iPhone 4 HDR photos: iOS 4.1 function test

For a while Apple iPhone 4 users in the camera menu find the selection point “ HDR ” on the upper edge of the screen. But what really brings this new feature? First of all to the term: HDR comes from digital photography, meaning “ high dynamic range ”, so much as a high dynamic range. In plain language, this brings: each of the effect should be familiar. You want to take a photo and photographed as a sunset. What happens? The sun itself is sharp and bright enough, the rest of the image quickly turns into an ugly pixels porridge without details. Such situations are not just in poor light conditions, but also, if some area are too light, so these are detail-poor as a result. This circumstance is avoided by HDR images, because images that both dark areas and light areas in detail and are sharp due to the composition of several (at least two) images with different exposure settings. Often the pictures thus get a surreal look and feel, which is sometimes even quite desirable for photographers who work with HDR,.

HDR photos on iPhone 4

If you have already wondered that when incoming explaining the Apple iPhone 4 not two times knippst, then your observation is quite right: the iPhone 4 namely shoots even no HDR photos with the standard application, but masquerading as only such effect the user by post-processing filters are used. This has the advantage that it goes pretty fast for an HDR and blurring effects rarely occur though, but also has the disadvantage, that HDR photography for iPhone 4 only in good light conditions works really well. Otherwise, the noise is quickly quite strong and the pictures look useless. In landscape photography during daylight hours, but quite good results from the function and improved details that otherwise are lost. As an example, I have chosen an intermediate example times, to test the HDR function. The first picture is the “ normal ” image of the Apple iPhone 4 camera, the second image of the HDR image. You can see quite clearly that the dark Tragekurt is complexer pictured, as for the first shot and is better to read the writing on the lens. The colors are incorrect but already quite strong – this is further compounded by the HDR function.


Real HDR photos on iPhone 4?

Of course you can operate with the Apple iPhone 4 real HDR photography – differs from the work of a photographer of course is still quite strong, but, after all, can work with two images, in so far as it has a dormant motif (with moving objects which is iPhone 4 with the not to make). Then it works but really good with the HDR photography and one really gets the impression of a true HDR image that is very sharp in all exposure areas. Deliver the app does this function “ Pro HDR ”, the €1.59 in the Appstore will cost, but provides a lot of features. This app can take HDR photos (hold still please!) and then immediately edit. Depending on the style, realistic or even artistic surreal photos can be made, look that can be. As an example, I have once again chosen the familiar subject and made a photo. You can see: the colors are better than with the internal functions and details in all areas even significantly higher. Even better results can be achieved but surely with other motives, this shall be here is a simple example of what it can look like.


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