Apple iPad 3 “ new iPad ”: Apple seeks innovation …?

Dear company with Apple, what have you you only at the christening of the new iPads thought? The new iPad is not Apple iPad 3, it is actually “ the new iPad ” or in Germany “ the new iPad ”. Technically called Apple now not necessarily himself with glory either, somehow feels “ new iPad ” something cumbersome. We must hope so, that of the official start to the iPad HD or iPad is 3. Until on the display with HD resolution and a quad-core has the Apple iPad 3 also much to offer not: no new functions and features in comparison to the Apple iPad 2, no LTE in Germany, no support for Siri … the Apple looking for innovation, but it is a good product Apple iPad 3 anyway?

Design: known and no surprises

Well, what to you at the Apple iPad 2 still improve? Also Apple itself that has wondered, and so there are no surprises at the housing. The new iPad is a homage to the Apple iPad 2. It feels like the iPad 2 and also the mass of the Apple iPad has 2. There’s even a disadvantage compared to its predecessor: the new iPad is with 652 g approximately 50 g heavier than the last iPad and with 9, 4mm depth slightly thicker. This is probably the larger battery with almost twice as many milliamp hours such as when the Apple iPad 2. Who now thinks the run time would be 2 this again more than the Apple iPad … there I must disappoint you. The new Super battery sucking display and processor just as quickly empty like at the old iPad. But that bad is actually not, because the runtime should still at about ~ 10 hours.


Retina display with great resolution

innovation wrong? Not quite: If one thing Apple iPad 3 unique and innovative is, then the retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Is indeed outstanding, and Apple promises that the human eye at a normal viewing distance can, recognize no individual pixels, but seriously: I had the notion “ retina display ” always so understood that it is almost impossible to identify individual pixels … this is the case (as with the iPhone 4S with 326 DPI) approx. 300 DPI. The new iPad has “ only ” 264 DPI, but the term “ retina display ” comes naturally by Apple itself and is therefore as elastic as you just need. I feel the whole thing but rather as misleading, at least as regards the naming.


now to the positive: the display is of course everything has been in the shadows and convinces with crisp sharpness, which previously was not possible on such displays – certainly not at affordable prices. So far, full-HD TVs have a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. Only expensive business monitors have higher resolution and cost a lot of money also same. Apple stored the enormous resolution to only 9.7% ″ and thus provides an unmatched sharpness at tablets. The iPad 2 is almost exposed: 1024 × 768 pixels it can compete with in the approach. In addition, the IPS technology was retained, which again ensures a very good viewing angles. Also the color appearance compared to the previous generation should be been improved,

graphics power with 4 cores – brings ’ s what?

Like his were to was to get the new missed a new processor iPad. This has – to read and Marvel – two cores and 2 is significantly faster than the dual-core processor by the iPad. The processor is a quad-core like NVIDIA’s Tegra 3, but has a quad-core graphics unit. “ Quad-core Tablet ” is so more marketing than reality, but until the performance is right, it should be we don’t care about ….

Who high end games on the Apple iPad 3 wants to play, is so well served, for everyone else the processor and the graphic brings but precious little. Apple iPad 2 produces the dual-core processor a very liquid operating experience, which the Apple iPad 3 subjectively can hold a candle. Internet sites and applications open still very fast, but just not noticeably faster than on its predecessor. Otherwise, it looks of course if you want to install games on the iPad. Infinity blade: dungeons is a title that suggests the graphics power of the new tablets, especially since it runs despite very high resolution Super liquid.


The new camera … significantly better?

I don’t know who takes seriously with a Tablet by the world and photographed, but a nice feature is a camera of course, inasmuch as opportunities arise. Ajar was the technology on the iPhone 4s, cannot but neither the quality nor the resolution completely match. 5 mega pixels go baptized camera for the iSight basically fine, in low light the camera starts but still quite fast to produce noisy pictures. Even a photo editing software is (iPhoto) with simple functions on the iPad to find.

Films are recorded with 1920 × 1080 pixels liquid, can of course only with black bars on the Apple iPad 3 be played because the aspect ratio does not match (4:3 vs. 16:9).

LTE does not work in Germany, Siri remains exclusive iPhone 4S

Data transfer is in principle not messy, but bigger. HSPA +, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth available LTE, also, but does not work in Germany. Deutsche Telekom has now announced that there is a general support for the new data transfer standard though, but not at the rates provided for in Germany harmonizes this. What a pity! LTE is just for users in rural areas very interesting or while traveling, because where HSPA is not available, LTE will be pushed forward with expansion. So bad that the new iPad supports no LTE in Germany.

On Siri, iPad users will have too. Maybe is it because that the new chipset works not the voice chip, is the Apple iPhone 4S? We do not know and at the moment there is only speculation why the Apple iPad 3 Siri does not support. I find it anyway, insanely bad and would have found very exciting on the Tablet Siri.

Availability and price

At the price Apple drives continue to rail, which has been shut for the Apple iPad and iPad 2. The smallest version with 16 gb memory is €479,-. The largest variant with 64 gb memory and (not exploitable in Germany) LTE is already €799,-. Be available to iPad officially from 14 March 2012. delivery problems should include one but definitely at Apple …. If you find out, as soon as the iPad 3 is available, can we like free of charge send to you an E-Mail. To do this simply click on the article page of the Apple iPad 3, and then click “ notification when available ”. After registration your email address, you will receive a reminder from us!

Conclusion: the innovation for sale motivated?

So I can find the innovations of the new iPads rather something mau. Who now an Apple iPad would get, should best not make to the cent and just get the latest version, because the display is simply outstanding highly resolved and offers a great ease. Who but an Apple iPad 2 to be called their own, has little reason to upgrade to. Again, the display is the only striking argument for an upgrade. Speed and features are otherwise largely identical. But honestly: the new iPad still expect what? Apple is quite far forward, with build quality and ease of use so that you lack of innovations at the iPad 3 can quite get over.