Android security gap with Google patch

We have only reported last week about a newly discovered vulnerability in Android smartphones, who exploited can have serious consequences: Agent manipulated apps from uncertain sources could theoretically almost every Smartphone (exception: Samsung Galaxy S4) completely read through this software and controlled. This concerns almost all Android smartphones on the market since Android 1.6 with a very few exceptions.

Now, however, Google has already repaired and delivered a corresponding patch to the manufacturer. With the next update from HTC, Sony, Samsung and co. Surely with to implement the patch. Then, the danger is averted. The vulnerability but anyway not so serious as often shown, because it affects only apps that are downloaded and installed do not have the Google play store, so is already “ uncertain ” sources. Therefore we discourage also expressly (we reported) 4.3 Installing the new camera app from the Android version, which is currently just unofficially offered. Like any source, that do not originate from the Google app store, the Android security vulnerability can be exploited here, too, also the new features through the new camera app are very small, so that it is not worth taking a risk here.