Apple iOS 6 bust: no YouTube app, without Google maps

We are in the year 2012 ad. The whole world is continuously supplied with the YouTube app … the whole thing? No! A land blessed with the indomitable GEMA does not cease to resist the intruder …. So similar to the history surrounding iOS begins 6 and Apple say legendary “ 200 new features ” in the iPhone and iPad operating system. What happened?

Managed to yesterday evening at 19: 00 the download of the new operating system has been deployed and the massive crowds were standing up to the server – there were some delays though, but the update was possible. Apparently for iPad: Siri is now on board – in my eyes are still a gimmick. Then there’s a little fine tuning in the browser – but of course still lacks the adblocker awaited me. Especially noticed me but the incisions. Nor on my iPhone on my iPad I find Google maps or which (at least on the Apple iPad) much and like to use YouTube app – latter is probably because of the GEMA Stretigkeiten completely omitted. There are Apple maps with old maps and bad satellite images and street view, without 3D, without working traffic function for Germany as a halberhzigen replacement – the video store in my neighborhood that no longer exists for 2 years, seen here their resurrection. Sorry Apple but without Google’s iOS only half as nice!