Best Scarf for Cold Weather

The key to avoiding colds may be in it to cover your nose with a scarf when you go out on cold winter days.
Studies show that low temperatures make the body more difficult to fight off the bacteria that causes half of colds in adults and almost all children.
Specialists from the United States observed the rhinovirus, the cause of the common cold, and at what temperature it spreads faster.

They found that the bacterium is more easily propagated at 33 degrees, which is the approximate temperature at the nose than at 37 degrees, which is the normal body temperature.
“The survey results support the advice of our grandmothers that noses should be covered to avoid the cold,” said one of the researchers.
They advise people who want to not catch a cold, to wrap woolen scarf around the nose while you are out in winter.
“In winter we are wearing coats, wear gloves and hats but not protect his nose, which proved crucial in getting sick” , says another expert.
He advises also take vitamin D, as in winter most people suffer from its lack.
The vitamin is contained primarily in fish oil, eggs and liver.