7 Classic Purses that Never Go Out of Fashion

Buy a beautiful and quality scholarship and an investment and, therefore, is usually not cheap. The indicated is to buy a model that can accompany you for a long time (and in the most varied occasions!). Despite the wide variety of colors and shapes that arise each season there are some that are considered classics and that never go out of fashion.

7 Classic Purses that Never Go Out of Fashion

The ideal tone

A vibrant and beautiful color can be a good idea for when you want to innovate, however, prefer to leave for a more economical and easy to change. If you buy a bag in neutral color it is used for long, because the colorful tones follow the fashion and, therefore, just getting tired easily. Bet on classic colors such as black, white, beige, Brown or Navy Blue.

The classic formats

Structured and square bag

By be structured, but also delicate, this model moves very well between the weekend and professional environment, simply complement with one or other accessory to give a new face to look. To be in front and square look like a triangle of side are considered serious and go very well for the corporate life. The InterntAges will also work in a casual moment and you can leave more relaxed just by tying a colored handkerchief on the handle or putting a locksmith, elegant zipper, for example.

Rectangular and long bag

The rectangular thin bags appeared in the mid 1950, and make success since then. They are great investments, because they can be used from most social situations even the casual. Despite the model have arisen with the Chanel brand, today it is possible to find him in various prices and brands

Tote Bag

The tote, or bag, is another old acquaintance, and can be a great ally who chooses to load many objects on a daily basis is the most practical bag for those who need to carry a lot of stuff! How is an open style and higher is considered to be more casual, so make sure you buy a size to stay proportional to you and in a good material to use in several places more easily. Safety is also an important factor here, it is essential to keep an eye on your belongings if you work for a crowd, as is not always the bag is closed with zipper and Yes with magnet.

Postman bag

And who never surrendered the practicality of Mailman bag? If you have never had one, but looking for something modern, stripped and this may be the time to acquire. Are classic and urban models, great for people. Use only on one shoulder or across, if the bust is not large, which brings a casual charm. She can go to work according to the material and color and if the environment is not too formal.

Trunk Bag

Another timeless icon, the trunk just should not go to formal parties, but is welcome at any other time. She is structured, has short handle and looks like a chest. It’s very versatile and will always make you fashionable, you bet!

Purse Bag

The bag bag is not yet considered a classic fashion, but that is about to change: she’s overcome high now and probably going to settle, because the model comes from a long time ago and always comes back as featured. The material here is what will make all the difference to be able to use or not anywhere. If she is in leather, with good finishing and neutral color is a more serious and is Joker, invest!

And then decided which model suits you? All are timeless, the tip is: after selecting the model think in color and material that you like more and close the application. You won’t regret it!