available from October: Samsung Omnia II with Windows Mobile

Which came SGH I900 Omnia from Samsung, the mid-2008 on the market, is one of the most successful phones of the manufacturer. Now, the official successor in the wings, 6.5 from October of this year to be delivered with Windows Mobile is available with the I8000 Omnia II. Available will be the device at T-Mobile, or free trade. Price: some Internet sources speak of 650,-€ for the Smartphone without contract. As already above mentioned the Samsung I8000 Omnia sets II on the latest version of Windows Mobile 6.5. With a look at the picture of the Smartphone on the left side, you will see that it is not the default interface of the operating system. Samsung has ported its well known TouchWiz interface to the operating system, so that also here the best widget system is available, with links and small programs on a kind of comfortable “ desktop ” operate.

TouchWiz with Windows Mobile 6.5

Whether the playful system with small symbols like the usually more business-oriented Windows Mobile users, remains to be seen.

Technically convincing, but not perfect

Anyway, Samsung shows once again that they know how to make technically strong Smartphone: equipped with a 3.7 ″ OLED display convinces the Smartphone with exceptionally sharp and colourful representation. It has the largest so far installed OLED display in a cell phone at all (along with the Samsung I8910). Unfortunately, it is not kapazitativ but, but resistive, i.e. the response to touch is not quite so empflindlich, as we are used to from other current Smartphones such as the IPhone. Unfortunately, the Windows Mobile limited surface the appearance of colors, but only 65 k so here no 16 Mio. colors are represented. But the resolution of 800 x 480 pixels is very large enough!

Facilities on the amount of time

Also in terms of facilities is the I8000 Omnia II with everything equipped, you need a current Smartphones: on board are including HSDPA, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, a 5 mega pixel camera and a 1500 mAh battery that will provide as in I8910 Omnia HD for long battery life. The processor is probably more than sufficient with 800 MHz …. You want to be informed when the I8000 Omnia II with us is available? Just look at the bridgat mobile phone shop on the product page and let himself inform you without obligation as soon as it is available!