Acer F1 – still a GHz Smartphone in October!

Know you Acer? You probably know the Taiwanese manufacturer … of PC, notebook, monitors, etc. But cell phones? Nil! So far it has heard in this country hardly of Acer mobile phones or Smartphones. Now, the manufacturer wants to immediately send a competitive gigahertz race cars in the race with the first Smartphone. The Acer F1 got its name probably not for nothing: A highlight especially the already known by the Toshiba TG01, and lightning-fast Qualcomm is processor with rich 1000 MHz.

, The Acer F1 visually recalls the HTC Touch HD, which was already a great success. By the way, its successor, the HTC makes Leo an outstanding computing power and equipment giant Vortex (it will appear in October!). Now back to the Acer F11: with narrow dimensions (118. 6x63x12mm) and the Smartphone first and foremost at business users points to an elegant outer. It will be available in black and white be. How many manufacturers Acer at the F1 does on the default interface of Windows Mobile 6.5, but integrates a unique interface which will help you work with your Smartphone with Shell 2.0.

Hardware – state-of-the-art
Hardware technology, the Acer F1 can score: apart from the very fast processor with a gigahertz of processing power and 256 mb of RAM, all current data link standards are integrated: so you can via Wi-Fi and HSDPA in the Internet. Also A-GPS is integrated into the flat device. In combination with the 3.8 ″ large and high-resolution display (480 × 800 pixels) the Smartphone can also be as Navi correctly.
Elaborate games and video an ATI graphics chip for the page, which should make this possible is for the gigahertz processor of the Acer F1.

MP3 function and 5 megapixel camera
Listening to music is almost mandatory 3, 5 mm stereo headphone output integrated, which allows, normal headphones to the music listen to use. Thus, it is also possible to listen to the radio (here is the headphone cable to the antenna).
A camera phone is the Acer F1 is not, but the integrated 5 megapixel camera for snapshots quite use.

Battery vs. hardware
All the powerful hardware appears still questionable whether the Smartphone comes out more than a day without charge. 1350mAh sound although already not bad (first and foremost, because it is very narrow), but very, very powerful hardware stands. We may be curious about how to beat the Acer F1 in this discipline.

Availability – available from October
It almost seems as if the month of mobile releases were the October. Not only the HTC Leo or the Sony Ericsson Aino has been announced for this month, also the Acer F1 is to be available later this month in the trade. Are you interested in? Then just look on our product page to the Acer F1 – here you can choose the phone with your plan, as soon as it is available. You can learn like we, as soon as the mobile at bridgat is available.