7 Good Reasons to Have a Dog in the House

Have you thought about adopting a dog but have not yet summoned the courage? Your children ask for a dog insistently? Then find out 7 good reasons to have a dog in the house!

7 Good Reasons to Have a Dog in the House

Having a dog is a unique experience, and already several studies have been made in the direction of understand what the benefits and reasons to have a dog, and seem to be enough.

Those who have a dog, you are never alone and have a friend that do little or nothing asks in return. But there are many more reasons, get to know some!


1 – Having a dog can contribute to reduce the risk of allergy adulthood: If you always thought that having a dog is a bad idea for someone suffering from allergies, be prepared to accept that is not always the case. There are studies that indicate that exposure to dogs in childhood can strengthen the immune system and decrease the incidence of allergic problems in adulthood.

2 – Contributes to the increasing practice of physical activity: Sand have a dog as a companion, diary, realizes certainly what we’re talking about. Walk the dog, play with him, run after him requires us to be in shape. There are studies that show that people who have dogs are less likely to have obesity and excess weight.

7 Good Reasons to Have a Dog in the House 2

3 – they Are good listeners and never give you bad advice: The dogs are a great company and it is not by chance that are used as adjuncts in many therapies and in the recovery of various diseases.

4 – May help to decrease the loneliness: The dog not only makes us company, as it forces us to passeá it. How many people knew and how many new friendships have already not done during the time that walking with your dog?

5 – Promote stimulating experiences and for the encouragement of humor and the joke is: Have a dog that seems to improve the quality of life of all members of the family.

6 – Have a dog that contributes to the formation and development of the children, Lets the children live, from early on, the experiences and confrontations with situations such as death, birth, sickness, and learn how to take care of the other.

7 – Are a source of unconditional love: In general, dogs will do anything to improve the willingness of the owners and relieve any discomfort they may be feeling.


The reasons for having a dog are endless, however, to welcome a new family member grow up the responsibilities. Having a dog can be beneficial for the whole family but, it is important to ensure that you have all the conditions to receive you in the best possible way.

7 Good Reasons to Have a Dog in the House 3

First, it is important to assess the space they have available. The house is large or small? Has outdoor space or balcony? When the proper space is assured to consider the factor of money. A small portion of the family budget will have to be devoted to the care of the new member of the family. Feeding, veterinarian visits and vaccines must be provided before bringing the dog home.

Last, but not least, you must weigh the time factor. The reasons to have a dog that is irrefutable but before you adopt or buy a dog you should think about if the elements of the family have the motivation and availability of time to pay due care to the pet. Reflect about who will take care of the major tasks and how they will proceed during holiday periods and absences from home.


If you have already secured all the conditions to receive one or more dogs in your house, do not hesitate. The benefits seem to be far superior to care. There are several studies that show the benefits of having a dog as company daily, both at the level of the physical well-being, such as psychological well-being and social.