Summer Outfit Made Easy-Sometimes It Does Not Take Much…

Sometimes you just think too complicated. I know it best for myself. So I make myself from time to time too much thoughts about what I now wear, only in the end again in the landlord landed. It was just me right that midnight Yancorinvited me to Heidelberg to make a few outfits out of their offer, to carry samples and to look what else there is-outside of their own wardrobe.

I also put on the one or the other outfit, which otherwise would not land with me in the wardrobe. I’m quite honest. But I have decided to open up for a new one and just this summery style did it to me. Simple, simple and straight to the point. Do not worry, the rest of the outfits you’ll get in the next few weeks.When it comes to me, I always present to you something of Yancor.

As you can see, there are not many words to lose. This only consists of a T-shirt, shorts and a pair of sneakers as well as a wristwatch. Simpel and simple.Can be accessed directly from the wardrobe and is armed for warm temperatures. The shirt is from the brand Key Largo and is used as a modelAirplane in the shop of Yancor.

The shirt itself is 100% cotton and was worn by me in size M. Compared to my other shirts this striped T-Shirt from Key Largo is normal. If you wear M, then you will not be wrong with this short sleeve shirt by Key Largo. The upper part itself was very pleasant on the skin and convinced me especially with its light vintage look.

If you go past the shop of Yancor, you will notice that the color of the shirt is more powerful. In reality this is not necessarily the case, I like it but almost better. But no matter whether you look at the shirt in reality or in the online shop, the breast pocket is hardly noticeable, or did you see it at first sight? I do not notice it directly, if I am honest.

Combined, I have the right casual top with a simple, gray shorts of sublevel.This is also based on vintage style and does not need to be hidden in summer.You do not need a belt either, the shorts come with a drawstring, which ensures a reasonable hold and can be fixed at will. Due to the wash-out in the area above the knees, the drawstring and the jacket on the trouser legs, the short pants look anything but dull.

With the material used, the label is based on a material mix of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. On the skin, the pants felt wonderful. Ultra-comfortable, what you have already felt at the first dressing and therefore it does not surprise me that this is among the shorts bestsellers at Yancor. Combined, I have shorts and T-shirt with a simple, white sneaker by Asics-the Gel-Kayano Trainer Evo white.

In my opinion a wonderful, simple combination, with which one is not wrong on any summer day. You can vary this look by changing the T-Shirt from Key Largo to a plain color T-shirt or by adding a pair of other sneakers. As an accessory I have worn this outfit the Fortis Aviatis flier professional.

Before you can now look at the individual elements of the look again in detail, I am naturally interested in your opinion about the look. Would you wear it like that? What do you like especially well, what not?

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