Views: Android 3.0 officially unveiled

Android 3.0 to usher now fully the era of tablets for Google, because the operating system will be optimized for use with a tablet. Finally, the user interface of the operating system on the screen size of the tablets is optimized, which is already the most obvious new feature. Similarly, there is an overview of recently opened programs that enables an effective multi-tasking the Apple multitasking system for iPad and iPhone. At the bottom of the display that can be found “ system bar ”, which almost reminds of Windows to the taskbar: here status information are transmitted to the device and the time of day. At the top of which can be found “ action bar ”, with the open applications can be controlled. First devices to Android 3.0 are already officially, but still waiting. An interesting product has announced Motorola with the upcoming Xoom (see article). The following video contains the official presentation of Android 3.0