Cheap Phablets in comparison: much Smartphone for little money!

They are Internet often slightly derogatory as “ Chinaphones ” known. The new generation of affordable Android Smartphone with a large display of course also comes from China, the expensive competition but also … so I call them easy cheap Phablets. In this article, three will be presented this affordable Android smartphones. They offer top hardware at a low price barely over 200,-€, cost less than half than a Samsung Galaxy mega 6.3 or a Samsung Galaxy touch 2. They are interesting alternatives or simply too cheap to be good? We clarify this in the comparison of three of the most popular cheap Phablets.

Hot here featured Smartphones: 1 Zopo ZP950 plus, 2. Mobistel Cynus T5 and 3. Alcatel one touch scribe HD. Names of the Smartphone industry are not behind it (the older readers will remember but Alcatel!). The principle of all smartphones is at least similar to: all manufacturers do more or less without extensive marketing. Hardware technology LTE does not at all Phablets the data connection. The chipsets are the library manufacturer. This provides the basis for all three low-cost Phablets – quad-core processors rich but not at the Qualcomm competition approach (Snapdragon 600), are powerful but enough liquid represent Android and also power-hungry games to represent. With this performance they move level on Tegra 3 (E.g. used in the HTC one X or Google nexus 7). Otherwise, the limitations when compared to expensive smartphones are rather low. Striking: All featured cheap Phablets are dual SIM smartphones. Let’s look at the Zopo ZP950 so plus, the Mobistel Cynus T5 and the Alcatel one touch scribe HD on.


Zopo ZP950 plus – dual SIM Phablet

the Zopo ZP950 plus is one of its high-grade equipment no longer already to the insider tips in the bridgat shop and is therefore gladly also times not available. Now but first to the design: the Zopo ZP950 plus is not a designer piece like the HTC one or the Sony Xperia Z, of course, but it has a good build quality, nothing creaks or conspicuous gap would be to see the case despite polycarbonate. Also, the polycarbonate provides housing for the Zopo ZP950 plus a real lightweight (207 g). Eye-catching detail in the Zopo ZP950 plus is the physical home button, which sits directly under the virtual control panel of Android. Thus, in principle, one has two home buttons – no longer interferes with, but a bit superfluous, this has already.

Displaytechnisch plays the Zopo ZP950 plus very far forward with the 5.7 ″ HD (1280 × 720 pixels) display with IPS technology and pixel density is 254 dpi on the level of the current Phablets. Although there is not full HD but doesn’t need one, eventually, you will have big trouble at over 250 DPI, to discover individual pixels. The quad-core processor of the Zopo ZP950 plus is a cortex A7 each 1.2 GHz per core (chipset MediaTek MT6589) performance in about moving level on NVIDIA Tegra 3 (corresponds to the last generation of high-end). The appealing hardware package is supplemented by a gigabyte memory and rich 16 gb internal memory which can be expanded even via micro SD card (up to 64 gb). The 8 megapixel you should not expect too much camera on the back, but for snapshots in good light, it is definitely to use. In addition also the movies in full HD works so beautifully. The front camera of the Zopo ZP950 plus is equipped with 2 mega pixels. The connectivity you must forgo only LTE and NFC, otherwise for HSPA, Wi-Fi, A-GPS and Bluetooth. With the Android version 4.2 is the Zopo ZP950 plus even with a top current Android version.

Conclusion with regard to the Zopo ZP950 plus: with its plastic housing is likely the Zopo Smartphone are not significantly different from the much more expensive Samsung Galaxy touch 2 different. The Zopo ZP950 plus a designer piece is clear, it is also not as flat as the Huawei Ascend P6 (6. 18 mm), but with 10, 2 mm thin, not flashy, but very honest: the ZP950 plus offers facilities technically so much that it is almost scary. With many cheap Phablets, there is also the problem that the internal memory is limited to 4 gb. This will quickly lead to memory problems, because since 4.x Android apps are not outsourced on the SD card. All in all is the Zopo ZP950 plus a top Smartphone for the small Geldbeuteil that we can fully recommend at a price of just over 200,-€.

Mobistel Cynus T5 – Phablet light-weight

Something small with 5 ″ diagonal is the Mobistel Cynus T5, which is barely heavier with just 155 g as an Apple iPhone 4S (135 g). This is of course on the plastic housing, as well as at the other before make cheap Phablets. The Mobistel Cynus T5 is restrained without your own buttons in design (these are shown typical directly in the display Android). It is available in the colours black and white. In addition the Mobistel Cynus T5 as also the featured Zopo Smartphone is a dual SIM mobile phone.

The screen is compared to the Zopo Smartphone not a lot, but thanks to the small size of 5 ″, the pixel density of the IPS-HD display (1280 × 720 pixels) rises to considerable 293 DPI. Here can then really a “ retina ” display are spoken. The appearance is crisp-sharp thanks to imperceptible single pixels. Technical performance is likely the Mobistel with its quad-core processor (library MTK6589 chipset) to be classified similar to be like the Zopo ZP950 plus. Limit one must be but a bit at the memory of the Mobistel Cynus T5. The Smartphone has just installed 8 gb internal memory, can be extended but also with a micro-SD card. Also no LTE is installed as well as for the Zopo Smartphone, but Wi-Fi, HSPA, A-GPS and Bluetooth. Surprisingly well camera on the back is referred to by different testers 12 mega pixels, which although not with high-end smartphones can keep up with, but offers good quality even under limited lighting conditions.

Conclusion to the Mobistel Cynus T5: who is possibly a slightly smaller 5 ″ display with a higher pixel density prefers, is well served with the Mobistel Cynus T5. Plus, the store is slightly smaller than in the Zopo ZP950 but the “ only ” offers 8 gb internally. This should be still sufficient, if you at least something holds back with the installation of apps and pushes music, videos and other media on a micro SD card. Plus for the Mobistel Cynus T5 should be the viable 12 mega pixel camera. The Mobistel Cynus T5 is available soon at bridgat shop!

Alcatel one touch scribe HD – cheap and chic

Immediately if the Alcatel one touch scribe HD in the hand, is striking: here, clearly more emphasis was placed on design than the cheap competitors. The Alcatel one touch scribe HD competition is significantly flatter than the cheap Phablet with 8, 5 mm-deep and touch is very handy thanks to the roughened back and not so magically attracts fingerprints like the shiny competition. Also the front glass is a point which the Mobistel Cynus T5 nor the Zopo ZP950 plus offer. In addition, the display is framed by a narrow aluminium frame. Thus the Alcatel one touch scribe HD does not differ almost of much more expensive smartphones, because it visually really makes an excellent impression. Also, the Smartphone with 135 g is really very easy.

Technically to do of course some swabs compared to the high-end competition: how the Zopo and the Mobistel Smartphone is also a chipset from media library in use (library MT6589), which includes a quad-core processor with 1.2 GHz per core (such as in the Zopo and the Mobistel Phablet). Here lies the Alcatel one touch scribe HD so at the level of the competition, which also applies to the 1 gb large memory. However was – probably to compensate for the increased expenditure in the housing – set in the internal memory to 4 gb. After all deductions for Android and standard apps, meager 2 gb left for the user, what constitutes a real disadvantage in Alcatel one touch scribe HD. Although the memory via micro SD can be extended map, but apps can no longer move map since Android 4.x on the SD. The display is like at the Mobistel Cynus T5 5 ″ HD-IPS display with a resolution of 12800 × 720 pixels.

Conclusion to the Alcatel one touch scribe HD: the Android 4.2 Phablet Alcatel one touch scribe HD is probably the most beautiful of the featured low-cost smartphones, what’s between the optics and the processing. However, is the Smartphone with the internal memory of only 4 gb but only limited to recommend and also to the 300,-€ more expensive than the technically almost identical competition.