Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 3 G S – still worth buying?

Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 3 G S, you may think that this already “ in the year ” come. We want to ask the question in this article: still worth buying? Comparing the technique with current Android smartphones, so you should have quickly concluded: it is not worth. Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC sensation or even LG Optimus speed have dual-core processors, lots of memory, and larger displays. In contrast, the iPhone 3 G S only with 600 MHz can score, the iPhone 4 has a single-core processor at least one gigahertz.

Technically Please back do?

If we us the hardware of the two smartphones Apple iPhone 3 G S and iPhone 4 look, arise actually hardly any arguments for the two smartphones. Android smartphones, outflank both in terms of hardware like the already above mentioned, actually in any concern. In really everyone? No, because traditionally the touchscreens are outstanding just when Apple, what is often overlooked as a positive aspect. This is true both for the Apple iPhone 4 as also for the iPhone 3 G S. And although the two smartphones in the megapixel cameras can keep number not with the current competition often 8 Megapixels, they provide useful photos. Above all, the iPhone 4 provides detailed recording in reasonably good light conditions and even has an LED flash.
The quality of housing is also positive to highlight. Both the Apple iPhone 3 G S and iPhone 4 are very well-finished and offer long-lasting quality. Apple iPhone 4 was installed front and rear Gorilla glass, which more resistant turns out as clearly as the Apple iPhone 3 G S. There, the back plastic and law is vulnerable above all for fine scratches. Sake of fairness but have to say that the iPhone is not a voluptuous by its angular forms, like the Apple iPhone 3 G S – thanks to the round back, this Smartphone is overall better in hand.
The display is a feature that iPhone 4 can chalk up the Apple,: with a resolution 960 × 640 pixels (326 DPI) puts it in the field of standards. It is also outstanding, as IPS display what’s the angle dependency. Even from the weirdest corners display offers even a very good readability. In terms of color fidelity and displaying font offers Apple iPhone 4 for these reasons currently sheer quality also months unmatched even after the release of the phone.

Operation, Apple is certainly the most liquid system on the market. In the quality of control, what’s the pure liquid display and optical quality, Apple remains unattainable with the iOS operating system. Android is also still liquid and offers opportunities for personalization, runs but still somewhat faltering as the Apple competitor at the moment – it help any dual-core processors. Surfing, telephony and the possibility to take advantage of the most current best Appstore, are unmatched at Apple, even though Android is catching up in this area.
However, even the fast hardware is no advantage in this point, because Android can not particularly good use so far of resources. So there is on the iPhone 3 G S and iPhone 4 very visually complex and currently hardly any Android games, such as E.g. infinity blade. That is, although the hardware of the iPhone 4 on the paper seems to be unable to compete, it is optimally utilised operating system and the flood of new apps. Even the “ slow ” Apple iPhone 3 G S can be quite complicated title. In combination with the good touch screen mobile phone makes a very good figure, as a mobile game console.

Waiting for the iPhone or iPhone 5?

Currently, the argument comes up again and again, you should wait for the new iPhone, instead of getting now that “ old ” to get iPhone 4. However, can the arguments be held probably opposed the preceded. The iPhone 4 is still very good performance, the best display on the market and is also the new operating system iOS 5 support – by the way even the Apple to get iPhone 3 G S this update still, which speaks for the very long Apple support. It is expected the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 in the fall. Until then, there is still plenty of time and what is currently speculation is that the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 (I think 4S by the way, more likely) to the motto “ never change a running system ” just an update on the pages of the hardware will be. I.e. in concreto, it is very likely that only the hardware is experiencing an update and the design remains the same. Given the current state of iOS it takes processor but no dual-core for an extremely fast operation, so not worth the wait in 95% of cases. Only those who need the maximum and want to have absolutely the latest – the corresponding prize will be – which should wait. All others may calmly hit.

Apple iPhone 4 or iPhone 3 G S still buy …

Also if for publication, it was said that iPhone 3 G S must man not necessarily an iPhone 4 Replace with, would I now advise. Although hardly differences arise in the operating – apps and features open very quickly on both devices – however the display Apple has become above all iPhone 4 much better. Also who would often use the 5 megapixel camera (as opposed to the iPhone 3 G S with 3 megapixels), will have iPhone 4 with Apple more fun. The quality is significantly improved. Otherwise speak actually not many arguments for the iPhone 4. The design is a matter of taste: clearly it looks modern and chic, but feel this not more as nice as Apple iPhone 3 G S. Still, Who is today still the Apple iPhone 3 G S buys, makes little perverts. The software support for the future (iOS 5 in autumn) is secured and “ of the old iron ” the mobile phone is not yet long.

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