BASE contract with flat rate for Internet, fixed and mobile: combining itself with my base!

* Update * now the new tariff was “ my base ” (read more here) presented. We also recommend that you take a look at our base page, where you will find not only a flat rate for mobile Internet, but also more attractive tariff options. Keep in mind, also, that you get free one up to the 28.02.11 bookings of 3 flat rates,!

Here again the old article (fares out of date!):

the BASE 2 plus charge a flat rate for E-Plus, BASE, Simyo and the other E-Plus brand and in the German fixed network and 60 Freimunten per month in foreign networks for only €12.50 monthly basic fee is another great offer from the service provider Talkline in May until June 15, 2009. How at all Talkline offers waived also with this offer the one-time connection fee.

To take a cell phone to do this so you get bar payoff Moreover 120 euro. Mathematically get discount what so so again 5 euro reduced the BASE 2 fare with 60 foreign network minutes to only 7,50 euro fixed costs in the month. The take away phone flat can be booked as an option. Thus you can surf unlimited for EUR 9.95 per month with your mobile phone.

Our conclusion: the BASE flat-rate tariff is a very great deal for customers who write little SMS and mostly have contacts within the E-plus network or landline and only occasionally call third-party networks.