-tanner know that they usually accumulate in some parts of the body, such as in the spans of the fingers.Use the swab to eliminate this excess and thus prevent the self-tanner from staining your skin.
  4. Clean dryer lint:Dryers accumulate broken hair, which can impair operation.To clean, use the flexible rods as they make it possible to clean narrow and hard to reach places.

Uses of swab in body care

  1. Touching the root of the hair:If you did not have time to paint the root of your hair , use the cotton swab to apply a little shade of the color of your wires where you intend to hide.
  2. Eliminate hair dye:While you wait for the paint to act on your hair, use the flexible rods to wipe around the face where there is dye, preventing the paint from drying out and making it harder to remove it while washing the hair .
  3. Remove pimples:with two stems and hot water, squeeze the spine that is bothering you.Remember that squeezing pimples can leave scars on your skin.
  4. Spray cream on the pimples:use the cotton swab to apply cream only on the area of ​​the pimples, without having to spread it all over your face.
  5. Get scented all day:Spray your favorite scent on a flexible stem, store it in a bag and apply throughout the day to feel fragrant at all times.
  6. Use on waxing:If you want to wax only a specific place and want to wax it accurately, use the cotton swab to spread it and wax only that location.
  7. Soften dark circles:Apply eye cream on two swabs and place in the freezer.The next day, in the morning, run the stems under the dark circles to soften the swelling beneath the eyes.

Uses of the swab on the nails

  1. Eliminating Enamel Blur:You do not have to put cotton on the tip of the toothpick to remove the enamel smudges.Use a flexible rod for this purpose soaked in enamel remover and get the perfect nails.
  2. Moisturize the cuticles:Pass the swab in a moisturizing oil or some cuticle-specific product and apply to the nail to have hydrated cuticles and well-groomed hands.

Uses of day-to-day swab

  1. Correcting a Zipper:If your zipper is stuck, use the flexible rods along with shampoo to help correct the zipper and make it slip when opening and closing.
  2. Restore a worn leather shoe:Use a specific product to clean leather along with the swab to restore your leather shoe.The rods help to apply the product in the spans of the shoe, leaving it in perfect condition.

There are many uses of the swab in your daily life and in your life, so always have the flexible rod of your choice and discover new utilities for this indispensable tool in your home.