50 inch plasma and two mobile phones geschenkt-our Vodafone DUO contract makes ’ s possible!

NA da friends and acquaintances will make big eyes … 50 (in a word: fifty) inch screen size has the latest gem from LG, we you at completion of a Vodafone DUO offer contract free of charge. You don’t look into the tube, as the LG is a plasma 50PQ1100 and 127cm screen diagonal is not exactly dainty. By the way is the TV HD-ready, i.e. You can connect your high-resolution console via HDMI or watch movies in HD. And you know what? To get to two mobile phones free! This offer is only valid until to the 31.10.09!

50 ″ plasma screen HD ready with Freeview + 2 x Nokia 1661 for €0 with Vodafone DUO with 50 free minutes each

again briefly to the most important facts our current offer: the LG 50PQ1100 has 127 cm screen diagonal, is HD-ready and has an integrated DVB-T. I.e. You can use the “ above all television ” to use at home without receiver or external antenna (depending on where you live, the availability varies from DVB-T).

There to free two phones from Nokia: this is the model of Nokia 1661 1.8 ″ color display. You have probably already noticed that this be not current top models, because we fool you. For you get with the Nokia 1661 two very solid devices that have all the features that you need as a normal mobile phone users. So have the phones such as a speakerphone, vibrating alert and even an FM radio with on board. And with 82 g the Nokia phones are super light and very well in any pocket to stow. High-tech not get though, but the have you yes then with your new 50-inch plasma in the living room are ….

Vodafone duo with 2 x 50 free minutes per month (minimum contract term 24 months)

Have you are for the first time from your TV in the cinema format ripped off and go with one of your new cell phones on the road, are even 50 free minutes a month available. This is sufficient even in many cases, not over the 2 x €14.95 monthly fee also to come. A connection fee does not apply also and texting are even cheap €0.19 per SMS (to all German networks). At these top rates obtained US giant televisions, two rock-solid phone with a color display and a DUO contract in one of the best mobile phone networks in Germany: Vodafone. More details about the rates and offers, please refer to our special offer page.

Please note: the offer is valid up to the 31.10.09!