Apple Watch Triumphs in Sales and already Dominates among the Wearables

No official data, and with a release that still it has not occurred in Spain. Even so, already breathes triumph in the Cupertino offices with the launch of the Apple Watch. They are now cleared all doubts regarding the reception of this clever in the market watch: nearly one million Apple Watch reservations/sales on its first day in United States only.

957.000 Units

Lack of Apple to confirm figures still official sales of the Apple Watch on your first day or week, so far only have as a source to Slice Intelligence, although data are really detailed, from general sales figures until the belts more bought by users. What is interesting and what allows us to see the interest that has aroused the Apple Watch, are 957.000 units which users have acquired in just one day. Almost one million of Apple watches sold on its first day of sale. A positive figure for a clock generated by strange and conflicting feelings.

It must be taken into account, that Yes, that we are talking about wearable phones from United States only, that would have to add those of other markets in which the Apple Watchhas already launched, as well as of other markets that will come later, which included Spain.

Apple Watch Sport

Perhaps with that there were fewer doubts was the clock that most it would sell. While Apple Watch Edition were the most striking, and that the standard Apple Watch seemed to be the star, ended up succeeding the sports version, the cheaper, which in turn confirms that users still see the Apple Watch as a rather expensive product. 62% of users chose the Apple Watch Sport, which does not include the polished steel or Sapphire Crystal, even though the same exact functionality.

Perhaps this is the reason whereby belt that has been successful has been the sports black with 28% of sales, followed by the Milanese, with 25%.

Beating rivals

However, what has most attracted us attention is what has to do with the results of the Apple Watch compared to the results of its rivals in the market, being the exponent with Android Wear watches. The combination of LG, Motorola and Samsung left us sales of 720,000 units with Android Wear smart watches in all past 2014. It is almost not necessary or compare it with the Apple Watch sales in just one day, and what still remains to be seen. It seems clear that there are no comparisons, and that in fact we talk about different devices. But in reality it is not so much as well. The stark reality is that Android users not have been attracted by watches with Android Wear as if it happened in Apple by Apple Watch.

Another debate would reside in truth if the Apple Watch has this number of users because the own watch deserves them, or if it’s because Apple users are more loyal or Android users are skeptical by natives.

In any case, figures that we love by seeing that a smart watch triumphs in the market, and that that will help the world of technology continues to grow by the branch of the wearables that both we will be let in to new concerns in recent years.