Alcatel One Touch Fire E Review

New smartphone operating systems are rare, even Microsoft has to fight with the establishment of Windows phone 8. The proliferation of iOS and Android is great, also there are certain network and lock-in effects that slowly change the operating system user. Accordingly, it is almost surprising that the Alcatel one touch fire using T-Mobile subsidiary Congstar should come to Germany. The Smartphone runs the Firefox OS, yet on any other smartphone in Germany (in Spain the ZTE open is already available) can be found.

The Smartphone to settle more in the field of beginners smartphones, will be as suggests a look at the hardware specifications: working inside a 1 GHz single core processor and 512 mb of RAM. Otherwise, there are technically no more surprises. The 3.5 ″ resolves display with 480 × 320 pixels, LTE is not installed HSPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and A-GPS, however. The internal memory is very small with 180mb, but can be expanded up to 32 gb with a micro-SD card. The technical specifications are little spectacular, why should so the Alcatel one touch fire be at all interesting? One should be very favourable, on the other hand to Firefox OS advantage over Android, iOS and Windows phone 8 possess a much greater openness. I.e. apps are not necessarily loaded via the Appstore, but are significantly more open thanks to HTML based and can be obtained from other sources. Thus the possibilities of a Smartphone can be used without but world to keep as much trapped the user in the own operation system as in the competition (so-called walled garden).


Who want to wait and want to spend but little money, not on the Alcatel one touch fire can also with cheap beginners smartphones look (with Android). These Smartphones have usually already quite a bit in the price price from 90,-€ upwards. For this we have hung some recommendations with alternatives to the Alcatel one touch fire below on the article.