Android security vulnerability: Samsung Galaxy S4 only safe

The Google Android operating system is constant threats from hackers and malware and security is tested again and again. The American company bluebox security has now discovered a very serious security vulnerability that affects 99% of all Android devices according to.

For Android 1.6 (Donut) error should be already in the devices. The so-called .apk files, which may include also apps are the source of all evil. To install an app, this is as far as secured by a digital signature so that changes to the Android operating system are excluded. Now, however, succeeded in bluebox security this signature (called by “ cryptographic signature ”) to change, that she will be recognized as legitimate and still allows the injection of malicious software. Thus, reading from data down to the complete remote control of smartphones is now theoretically possible. Only the Samsung Galaxy S4 proved to be in the test firm – Samsung was the mistake apparently have long known. Here, the vulnerability could not be exploited. Anyway but relates to the statement of the security experts of only apps that do not come from the Google play store. So only the danger with apps that come from unauthorized sources. Here, always special caution is required. Who only apps from the Google play store loads, can be unaffected.