Backpacks Run Handbags Outstrip

Backpacks have always been a handy accessory for travel or the schoolyard. But now you also replace the daily life of a woman long since the normal handbag and with good reason.

Backpacks are simply more practical to wear, they leave a lot of storage space and are now available in many trendy designs. Because actually nothing to be desired!


At Chanel, combining the backpack to a more sporty look and presents to trouser suits and sports clothing.

Suitable for everyday use and the designs are exciting and on our site. Here we follow quite aware of the current color trends and uses lots of glitter and glamor. Whether exceptional buckle, sewn sequins or raised pockets, the imagination in the creation of more new backpacks are no limits here seemingly set.

It all depends on finding the right backpack for Eningbo look and of course not to be practical aspects ignored.

Many individual compartments and pockets are of course always handy if you have a lot to store and this is to keep in order.

Larger backpacks so replace especially when traveling or at work an uncomfortable large bag in XXL format.


Small and playful contrast backpacks are perfect for the evening. You are either a unity with the rest of the outfit or mutate to this eye-catching. Here it is primarily important to have store a lot of things, but to find a practical storage aid for wallet and cell phone.

The advantage of small backpacks is that they can be worn in hand and always find a place on the back when the hands to remain free.

The times of handy Clutches seem for the time being to be over.