Everything about the new iPhone 4 in 10 minutes

To understand, you need no instruction manual that is as thick as a Harry Potter Band to the new Apple iPhone 4. Ten minutes video and rudimentary English skills enough, to the new iPhone 4 with all features and functions to meet. This proves the video in this article. For all who want to know more, we have some article recommendations from our blog. There’s then goes into technical details for those who want to seem to a bit more!

Our article recommendations for iPhone 4

Everything about the iPhone 4 in 10 minutes

If you have not so much time to read through all of this, can start directly with the video. There is very aptly described the design and the functions: even the video calling feature – which unfortunately only from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 works only via Wi-Fi, and – will be shown. Always worth a visit! Even without special knowledge of English, the video is easy to understand. If any questions should arise, like from it in the comments.