Better Shopping With Smart Light

Professional photographers argue passionately: must be a good photo in color because the man now even see colors, or black and white is aesthetic? Professor wears a black and white dress while Malaika Brengman , but she says: “Colour must be.” Not only photos and in fashion, but in the economy generally. In shops, for example.

Better Shopping With Smart Light

For her dissertation Belgian has dealt so that, as the colors in stores influence the purchasing behavior of customers. One can summarize their results in two sets: only colors attract a charge.But that is not clear to many retailers.

How to capture customers with color, depends on not only with the wall color together, but also with the light, as illustrated Brengman, for example, on the last of Philips Food Illuminesca .”There is however no scientific evidence, outweighs the importance,” the Professor says of the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels. Shop owners can change the color of light of course more flexible.”They should do that, if they’ve found a color as it were considered distinguishing feature.” No experiments, it is then called.

The scientist must of course tests abound make she can scare nobody except their subjects. So, she has found that customers in blue held shops faster to get carried away and allow to buy a new television than in red shops in an experiment. And will be even more expensive.

“Two-thirds of the purchase decisions fall only at the store,” she says. Must encourage the seller balmy to cool music, probably smell of roses or rolls and colors that he likes, by staff.

It is tricky to whitewash shops in red. The color is connected by customers with discount, but also love, also käuflicher. Seller should generally avoid yellow-green, otherwise the escape reflex comes with potential buyers. However, the may you please as long as possible remain eager to buy. Pleasant colors and light that coordinated help. This can vary even in dressing rooms: Heller where business suits are tried, festive when it comes to evening dresses.

Some chains have acquired however the trademark, light must return to the minimum. Fashion group Abercrombie & Fitch , for example, “shows its customers in darkness”. The shops are ones, dark. “This reminds of Club like atmosphere,” says the scientist. Cool customers need only spotlights on jeans and a T-Shirt, after all they buy not only black and white clothes.