Blood Incompatibility Between Mother and Baby

Pregnancy is a natural process, pregnancy should be followed by a doctor to run everything in the best way. Throughout the pregnancy are made several analyzes and echoes to follow the growth of the baby and to make sure that the pregnancy occurs in a healthy way.

Blood Incompatibility Between Mother and Baby

One of the questions posed to future parents is the blood type, this element is very important because there may be a blood incompatibility between the mother and the baby.

What is the blood incompatibility between the mother and the baby?

It occurs when the mother has the Rh factor and the father Rh factor, in this case there is the probability of generating a fetus with the Rh factor, causing the incompatibility.

To avoid future problems between the mother and the fetus it is very important to perform pre-natal tests to determine the blood type of the parents,

When there is Rh incompatibility, if the baby has Rh positive inherited from the father and the mother has the Rh negative factor there is a risk of the fetus dying in pregnancy or after birth, or the newborn born with anemia, severe jaundice, deafness and cerebral palsy, because the mother’s body develops anti bodies to combat the “intruder” element.

Fortunately, with the advancement of medicine, the risk of this happening in a planned and monitored pregnancy almost does not exist.

The important thing is for the mother’s blood not to come in contact with the baby’s blood so as not to create anti bodies to fight it.

What to do in case of incompatibility

A vaccine is currently administered, usually at the 28th week of gestation, and an anti-Rh gamma globulin substance administered to the mother within 72 hours of delivery.

It consists of a concentrate that will block the process that produces the antibodies against the baby’s blood, coating all the Rh + cells that penetrate its circulation and preventing them from giving rise to the production of antibodies.