BlackBerry watch “ inPulse ” (Smartwatch): Accessories for ’ s Smartphone

EinerArmbanduhr that gets transmitted information from the phone via Bluetooth and displays, is not a new idea – so far the gadget but not really established itself. Usually the chunky format of wrist watches, that is not really comparable to a normal wrist watches is problematic. Also, the battery life is also very limited. Whether BlackBerry with its new smartphone Bracelet Watch “ inPulse ” can eradicate these criticisms, find with us.

First impression: Slim & simple

The BlackBerry Watch makes a good impression present images at least in the us. The format is almost a normal watch and also the optics is pleasantly unremarkable. With the simple metal frame and a dark bracelet, also the trappings is pleasantly simple.

Not a Smartphone, but accessories for the BlackBerry

As already above mentioned offers the BlackBerry inPulse no telephone or SMS functions. Thus you are still instructed on your Smartphone – in this case preferably a BlackBerry. The BlackBerry inPulse is namely consistently designed as an accessory for your RIM Smartphone.
So you can learn about eingeganene news or see who’s calling on your Smartphone. Then the question whether it is worth it to get the phone out of his pocket is superfluous fast ….

Gimmick without benefit of?

Certainly, the BlackBerry is not a product for everyone, but certainly more for techie inPulse interesting. The first mentioned points of criticism are however already discredited thanks to the refined, relatively slim look. The body is flat and optically unobtrusive – the difference to a normal wristwatch is not really big, until on the display.
Also, BlackBerry relies on the use of an OLED display, so that also a good battery life can be expected. Whether the inPulse then the typical problems of readability in sunlight, must prove with a practice test. Anyway, provided a good basis for a long breath that inPulse here Watch.
Also: Do you know the problem, that you do not notice the vibration alarm because you carry your phone in a Pocket? Just for important calls, the clock could give necessary remedy here without that you must send your mobile phone pocket in retirement. Such a function can be really handy in important meetings and meetings just when to use his BlackBerry smartphone already strictly business.
It is not yet known whether the BlackBerry Smartwatch for BlackBerry smartphones will work. But I think that the inPulse is also with others via Bluetooth will allow smartphones to connect. Here, the functionality will be then but probably limited. We report in any case, if there are new details!

Availability and price

So far, still no release date is known, it is expected that the BlackBerry appears wristwatch in Germany but. Wristwatches with phone functions are represented previously on the Asian market and less common in Germany (for example LG GD910). When the BlackBerry inPulse but no phone functions are integrated – there such Smartwatch wristwatches in this country been a while.
The price is always difficult to determine those products. The BlackBerry will most likely be a high price product, what will come close to the wrist watches with phone functions not but inPulse. Is to be expected but a price 450,-€ a, because this should be the introductory price in France.