Apple iOS 7: Security Features

Apple iOS 7 designed with an enhanced security system named “ find my iPhone ” . Now it become almost a mandatory installation. We show you how you can use the security features in particular for theft or loss of your Apple iPhone. In total, the expensive Apple Smartphone for all long fingers is significantly less interesting than even before.

Do you need the security system to protect your Apple iPhone or iPad? Of course, if you forget your phone somewhere, or it is stolen from you, you can find your sweetheart via the“ find my iPhone ”security system. This can be done easily and quickly directly on your iPhone. To do this you go in “settings” and there “ iCloud ” – in iCloud settings you will find the option quite far down “ find my iPhone ”, for the advanced security features of iOS 7 definitely should be enabled. When you have done this setting, your iPhone is now secure.

With the function of  “ find my iPhone ” and of course iOS 7 on your iPhone (or Apple iPad) you have some options to your Smartphone to get back to you or to prevent at least the finder of fact to use the smartphone for its purposes. This works for all devices that you have registered on this Apple ID, by the way.


Have you logged you on, also now several options up after clicking “ my iPhone ” available. The following selection screen you see the location of your iPhone on a map. In a test, it worked pretty much, you can rely the GPS data from the iPhone. You can now even remote control your iPhone.


Finder change a new SIM card – iOS 7 activation lock

What if the finder or a thief removes your SIM card immediately resets the iPhone and put his own inserts into the device? It doesn’t matter. iOS security can handle it even the iOS 7 is built with an activation barrier, that your device is connected to your Apple ID. The Finder cannot activate the new SIM card without knowing your Apple account. So far, there’s still no way to bypass this built-in activation lock.