Acer Liquid S2 Red Android Smartphone 4K Video & Lte

4K-Fernseher are not even really available or even charged, already first Smartphone manufacturers with 4 K are pushing video recording (4096 × 2304 pixels) on the market. Rumored upcoming Sony Xperia Z1 (aka honing AMI) supports the video standard, the Acer liquid will help ensure the standard S2. With a huge 6 ″ full HD display is the high-end bolide with Android in direct competition with other Phablets like the Sony Xperia Z ultra.

As well as putting the competition from Sony at Acer on the Snapdragon 800 (4 x 2.2 GHz) chipset and 2 gb memory. Internal 16 gb are available and of course also the fast mobile communications standard LTE is supported. Apart from this high-end equipment is of course also special attention to the camera: the 13 megapixel Knipse has a bright BSI sensor (aperture f/2.2). It will be interesting but above all in the video recording: the new standard 4 K with a downright wasteful resolution of 4096 × 2304 pixels is possible thanks to the computing power of the new chip sets.

Whether the quality this is really better? Questionable … the Smartphone camera sensors are so small that she can provide this resolution hardly a similar image quality. Quite apart from the fact that the files will reach absurd sizes and hardly anybody can play such resolutions at all with a 4 K TV. From the end of October the Acer should be liquid S2 video available with 4 K.