Google nexus 4 G: LTE-high end Smartphone in the autumn?

There are

of course once again rumors, but the rumors by Boy Genius report were often right in the past. In the autumn (November), the new Google nexus Smartphone to come. In the past, it was known to be equipped with the latest updates and the latest Android version shipped so far, at least for this – right, this can of course not be Google Android makers. Hardware it was oriented so far in the high-end segment, this one sees but, if the rumors are true it, like Google would want to make completely dwarfed the competition. That the Apple to come iPhone 5 or 4 seconds in the autumn, is probably no coincidence. Now but to speculative hardware of Android Superphones: it should support the new LTE standard, a very fast 1.2 – 1.5 GHz dual-core processor have (Snapdragon or OMAP) and a gigabyte of memory. Biggest highlight is probably the “ giant display ” with a 720 p resolution, this would correspond to 1280 × 720 pixel resolution and surpass even the most Netbooks and iPhone 4. There should be buttons the rest no longer. Also Android 4.0 on the Smartphone should be installed.

Boy genius is report is however but not sure of of the the Smartphone will be manufactured or whether it is only a reference model for Android 4.0. Currently the Android Smartphone with the most computing power looking for, should be sure the Samsung Galaxy S2 look at.


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