Accelerometers in mobile phones – technique explained

Is certainly a part of the successful operating concept of modern mobile phones such as the iPhone or the Palm Pre, the built-in accelerometer (or accelerometer). Here are opened whole new operating impossibilities: so something can be entered on the phone not only, but also by the movement of the mobile phone itself commands be given.


Technically the whole matter for lay people is hard to penetrate at least a good short summary, gives the Apple to the motion sensor:

In the accelerometer of the iPhone working together three elements: Siliziummasse, Silicon Springs, and electric current. The Silicon Springs measure the position of the Siliziummasse by using electric power. At the turn of the iPhone, it comes in the Silicon springs to fluctuations in the flow of current. These fluctuations are recorded by the accelerometer, and the iPhone then adjusts the display.


Not only the screen as if by magic with the motion sensor is turn, also some shenanigans and more or less useful applications that are possible. So, there are some games that completely put the operation on the motion sensor for the pastime. In racing games is for example to right and left directed by the movement of the whole iPhone.

Still other things are possible through the development of apps features, which you can hardly imagine: as can be for example his sleep phases through the iPhone determine, by fixing it overnight on the wrist. The iPhone registered the movements and calculates the optimum time to get up – then the alarm goes off. Crazy? Perhaps, but there is something in fact and people who have already tried it!


According to reports the share of mobile phones, which have included an accelerometer to grow rapidly. Already, 18.3% of the phones delivered this year have included a motion sensor CA.