BASE flat rate for 2.50 euros per month with 60 foreign NET minutes per month

We have deals with 60 Fremnetzminuten per month Yes end may ever over the new BASE blogged. Now came a great new action to which it is worthwhile to write again.

The BASE flat-rate offers the following tariff advantages:

Of course special numbers such as 0900 and roaming are

. Also, the talks are (of course) only to German T-Mobile/Vodafone/o2 participants.

The reason of the BASE contract fee according to E-plus price list currently 25 Euro monthly. A service provider action together with E-Plus and Talkline was reduced to 12.50 euros per month to 50%.
But now comes the trick: In the bridgat mobile phone shop, there is a payout to the BASE rate of 240 (!) Euro in cash to do so. The payout will be transferred into your checking account 2 months after conclusion of the contract in one lump sum. By the payment (instead of a mobile phone), the basic fee is reduced to only 2.50 euros! Cheaper you can no longer make calls!

At BASE of the tariff will cost online (correct name: BASE 2 plus) monthly “ only ” 20 instead of in the BASE shop 25 Euro fee. So 87.50% discount on the basic fee compared to and 90% discount compared to the BASE shop.

And here the link to the BASE 2 with 60 foreign NET minutes in the cell phone shop bridgat.

UPDATE: Unfortunately the offer with 240 euros in cash to the 16.6.2009 has expired. Since the 16.6.2009, there is still at least 160 euro payout. Therefore, the calculated fee is only 5.83 euros. However this is only temporary BASE offer until June 30, 2009. You should act so now quickly.

To the BASE contract in the bridgat mobile phone shop with computationally 5.83 euros fee.


UPDATE: Unfortunately, the action of Talkline was slightly too expensive. Therefore, there are only 160 euro payout to the Treaty. That are instead of 10 euro per month discount on the 12.50 euro “ only ” still 6.66 euros. Thus, 2 with 60 foreign NET minutes is still dirt cheap for 5.84 euros of the BASE!