BASE goes surfing – we go! The new BASE double flat rates in the overview.

Now base goes surfing with the new rates BASE 2 double flat and BASE 5 double flat. This means unlimited Internet surfing is in these tariffs included! Basic fee, for 25,-€ with the BASE 2 double flat an Internet flat and a phone Flatrate in all E-plus networks (E-Plus, BASE, simyo and Ay Yildiz). With only €5 extra charge you get a SMS flat rate to do this, which is also valid for the E-plus network.

The tariff BASE 5 double flat for 75,-€ in the month also offers an Internet flat. In contrast to the BASE 2 double flat not confined the telephone flat rate networks but on the E-Plus, but is valid in all networks. Also here you can charge in addition to the package for 5,-€ a SMS flat rate book for the E-plus network. This tariff is aimed at all frequent callers.

Following conditions are valid for both tariffs:

Minimum contract duration: 24 months
-SMS domestically in all networks: €0.19 (flat rate for E-plus networks available!)

For these tariffs we recommend you Internet enabled mobile phones and Smartphones. Current models you can find in the mobile shop by

In particular the BASE 2 double flat, we recommend you in combination with following (UMTS-enabled):

, The Nokia 5800 is currently a big hit among the Smartphones. This is due that it has comprehensive facilities with Wi-Fi, GPS and 8 GB memory despite low price mobile phone first and foremost to the fact. Also, playback of music, as well as the operation of the menu is really very good.

, The S8000 JET is Samsung’s latest prank. With TOP AMOLED screen and fast processor, this Smartphone for anyone wishing a powerful mobile on Symbian based is interesting. The display is very bright and the operation of the touch screen is excellent.

, The W995 is a Walkman phone from Sony Ericsson that stands off camera his music abilities and the high-quality 8 megapixel from the rest. If you want a cutting-edge mobile phone with a standard keyboard (without touchscreen), then you are with the W995 at the right address!