Breast Augmentation Surgery: Tips

Cosmetic surgery operations seem to be that they have not noticed the crisis. Above all, those related to an increase, reduction or elevation of the chest; Which grew in the last year 13%, according to data from Policlínica Barcelona.

The breast augmentation remains the most sought after breast surgery. A simple procedure, with relatively short postoperative periods and whose scars are negligible, has become the best option for those women who want to solve aesthetic problems caused by factors of various kinds. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are the most common, followed by large weight loss and birth defects.

But not only aesthetic clinics operations performed breast augmentation. The breast reduction and breast lift are also two surgeries chest high demand. The first, usually associated with problems of back and neck, but also difficulties in movements, respiratory or cutaneous problems, because of friction. While the second, it is usually more popular in women over 35, to combat the loss of fat and elasticity, almost always after pregnancy and lactation.

Aware that breast operations are one of the most common interventions in Spain, we put within your reach the decalogue that all women should follow if they decide to undergo such procedures, in order to ensure their health and success.

Learn about the risks: Although mammoplasty is one of the safest cosmetic operations, it should not be forgotten that any intervention carries its risks.

Choosing an experienced clinic: It is one of the most important steps, since carrying out the procedure in a center that does not meet all the necessary requirements can seriously endanger your health.

Professional Surgeon: Not all doctors are experts in this type of surgery, so it is important to know the experience of the professional who will carry out the procedure before undergoing the procedure.

Knowing the type of prosthesis: The Barcelona Polyclinic, in this case, recommends theimplants of cohesive silicone gel. Its advantages? A natural touch, allows reproduction and breastfeeding, as well as performing mammary studies such as mammograms, ultrasounds or biopsies.

Requires approved and quality material: All prostheses must be approved by both the European Union and the Spanish Ministry of Health. In addition, after the intervention and to justify the authenticity and guarantee of the implants, the patient must receive an identification card of the same, with the registration number of the prosthesis.

Prior consultation: A very important step, since it is fundamental, besides the patient knows the whole process, receive information and advice on the type of implant most suitable.

The size of the breast has to be in proportion to the rest of the body, especially with shoulders, thorax and hips

Being convinced A good psychological preparation is important, but a specific pre-operative is not necessary. In the specialized clinics you will be informed in great detail about the whole process of the intervention, as well as the type of implant that will most adapt to your physical characteristics.

Be in good health. Before surgery and in order to avoid complications, give the surgeon and anesthesiologist as much information as possible about your medical history to better assess all of your possibilities:

If you have had previous interventions

If you are taking medication

Provides the results of the last mammogram

Tell if you have a family history of cancer

If you intend to become pregnant or are breastfeeding

If you are a regular smoker

If you have an illness you must provide medical reports.

Choose the appropriate date : The intervention usually lasts about two hours and the period of hospitalization is only one day. Usually, the patient only needs two or three days to go back to his daily routine, although there are those who need something more time to recover fully. 

It complies with the postoperative: After the intervention, and once discharged, it is very important to carry out an exhaustive control of the results and the evolution of the surgery. Once the procedure is completed and in order to make the result as natural as possible, it is recommended to perform a daily massage to help prevent hardening of the implant due to the encapsulation. Your specialist will teach you how to do it.

Do not raise your arms or lift weight the first few days

Use day and night a postoperative bra that prevents the displacement of breast implants and not sleep face down

Do not shower, do not swim or sunbathe until the surgeon authorizes you. Here at Babbfashion you can get more different bras models. 

It is advisable to sleep the first few days with the highest head as it will help reduce the swelling around the chest.

It is very important that you become aware that the operated breast also has to be cared for, hydrated and used a good bra to prevent gravity from acting over time. The operated chest also falls.