ASUS/Google nexus 7 – cheap Android tablet in the check

Still a new tablet, still a new iPad competitor? Not really, because the ASUS nexus 7 is an artsy and stands to do so. For something more than 200,-€ you can 7 ″ small tablet already purchase. Spectacular hardware may not expect, but a very solid tablet with good performance. How much one may expect from the cheap Android Tablet ASUS nexus 7 you read us the check in.


Design and processing

remembered by the optics from the ASUS nexus 7 on the first Samsung Tablet Samsung Galaxy tab. The size of 7 ″ matches and also the weight is comparable with about 340 g. Unfortunately also Asus at the Google Tablet has kept the use of high quality materials: plastic as far as the eye can see, after all, but before the touch screen a disc scratch-resistant Gorilla glass to be installed. Behind the plastic surface has been roughened. Which documents the turbulent not only feel slightly better, total even higher quality and more stable feel, as a smooth plastic surface. As a whole makes the ASUS “ Google ” nexus 7 thus in spite of economical use of materials a reasonable impression.

There is also still a little peculiarity of the design: for once the rear cover can be removing and replacing the battery of the 430mAh. This is no longer possible for the Apple iPad 3 and many other mobile devices from depressions.

LED IPS high resolution at a bargain price

As already initially indicated the Google nexus 7 is not a direct iPad competitor. Anyone looking for a high-end display with much larger size, faster hardware and the conscience “ luxury ”, broadcast the Apple products or other more expensive tablets, must be just much deeper access into the Pocket. Nexus 7 look at the specifications of the ASUS but and here (199,-€ for 8 gb, €249 for 16 gb) in mind retains the low price, but very appealing the equipment reads.

For this price class Atypically an IPS Panel is installed that has a high resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels, where 75 pixels for the obligatory buttons at the bottom of the display are reserved. Despite the IPS technology and LED-backlit display is the Google nexus 7 but comparatively dark and probably less than 300 candela delivers what is rather mediocre. This although not cause indoor problems, but outside when the sun shines, it is has been hard to see anything on the display. However, the viewing angles on the Google nexus 7 which is very important especially for tablets, because the read position is very good, (other than in “ fixed ” monitors) always varies.

Hardware and equipment

Not surprisingly the chipset is the use of NVIDIA’s Tegra 3: ULP graphics processor, which is more than sufficient even for demanding applications includes a CPU with 4 x 1.2 GHz (ARM Cortex-A9) and a 12 nVidia GeForce. Also the memory with a gigabyte is large enough. For the internal memory are – depending on the personal preference – either 8 gb or 16 gb available, I would refrain from the 8 gb version. Android is 2 with the pre-installed programs already gb, leaving only 6 gb for the user. Even in rare use this can be quickly closely especially since the memory with a micro SD card can be expanded.

Especially is for the price the connectivity of the Google nexus 7: are almost a standard compass, gyroscope, position sensor, and light sensor, but NFC, Wi-Fi and GPS are also installed. Straight NFC and GPS are not standard, what can be seen especially in the cheap Apple iPad 3 WiFi. Here, no UMTS is installed, but also no GPS. Mobile phone the nexus 7 cannot connect to by the way also. You want on Google probably not the own Smartphone team compete. A 1.2 megapixel front camera is also fitted. This for Skype calls is sufficient for more but also not.

Software: Android 4.1 jelly bean

Is Google’s advertisement and reference device for Android the ASUS nexus 7 4.1 jelly bean. You will notice this: the operating system responds very fluently and works from the design here around. Thus, the user interface is freed from unnecessary ballast often surface is created by the manufacturers of the devices via the Android. Devoted to the search engine giant’s are not the Android’s own browser, but Google chrome on the Google nexus 7. According to first test reports the Android tablet at the active use can withstand more than 7 hours something, without the charger must be connected a.

Bottom line: bargain Tablet by Google

Maybe, the Google nexus 7 is the first tablet at the price of less than 400,-€, I would recommend this at all. Clear: It is no iPad competitor, rather a competitor to Amazon Kindle fire HD (by the way, more on the 7 mobile blog). Despite similar facilities at änhlichen prices, I would tend here but always to the Google tablet, because Android is an open operating system with the most freedom. At Amazon you is restricted very much on the infrastructure of Amazon.

But “ highend ” feeling used is from Apple, or perhaps also by the ASUS transformer, which should save something and wait, what brings the next wave of Android tablets. With Windows, a new wave of interesting tablets 8 tablets (our market overview) will appear in October, which could to shake the market and force the competition to innovation or price reductions. Who can strike without hesitation who has fewer claims and seeks a solid Tablet for everyday, nexus 7 by Google. The processing is solid, the hardware very good for the price. Specialities: There’s even 20,-€ for the Google Appstore when purchasing to do so and the film of Transformers 3. Overlook even though the Google nexus 7 is actually not particularly on the Apple iPad, Google gives only a year (pick up & return) warranty and is thus based on the big competitors with Apple. Here you would have to stand out positively.