Apple iPhone 5: fastest Smartphone in the world

Who accuses Apple, technically less to offer the competition, as is currently something of wrong: Although the Samsung Galaxy S3 has, for example, a quad-core processor, iPhone 5 only a Apple dual-core A6 processor from Apple, but: in benchmarks, the Apple Smartphone moves the competition from private home (Apple iPhone 4 and 4S) and the competition of other manufacturers of it literally.

Should be blinded by the benchmarks but not too much. Benchmarks are synthetic performance tests, 1 on different operating systems are only partially comparable and also not the reality forming off 2. Of course, this is a very fast Apple iPhone 5. If it is but in the browser benchmark “ Browsermark ” almost twice as many points is like the Apple iPhone 4s, it does not mean that it is twice as fast in real life. Nevertheless the benchmarks provide interesting statements about the performance of the hardware of the Apple iPhone 5, which cannot keep up very well with current Android smartphones and currently even in the Pocket is this, if we are to believe the tests.