Apple iPhone – T-Mobile’s monopoly going on?

Straight until Apple his new iPhone 3GS on the market brought and now this. Move the messages. Supposedly, the T-Mobile should be monopoly! So far, customers could purchase only T-Mobile an iPhone from Apple, but it should be different now.


, Reason will be the expiring exclusivity agreement by Apple and T-Mobile for the messages. The contract will expire at the end of the year 2009 (November) and supposedly not precede an extension. Now some carriers have been waiting already. But now they want to an exclusive contract with Apple. O2 is mentioned as a prime candidate. O2 negotiated even its partnership with Apple in England from what could be another sign of a change.


Of the provider Simyo, working in the network of E-Plus, now even the iPhone calls to release and even an initiative in life. At you can find out more in this respect. Upon request, T-Mobile, it says, the contract running until next year and you have as a “ reliable treaty partner ” proved.


Still nothing is clear. There are currently only claims in the area. There is still no secure evidence, the matter is still very speculative. Should in case of iPhone do anything yourself, you will be informed of course by

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