Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, The Fourth Game in The Series of Trials of Capcom Comes to Android

Capcom It finally launches in the West his first game for mobile devices with Android. Until now on mobile phones only had pulled out games in Japan, and in the West only had released Resident Evil 5 exclusively for NVidia Shield TV.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney It is the first game from Capcom that we download on our mobile devices, or rather buy, since the game costs nothing more and nothing less than 15,99 EUR.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney It is the fourth installment of the famous saga Ace Attorney, game that is not played by the famous lawyer Phoenix Wright blue suit, but by rookie lawyer Apollo Justice. It was originally the Nintendo DS in 2007.

Those who do not know the Ace Attorney series, is a visual novel that the Nintendo DS debuted in 2001 with considerable success. During the game we will have to resolve lawsuits by visiting crime scenes, interviewing key witnesses and collect important evidence before entering the courtroom to demonstrate his client’s innocence.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney it comes to Android in a version with graphics in high definition and new touch interface. The only drawback of the game is that only is in English. Capcom has not bothered to add the Spanish.

With the release of the fourth installment is expected that Capcom are encouraged to bring in the West the first trilogy of Ace Attorney who came to Japan Android devices already three years ago. That Yes, we hope that Capcom are encouraged to translate Android versions in Spanish, since the original games if they were translated and even doubled for that can read and listen to the famous “moment! and the protest!.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney Version 1.0

  • Version of Android: from 4.2
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Download it in: Google Play Store
  • Price: €15.99
  • Category: Adventure