ASUS Padfone infinity: Smartphone and Tablet the third

The first ASUS Padfone has combined Smartphone, Tablet and notebook (almost) and is up to date with this concept pretty much alone on the market because (we reported). That has not changed with the ASUS Padfone 2 and also the new ASUS Padfone infinity stands completely alone with the idea stick Smartphone and tablet to a device.

* Update 20.09.13 * prices for the Padfone infinity with no Tablet are now known. They move in the context of what we had already predicted. The tablet with the Smartphone in the set you want to €799,-(EIA), the Smartphone costs alone €549,-(EIA). Color to white (“ Platinum White ”) and black will be available (“ Titanium Black ”). The ASUS Padfone infinity come the end of October or In early November after Germany!

Short summarized is the Padfone infinity again a full-fledged Smartphone with a Tablet docking station. The latter is not without the Smartphone of the sets to operate, but runs on the hardware. So it’s almost a symbiosis between display Tablet and Smartphone hardware. The Smartphone of the Padfone infinity has a 5 ″ full HD display and 4.2.2. Hardwaretechnisch runs with Android the current high-end chipset Snapdragon of 800 with quad-core’s processor in the device, as in most high-priced Android smartphones currently (E.g. Sony Xperia Z ultra LG G2, Samsung Galaxy S4 advanced Sony Xperia Z1). Also 2 gb large memory is typical of current smartphones. The 16 and 32 gb internal memory can be extended via Microsd card.



Hardware and facilities

the ASUS Padfone infinity can score but in terms of camera: the integrated 13 megapixel camera to using a special technique (“ oversampling ”) make better pictures by multiple single images for a better overall picture to be added together. Thanks to LTE (all frequencies), dual-band Wi-Fi support, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and A.GPS is the Smartphone of the Padfone infinity for himself alone a tip and should also – in contrast to the previous – are sold without the tablet. Put it in the Tablet, so we the Smartphone image on the 10.1 resolved also with full HD ″ touchscreen sent. Of course, the larger display is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. A release in Germany is not known so far – we stay tuned.

Asus is by the way not to have for the first time for interesting Smartphone ideas. While all other manufacturers offering major Smartphones (so-called Phablets) or just the Tablet without phone functions, Asus has a tablet with phone functions in the program. The ASUS Fonepad 7 provides this rare combination. Well-intentioned tip from us: you now a Bluetooth headset to create, this telephone phone tablet could otherwise cause irritations in the public ….

Availability and price

The Tablet Smartphone combination will be available in Q4 2013 in Germany (also separately either Smartphone or Tablet). Nothing is known about a price, however, we expect that the ASUS Padfone infinity (with both devices) is again quite expensive (about 700 – 800,-€). Given the hardware of the Smartphones, this is not surprising but – it can compete with devices that cost alone about €600.