7 Ideas to Optimize the Space of a Small Bathroom

It’s been a while that I don’t talk about decor here, right, divas?

As I’m freaking out with all the details of my apartment again, today I will show you some of my inspirations for the bathroom of the House. That’s right: the bathroom!

At first, my bathroom is all white with details in glass pads (which I haven’t picked). But what I found most different on the internet and that has inspired me, and it was this idea of putting glass niches in the bathroom as support for our little things nothing.

Is a practical idea, it looks great and has a reasonable price, in addition to being an excellent option for those who, like me, don’t have that huge Diva toilet that fits all on a beautiful silver platter on the sink.

I love the bathroom items such as makeup remover, cotton, cotton swabs, facial moisturizer, anyway, all those things that we have to use every day and that do not fit (and neither are practices) in the bathroom Cabinet, and I found the niche an excellent option to accommodate my amenities!

See how can you make the space? Is quite charming and is super practical, since that shows those essential items that don’t come out of our daily routine.

I loved and I’m looking for suppliers here in the State, because the niche is on the mirror, is not any glazing that does. Incidentally, if anyone has any hint of good cheap supplier please indicate here in the comments!

And then … do you like the tip?

I promise that I’m slowly posting the details of my new house around here ok?! I just need them to turn me in the first place!

I hope you enjoyed divas!