Android – Google operating system with thermal

Since October 2008, Android devices first place on the market are available. Already after a few months more appliances were added and also abundant software. Stunt Android is open source (so called open source) and each developer can offer its software. So the number of apps went rapidly to new heights: during 24 hours after the Appstore launch on October 22, 2008 62 new applications accumulated, there are already more than 10,000 of the small programs for the Android smartphones.

Android Appstore – strong upward trend

Google Android is not even a year old. But now Google has made it through active support of the developers and a good operating system as the basis, to bring over 10,000 applications in its app store. Thus the Google Appstore can’t match while still with the Apple, which according to estimates already 50,000 apps available, but still is not to overlook the growth trend by Google.
Positive note is on the Android app store the numbers of free apps. Since approximately 65% of the applications are free of charge. Sales of the paid apps amount, according to an American study on around five million dollars per month. Apple does that so far 40 per month, namely a whopping 200 million dollars per month.

Android smartphones – more and more manufacturers are interested in

So far, Android, HTC are first and foremost and Samsung represented with Android devices. Now is also Motorola in the wings. The cell phone manufacturers struggling in Europe somewhat into oblivion with the Motorola Calgary wants to bring back into the conversation. That could work quite well thanks to the extravagant design. You can find out with us without obligation, if you are interested in Calgary.

Still are still the equipment MB200 MB300 and the Morrisson in the interview, which will also be equipped with Android Motorola. Also HTC has already another Smartphone in the making with the tattoo. Overall, Google Android increase so the real Apple iPhone competitors.

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