Apple iPad: 10 reasons why the iPad needs none

Just once two days it’s been, that the iPad in Germany was released. Many now face a choice: buy me a iPad? Do I need a Tablet? We want this article just the other side show off of Apple’s highly cited “ magic ”, you want to put into the device. Therefore we present you 10 reasons why the iPad needs none.


Top 10: the iPad is heavy and clunky

as already noted the colleagues from gizmodo, iPad has got quite chunky compared to the iPhone. This is a on the very thick edge of Tablet, on the other hand the weight of 700 g. Sounds little but yet try what part of longer than a few minutes in a hand to hold. Thats not nice!

Top 9: the iPad and the censorship

You see all that on the iPad, what you want to … you think! Frank Schirrmacher, editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, to a clear statement in Rolling Stone gave: “ everything you hear from the United States, sounds less like developing and marketing a device, but rather after creation and founding a State. ” this is because that Apple already determined or reserves to determine what will be made available on the iPad and what not. Frank Schirrmacher to: “ an such an effort would have just a few years ago an uprising of public opinion led. ” further, he calls the iPad because of the unity of the system on the Tablet as a “ an island in the stream of events ”. As the ruler at the top of the company Apple is of course – not the media and certainly not the users themselves

Top 8: be active? Nil!

You can read with the iPad, play, watch videos and listen to music. You notice something? These are all passive consumption activities. Want to take a picture with the iPad or operate via Skype video calling – don’t stand a chance. The iPad has a built-in unfortunately no camera. Through the missing camera no new game concepts with Argumented reality can be opened up elements what is faulted on ReadWriteWeb. Write texts could be difficult with the virtual keyboard. Even on the lap: with a virtual keyboard just isn’t as fine, as with a real. Well, Twitter is ’ s probably rich, but the best one remains the same when the passive consuming Web content. You can buy also a keyboard, as well as the foot, so that the iPad on the desktop makes a good figure. Of course, it costs money ….

Top 7: no Flash

The iPad is once again that know we included even by iPhone 3 G and iPhone 3 G S, no Flash support. Admitted: HTML5 can replace Flash, it won’t but in the near future, even though YouTube has completely changed its offer. Many Web content based on Flash, in particular films on the Web (Flash movies), picture galleries with effects, player for music, videos, advertising and animated content. There are even some sites that are completely created in Flash. That means in the future: the Apple iPad must remain outside.

Top 6: no USB port, no HDMI and no memory card slot

“ The iPad actually has any connections? ”, sure some have wondered about the … you maybe at this moment? We can enlighten you, Apple has bought his tablet of course a connection. It is like the iPhone on the underside of the unit and can be used with adapters also (for digital cameras). Fun that anyone, it is not user friendly, but who needs already user-friendliness when he got an iPad? The adapter is in addition also still costs money. Incidentally, in vain looking for a memory card slot, because Apple wants to even the expensive models with more storage capacity under ’ s people bring. HDMI there is no way, too, although the device capable of playing even HD movies. But then please only on 4:3 display, which doesn’t even have the common aspect ratio of films.

Top 5: the display is a blender

The display of the iPad is

highly praised … why? Quite simply: As already in the iPhone 3 G or iPhone 3 G S, the display very quickly respond to input and also the Multitouch is very precise. It is also very bright. But unfortunately, Apple used a glossy (so shiny, reflecting) display, which then again disqualified the iPad as an E-book reader on the iPad. When exposed to sunlight, it can be damn difficult to see something on the device. In addition, the display has a completely outdated aspect ratio of 4:3. Remember: this was the aspect ratio that we had some time ago at the good old tube television or even desktop PC monitor. Contemporary, isn’t little as the resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels as well. That has also the blog found and packed the display in their eleven reasons that the iPad break your neck.

Top 4: iTunes and the Appstore

Is first to set: you need an application for everything, because of House can the iPad as well as nix. Prepare also, that you can install only what can be to Apple in its app store. Still you pleased that a small application cost you at least €0.79. How do you get the well on the iPad? You guessed it: either directly on the iPad and the Appstore integrated access or via your PC. This is great, even with Windows! I guess my conclusion first of all … the program iTunes belongs to the long-winded programmes at all, which hardly anyone has no problems. Drag -and-drop of a file on the workplace? You can forget files be synchronized only by iTunes and Apple knows exactly what you have on your computer ….

Top 3: fixed verbauter battery, micro SIM, low memory

The battery for the iPad is super … 10 hours to run the device. OK! Wonderful, but how long your iPad after two years is still running? The lifetime of the battery is limited and a battery loses even with proper treatment after just one year significantly to capacity. How it looks after a few years … I don’t want to know. Then you can be probably happy when iPad perseveres even 3 hours before you must connect’s to the far too short charging cable. Because Exchange cannot be the battery, we are already of iPhone 3 G and iPhone 3 G S used to. Also, you can not plug your normal SIM card into the device. Why? No one knows, but in any case, Apple here installed a micro-SIM slot, you have to cut your normal SIM card or need to purchase a new. Why easy if it’s also cumbersome …? If you don’t mind the problem with the micro-SIM and the battery firmly installed, then maybe the little store with not more than 64 gb. This version of the iPad is also still very expensive.

Top 2: no multitasking

On my PC I have multiple applications open. I listen to music, have run at least a Messenger, surf the Internet and download something. Unfortunately that does not go with the iPad, you probably already expected it …. The Tablet is not a multimedia control center that can do everything and even all at the same time. On the contrary: you can run while music along the way, but so that the multitasking ability of the tablets is also already practically exhausted. Along the way to operate a Messenger can’t for example. What a pity! With the new operating system, there will be no real multitasking. Who has dealt with the issue of multitasking is the ironic article “ the PC died today officially ” understand on

Top 1: no one has three hands

Virtual keyboards are good and beautiful, but how should it be on a 10-inch screen? On lap that Yes still somewhat, but how does it work in the subway? Place the tablet on your lap to read with seat neighbor? I don’t think so! You have three hands, everything would be no problem. One hand holds the iPad, while two more hands take care of the paperwork. On the road, the problem arises really everywhere: In the Café, you need at least a surface so that the casing is not scratched. Then, the iPad is super … impossible angle, but at least you can tipppen. Well … maybe Steve Jobs yes then soon bought us to the iHand for the retrofit of the third hand! By the way, this should be a strong hand, for 700 g are not exactly easy in the long term. We can perhaps already on party games for men à la “ who holds the longest iPad? ” are happy.

Conclusion: no one needs the iPad

Actually already heading clear it has been, what is my conclusion. It is simply because the Apple iPad really needs no one. It is a nice gadget for your couch at home. It replaces a PC, not a NetBook, no notebook and also any E-book reader. When you stand before the purchase decision, you realize that the iPad is a luxury toy and remains and has no real benefit, except for the user to make it fun. The fun stops but at the latest when you apart want to do something serious with the iPad media consumption. Similar finding made E.g. already A readable (sorry English) test there is here, in the good and bad sides of the iPad are illuminated.

What do you mean? This is the iPad flop or top?


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